A Field of Forever


Fall into a field of eternal optimism and saturate your soul with courage.

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Capturing the essence of beauty

Strength in the bend and sway created by a slight breeze

Colors of pure sunlight with a drop of earthly wonder create a center

Curiosity to grow manifests existence and courage, reaching for the sky unwavering

A seedling miraculously flourishing as a flower

A flower encompassing the essence of possibilities

Fueling possibility, inspiring optimism

Access infinite evolution

Offer only the presence of your light

Allow the tears to interpret without judgement

And your heart to hear your purpose

Get lost in a field of forever

Plow out the judgments of whys and hows

And water the freedom to love and change

Love is without time and space with a flowing of nothing

Erased and everything at the universe’s pace.


Waterfall Embrace


Under the courage of the fall and the rising of the soul your heart will speak like a waterfall embrace.

~Kerri Elizabeth~


Lay where water runs through your pores and settles your heart

Where it nourishes your soul and brings forth light

Where nature offers a great reward of cleansing

Where the minerals and freedom to heal lay where the sky’s tears of joy wash over you

Lay for a minute and allow nature’s voice to penetrate your soul’s calling

Hear the vibrations of water create music on the rocks

Feel the ice cold refreshing miracle of a waterfall give you life

Allow the fall to engage courage and the soul to rise

Feel your heart speak again like a waterfall embrace