Seeing For You Is Blinding Me!


Seeing for you leaves me blinded by me!


Seeing for you is blinding me.

When judgement sneaks in our sights are on more than being.

Are you spending time thinking what others think and missing your own life in every blink?

I learned a very good lesson recently taking what I thought was a risk and going butt naked and free on a beach with clothes optional I decided to just be.

The biggest evolution in my judgement for me came the moment I took every stitch off and set my body free.

As I looked around to see some with clothes and some without, I realized everyone was there for themselves to be left with no judgement for me or themselves.

I have spent all my life in fitness and health and allowed myself to manifest pressure inside myself.

When I couldn’t get my body to look like her I would work really hard to learn to just love and accept all of my curves.

When I learned to accept myself as I was , it was then I started to change and grow into a better self.

I was holding on to what I didn’t realize, it wasn’t at all judgement directed at me it was my own judgment on everyone else I was thinking for instead of me.

Why did I think everyone was looking at me and why did I think for hundreds of people just being free?

This all brought a question to my mind, are we all living in life thinking for more than ourselves?

To teach is to live and to show the way, to teach is not to tell someone else what to think or say.

To live what you say and take action every day shows experiences that will impact others along the way.

Living life and believing in your purpose is authentic and true and takes away the false sense of self-worth from others that don’t live inside of you.

Not everyone has to learn like me, going on a beach letting go of clothes to be free.

This was however what I chose to see; it opened my eyes to so much of my judgement  that I actually had no idea was truly blinding me.

Now when I think, “they or he or she or them” is usually the beginning of a judgement again.

We all learn every day and this one way impacted me in so many ways.

Sharing Sunshine on life where the sun has never shined!


Compost For Your Growth


Let yesterday’s weeds be today’s compost for the garden of your life to grow organically edible!

Kerri Elizabeth

Have you ever wondered what tomorrow will bring?

Have you ever thought about too many things?

Have you ever wanted to do something new?

Have you ever jumped in the ocean nude?

Have you ever just let every thought go, looking out to see nature’s show?

Have you ever experienced unconditional love?

Have you ever just woke up and took a trip with nothing in hand except the feeling and a look?

Have you ever just let go of the thought “I can’t” and did it before that thought took camp?

Have you ever raced someone to the top and when you thought you were even and had a shot they darted past with a smile at the top?

Have you ever been hurt so deeply by love that you felt as though breathing was an option and not part of our own true love?

Have you ever jumped into the sea and experienced a new side of being free?

Have you ever just given your last dime, and trusted it would be perfectly divine?

Have you ever trusted so much that love, disappointment, expectations and experiences all come and go and add strength to what we know?

Have you ever thought that right now is the moment love is embracing you, can you feel it and not ask how?

Ask and inspire creative ways, share it, live it, experience it along your way, give it, receive it, make a way, were all here together, nothing is in the way if the question is simply asking ,” how many more visions am I adding in today to the life legacy I am creatively building every day?”

Keep adding new visions along the way, write them, share them, and let them grow.

When weeds show up, pull them out, look at them, feel them and lay them down they make the most beautiful organic compost ever found.

Let the weeds of your life be compost for your growth, resisting them and continuing to wonder what to do, leave them more time to grow inside of you.


Pace is Your Own Embrace

Growing at your own pace is the true growth to embrace, growing at someone else’s pace is not your growth place. 

Kerri Elizabeth

Growing at my pace.

Loving and learning is a beautiful place.

Watching and listening to the human race.

There are so many differences to appreciate.

The beauty in everyone is rarely seen by anyone.

The most beautiful part of perception is no one sees the same.

It invites ideas and conversation we can take and evaluate and let them all take shape in the evolution of our pace.

The universe has a pace and part of that beautiful place, are moments and people living their own truth and grace.

Telling the sun to hurry up to rise at your pace is not going to change the sun’s perfect pace.

The most beautiful thing I have learned along my journey in life is to be me and let go of the place where I thought you wanted me to be.

Now I know without a doubt it is only me I can be and to grow I must grow from being me, not who you want me to be.

When I let go of need and allowed who was me, I saw a shift in the world where I already fit without need or try, it just was and I didn’t have to ask why.

The outside O’clock of time became clear and each moment became a place to shed fear.

It’s not about time, or a place or a person; it’s about letting go of control there has to be a reason.

When I decided to be me, and let others do the same without pushing my way, I started to grow more passion in my day.

Being who you are is the only place to grow.

Being where someone else thinks is their growth so far.

SUNSHINE on the beauty of the safety embrace, loving YOU where you are and watching you grow at your pace has taught me that loving me where I am is my own true growth place.


