A Holistic point of view for your skin care.


My youngest child was born with severe skin allergies to just about everything she touched. Her skin would crack literally when anything, including certain materials touched her skin. It was hard to find anything that worked for her baby skin and get her past the initial shock to the toxic world we all live in.


So my attention first went to laundry soap as an immediate change, wow, what an educational experience that was. I will write more about that soon. What could I put on her skin that  would not irritate her and would benefit her. Something she could be wrapped in without discomfort.


Then I focused on what would I give her a bath in and also what was I eating that would have potentially caused this beautiful child to have an allergic reaction. So as a nutritionist, I set out to create a plan and it started with the inside out.


I found that the simpler the better for this child. If I used anything on her skin that I couldn’t potentially eat, it was very apparent quickly, don’t use it.


So this is where skin care became a passion for me. I started to experiment with oils and foods to moisten her skin that should have been smooth as silk. Aren’t all babies smooth as silk? This baby was reacting to everything and far from having silky skin for awhile.


Then I started experimenting with my other children, face masks made with foods and things they could eat. I was a nutritionist and fitness professional I could surely make sure everyone’s skin was amazing as well and I was bound and determined to make them all fit.


So you can count on the fact that anything that touches your skin with me you can also eat. Not that you would want it as a meal. With the assurance, though that you know it is fit for you and your skin without any toxins that could affect your health in anyway but positively.


Skin is the largest organ on your body, did you realize that? If you are not diligently creating health on the inside as well as the outside, one will only take you so far. That’s where I come in. So let’s say you love wine and salty foods. Yes, at least one has some great benefits you might say, however, it’s still alcohol and that’s drying to your skin which again is the largest organ you have. If you love to do things like this, kudo’s to you, however you will need extra care to your skin, adding additional moisture and also massage to add life and exercise to the 43 muscles in your face. Did you forget those need exercise continually just like the rest of you?


Simplicity and synchronicity are key to the health of your body. Skin is important and can create havoc and or joy to your life.


Would you like to know more about what would give your life to your skin?

Would you like to see a glow again?

Would you like some help relaxing those eye muscles that you squint in the sun?

Would you like to know you can lift lines without surgery and instead holistic care that you can also follow at home without thousands of dollars?


Kerri Elizabeth

Esthetician, Nutritionist and Personal Fitness Trainer leading you to a healthier better you.