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Keeping our environment pristine and clean is up to us.  Here is a company doing their part.

 (Refer to the USDA Organic Seal).  Essanté Organics' holds the highest sourcing, selection, testing and certifying standards. We promote the use of 3rd party certified, raw, organic, wildcrafted, non-GMO, ToxicFree®, and alkaline ingredients obtained through ecologically sound harvesting. Our products do not harm people, animals or the planet. ) By Essantes Green seal  

As awareness of organics for our lives becomes more and more important I want to share this amazing company.

USDA certified organic skin care is as important as organic nutrition.

As a parent and now grandparent, my children have always been a top priority to me. My children are now adults and continually make sure they treat symptoms first with Organic essential oil blends and nutritional based solutions.

I would love to help you find solutions as well. I have been searching for companies that can provide a green footprint with the organic solution.

Here is one I love and I will be providing you more as I go.

Look for my YouTube station to be published soon, I will be providing you my personal Organic essential oil blend reviews as well as Essante Organics shake reviews.

I will also highlight other companies I have researched and would like to share with you so you can find what's best for you.