You Really Can Move a Mountain


You can move mountains when you decide and you can move them in the ocean or keep them inside, 

Kerri Elizabeth

A mountain calling me.

Everywhere I go right now there is a mountain calling me to climb.

I don’t wonder why the feeling is real, I recognize the moment is to reveal.

Reveal my heart; reveal my soul, to let my thoughts go.

To respect my life, the gracious place that I have been blessed to embrace.

When I am called to a mountain, there is a mountain ready to talk, to hold me up, to set me still, to open my heart and to feel.

So many times in life, there is a moment that calls you somewhere, do you listen to the call or are there too many reasons you could fall?

Is it too far away, is it too hard to say, do you need to think about it more, will it be later or at all?

Do you think the feeling away, do you wait until another day?

What keeps you from the present calling, do you have responsibilities and others to see, is the decision yours to open doors?

Does following “A moment” for you mean you have to take it past more than a few?

Can you trust yourself to make a decision without anyone else?

Can you let the feeling that it may not go your way, be the very feeling that takes it away?

I walked along the way feeling called to my day; I took moments to pray and had other conversations along my way.

When I looked up ahead there was a mountain in my way, it sat in front of the sunset I was watching this day.

I love to chase sunsets and see them anywhere I go, they call me to stop and then to let it all go.

I noticed as the mountain looked at first in my way, the sun was going down direction behind it as if to  to say, this one is for you, now means don’t delay.

The mountain isn’t in my way; the mountain is a feeling guiding my way.

It was like a movie playing in front of me, that mountain was the feeling and the sunshine was my soul, my heart was showing me, I’m safe to let go.

Oh yes I see, the mountain was inside of me, the calling was clear.

The mountain and the ocean together with the sun played a beautifully designed movie, an award winning one.

The movie is NOW, not a calling later or somehow.

NOW is what I have and NOW is my choice to live, NOW be the moment you have to give.




Today is in every day, be super fantastic along your way!

Kerri Elizabeth

Today all day I am a smile from ear to ear.

Today all day I am letting go of fear.

Today all day I am thankful for every tear.

Today all day I am love in every response.

Today all day I am a receiver of love and confidence.

Today all day everything is forgiven.

Today all day I am sure of who I am.

Today all day I am a Nina and a Mother.

Today all day I am a best friend to another.

Today all day I am exactly what I say.

Today all day I am breathing in sunshine for the day.

Today all day I am intentional in every way.

Today all day I am a daughter and a sister.

Today all day I am a listener and an encourager.

Today all day I am God’s child and I am grateful.

Today all day I am aware.

Today all day I am a receiver of smiles and hugs.

Today all day I love you, everyone.


Feelings or a Word


Words are our definition decided by each of us to put together a picture that changes with the sun, be open to the seasons of new feelings and words and know they are changing perception inside each and every one.

Kerri Elizabeth

I write these posts with my eyes closed so that I can feel my heartbeat, my mind quiet and my body’s choice of the way it will compose.

 I take a deep breath and allow whatever comes to the surface take shape in my sunshine escape.

Every feeling allowed, no resisting it, no wishing it away, just feeling it as it simply comes across the page.

For so many years, I held the feelings in, thinking I could change it, push it, protect it and never look at it.

Defining every change in my life now as the ever changing seasons, knowing it will change lead me to the appreciation of the reason.

Life is a journey, no matter what you do, its growing and changing and its part of me and you.

I realized when I resisted change I was pulled into a whirlpool exchange.

When I learned to let go I was pushed out of that type of flow.

Letting go of needing to know, letting go of wanting someone else to come or go.

Letting go of needing more and changing that to,”I am part of so much more”, lead me to a place I can give more.

Being open to receive was the next seemingly impossible thing, if I could just give everything for free, then I didn’t have a price tag that would justify me.

There is no price tag that can tell your worth that was the promise I learned from HIS birth.

I was hung up on the word money for so many years; thinking the more I had would solidify my worth.

When I was blessed with the truth of having none to my name, I realized with or without the word life was giving me exactly the perfect change.

Poor is simply a word as in love, money or worth, what has impacted me the most is that when we feel instead of define, it’s the feelings, not the words that truly are divine.

So this is one of my many lessons along my way, I hope it will help you too, you have all you need, money, love and worth,  all are the same energy YOU are the defining word.

Take away the words and you’ll feel the seasons change; there will be more of everything when you are the energy exchange.


Ponytails in the Sun


Letting Go Is Where Love Grows.

Kerri Elizabeth

The most beautiful sight to see, two ponytails were dancing in front of me.

She is three, she is free, and she has nothing but love to be.

Her smile and her dance left my heart beating out of me.

Her mom so beautiful, my eyes couldn’t believe what my heart and soul could see.

