Body and Mind

Allow the silence to still your mind and your soul to guide you.

When your soul is acknowledged and you find a peaceful stillness you learn to integrate the wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Believing and finding your truth becomes stronger and clearer in the stillness and breathing of a centered moment.


This one thing is a game changer in finding direction and clarity.

High vibration foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables and the joined colorful wheel of assortment brings inner joy to your mind, body and spirit.

Eating a bowl of fresh fruit vs, a cooked meal challenges your ability to create, one opening your senses and the other tiring them.  Don’t believe me, experiment with me and open yourself to new ideas.

You can do both, however, one will give you a different result than the other. Choosing a cheeseburger right before a workout would not be the best choice for the results you’re seeking. The same is true for creating a healthy, vibrant mind.

Standing under a waterfall restarts my creative engine and swimming miles while meditating on the beauty of the experience given to me, opens all my senses for more love and gratitude.


What brings you the most love and gratitude?



Walking in nature and just breathing in the magical moment of nature sounds builds strength and purpose.

When was the last time you really did something outside your box of held in fears and shoulds and shouldnts and loved and lived completely in the moment?


When was the last time you belly laughed or you just smiled because you could?

When was the last time you just noticed you are the most important part of making something happen in your life?

Do you even know?



When was the last time you just looked into the sky and really allowed yourself to be with no expectation but appreciation for who you are right now!

Without this there is no substantial place to move forward from. First, acknowledge, forgive, accept, receive, believe and surrender to the possibilities and creativity will start to flow.