No matter how far away you are no matter how many stars you’ve travelled so far, I love you!

My son
My heart
The voice to my soul
My purpose to grow
My guide ahead
My light
And that star so bright
The voice in the breeze
The crackle in the trees
Your infinite strength
Your more than any word can define
Youre my blessing of truth divine
Your forever my son
The only one
Your presence is a promise I always feel
I love you,
Your momma FOREVER


Courtship of Strength

Strength is not what you see it the energy moved through your belief!

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Strength is not a color or a gender
It’s energy moved
Strength is truth
Strength is not visible or even physical
Strength is believing
The courtship of your being
It’s energy spilling from the tongue and lips
It’s energy in the sway of your hips
It’s energy in your step and even regret
Strength can shatter
It can fill you with all that matters
Strength can sweep you off your feet
It’s the energy in which it moves
that gives it strength.
Do not mistake softness for the absence of strength
Strength is not what you see it’s what you feel coming from the energy moved in your belief





Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know! Pema Chodron

A gift is to hear the rising of the morning.

The smell of fresh dew carrying the reflections of what surrounds it.

A gift is to feel the earthquake when your soul rumbles with fire.

And your heart beats with the adrenaline of passion to live.

When you know for sure letting go of defenses means your belief system is solid.

A gift is when letting go is a manifestation of transformation not disappearing.

When letting go and allowing the pain to pass is disassembling a pattern to reconstruct a new design.

A gift is to recognize that your destination is not determined by justification but appreciation.

A gift is criticism that opens the possibilities to change previous limits.

A gift is hearing others stories so not to be devoured by your own astonishment but humble in inspired growth.

A gift is knowing your happiness is directly reflected from the core of our your own radiance.

Escape the yearning desire to give away your happiness and instead illuminate your surroundings for others to see their own path.

Exhilaration and equilibrium integrate inspired balance to fall yet get back up, leap and risk infinite passion.

A gift is the awe moment you realize that feeling is whatever you choose the title to be.


Being Heard Is Beyond Words



When the universe hears your cry and energy has been left inside,being heard is beyond words.

Kerri Elizabeth

Talking through what’s inside you.

And being loved all the way through.

Is a gift you give to more than you.

When hearing is a place you give grace.

When listening is a space where safety can be embraced.

When you can share your heart in that place.

When your value is honored and lifted high.

Where taking it personally is left behind.

Where love is the safety net to unwind.

Where blame is not the target line.

Where a treasure chest of understanding opens up.

Where the mind can talk.

Where the heart can walk.

Where the soul can creatively open more.

Where you give more and take less.

Where freedom to feel and be heard is loved and returned without a mess.

Thats where we grow.

Thats where life shows.

Thats where creative minds flow.

Thats where love knows.

Thats where your soul opens up.

Thats where communication is learned.

Thats where all that’s good is returned.

Listen and hear, your turn is near.