The Path of Less Resistance

Walk a path that reflects the capacity of growth and love that honors a courageous legacy.

Kerri Elizabeth

A photo captured by an inspired eye.

Another face, a lens, a voice, a triggered thought.

A reflection of perceptual time caught.

A heart, a hand, a soul and a creative giver.

A moment is captured and with a blink it’s forever.

While moments pass into history gestures of inspiration are tattooed into the universe.

An alignment of emotion and action snap into a visual canvas of inspired reality.

Memories visually etched into a frame.

Viewed in sight yet reflecting personal emotion.

The journey of emotion is the true creation of the visual captured.

While a photograph gifts us a captured moment it’s the eye that gives you the memory.

While a photograph captures the visual perception It’s your inspired memory creating the captured reality.

Sunshine on your path of less resistance.

To Love

​There will be all seasons and emotions that create the beauty of your interpretations.

Kerri Elizabeth

To love is to live

To breathe

To share









To love is to live

You will cry

You will experience fear






It will be your interpretation that determines your outlook.

To love is to embrace these seasons of change and create a canvas of colorful experiences that will magnify the power of LOVE!



We are all connected to a purposeful living but we don’t all purposefully live.
In the midst of the rain rays of joy appear.

In those rays of joy there is a connection to sorrow.

In sorrow there  leads a path to healing.

In pain there’s an abundance of strength.

In strength there’s ferverent perseverance.

In perseverance there’s a transparent purpose.

In purpose there’s solid priority.

In priority there’s unwavered dedication.

In dedication there’s unquestioned loyalty.

In loyalty there’s trusted commitment.

In commitment there’s unconditional faith.

In faith there’s infinitely forever.

In forever there’s infinitely untouched possibilities.

Possibilities create encouragement.

Encouragement creates freedom.

Freedom is thriving.

In thriving we let go of surviving and surrender to living our purpose.

Swirling Infinitly

When the ground shakes and the skies awake stand in His embrace.

It’s safety in this place.

It’s peace when nature touches her feet.

It’s a release when the sky opens it’s blue eyes.

It’s mediating on the sounds of real times.

It’s love swirling infinitely with no lines.

In the twinkle of mother nature’s eyes you’ll find depth.

In the wrinkles of a face there’s a story most will forget.

In a hug there’s acceptance.

In a glance appears perception.

In a heart palpates a beat.

Be wiser than turmoil and defeat.

In the soul there’s nothing that can compete.

When the soul is free, the heart and mind are one beat.

Free your soul.

Let go of control.

Evolve through defeat to arise to your feet.

Hear the sounds of real times.

See the abstract colors of nature’s blended lines.

Open the box of limits.

And chat with possibilities.

Capture carefully the memories of yesterday.

While ascending into living fully into the glory of today.