The Thunder Rumbles


The rumble awakened the soul, nature shakes the cracks to wash away the past and peace is in harmony after the thunders past. ~Kerri Elizabeth~

Like thunder the ground under me rumbles

Like a seasoned tree crashing to the ground crumbled

Birds still fly and the eagle soars

Rain quenches the thirst of the flower not thunder

There is synesthesia in the chorus of life’s wake

Where color and rhythm, taste and thought palpitate

An epiphany of refuge capturing the hearts fall

The frogs join in a synchronized call

Mother nature’s comfort grasps tight

Suddenly shattered the sky opens bright

Sunshine seeps in and water fills the cracks again

Inside this place where love grows, definitive light shows

A rumble shakes the ground

A crash creates cracks where light is found

Let go and send back what is not yours

With Love I let go!


In Awe


Receive and embrace the gratitude of what is and step into the power that will set you free.

Kerri Elizabeth

Cleansing energy in the awe of a waterfalls presence.

Ferns embracing the oxygen supporting their existence.

Flowers opening to the new season, grasping your attention.

Springs aroma fills the capacity of apperception.

Nature surrounds and comforts with no exceptions.

Leaves blanket the ground, leaving space for new foliage all around.

Under every leaf a new life is starting to release.

The sun shines perfectly through the kindness of branches leaving space.

The moss is lit up with rain drops reflecting grace included throughout this place.

As I look up to meet my soul, SUNSHINE starts to glow.

Releasing the shackles so I can dance.

There is rhythm at every glance.