Never giving up is being in the trust, knowing everyday is the best day and love becomes your way.

Learning every day to let go along the way, has gifted me this moment in the most beautiful way.

Trust in every step you take, do your best in everything you do, love the big and small things and appreciate what you’re learning in everything you do.

Her radiance shined through the phone, her arm twirling her daughter hit home.

Once upon a time, that was my arm, twirling my little girl just like she was doing this time.

A heart can carry a heavy load and every person lets go in their own time I’m told.

So be patient and still while you feel, be pure love and joy along the way, over thinking the latter will simply overwhelm what matters.

Right now is what we have, be in it with all you have.

Smile, Love, Dance, Believe and Trust, when this is YOU, the energy used to, “try it”, instead of, “Be it “sets you free to, “live it” and “Be In It”.



Seal of Love


Walk with a purpose to find love in everything.

Kerri Elizabeth

You never know who will cross your path or will make a big impact.

Eyes open to the world around you; take time to see what surrounds you.

Grab a hand of someone near; give a hug to another one to close in the gap of fear.

Hold the hug for more than a gesture and let it be an impact forever.

A hug can settle a fear; it can bring safety to someone near.

This sweet little seal following me along the trail gave me love along my way, he didn’t ask me or wonder what I would have said; he gave it freely to me instead.

I walked along the trail seeing the beauty in every detail, the sun, the water, the heat, the rays, the ships, the mountains and the waves.

Stopping to feel the cool water and splash it on my face, I could feel the water dripping slowly down drawn back to where it was originally found.

Every drop from the ocean salty but clear, sent energy of life into the heat of the sunshine that appeared.

I could feel the open space the large world giving me hints of adventure to embrace.

While the seal was giving freely his undivided love, it showed me and reminded me what were all capable of.

Love is understanding, its trusting and not demanding, its giving without a price, its listening and not giving advice, it’s a heart action that moves you , it’s a feeling to be shared, it’s a gift that needs no repair, a place of no despair.

Love is letting go and giving what you know, love is letting go of what you may never know.

Listen to this small gesture of love, take it in and let it be a part of you, I’m giving it to you from everything I do.

I love you in every breath.

I’m letting go of anything that is in my way.

I’m sending you some energy, a whisper in your ear.

I’m sending you a hug and drawing you near.

In this very moment I pray you feel this love.

Its given to you freely with no expectation or assumption, just a pure wave of love sent over every ocean.


Presently Being Present


When you truly choose love nothing gets in your way, love becomes your way.

Kerri Elizabeth

Presently living and feeling love in my life.

The wind in my hair.

Music that makes me dance.

Taking a chance.

Running through the rivers on the fly.

Feeling the sand under my feet and seeing stars in the sky.

Jumping through the waves and loving the heat.

Letting waves take me to the shore.

Going back for more.

Beaches fuel the fun.

Laughter in the sun.

Smiles everywhere I go.

This moment is beautiful that I know.

 I love riding my bike in the wind and rain.

The unstoppable power of a moving train.

I can go on and on and on about the wonderful things I am appreciative and feel in my life.

When I think about all the moments that gather up my life, I also think of the people and all the good advice.

Gathering up the stories, making moments matter along the way, takes presently being present in every waking day.

Time to shut the computer down, set the phone to the side.

Be present and be intentional in all of the day.

Giving eye contact when you’re talking and listen to what you say.

Give room for others experiences they take part in your way.

We all grow together when love defines the day.

Speak love in every word, challenge yourself to listen so you can be heard.

Respond in love now, tomorrow is not yet found.

There are no guarantees of moments ahead to live, what you have NOW is the most precious time to give.

Share in the presence and make yours and their moment matter.

Love in all you do, see love is me and you.

Sunshine on love, true abundance and wealth comes from love itself.

Connection Is Complete


The connection is already complete, color it beautiful and show your best, you are connected to all the rest.

Kerri Elizabeth 

What does connection mean to you and do you feel it too?

Inner emotions, outer physical, soul-spiritual and thought intentional, do these connect for you?

We are all connected, we all breathe the same air, we live on the same earth, the ground is moving beneath us all and love covers like a waterfall.

You don’t have to accept it, you don’t have to love it, you never have to see it  and you don’t have to feel it.

When I realized the air was shared and my space was part of the world, I decided to love it all and make a difference where I stood even when I fall.

When you realize you’re connected to all that surrounds you, you realize what you do makes a difference to all around you.

There is no space between you and the earth, the sky, the wind, the rain and the sun.

The air that surrounds each of these things connects us all to everything.

There is no disconnection in reality, not in your mind, your body or your emotional state, your spiritual beliefs, your hiding place.

There all connected no matter what, it’s in the accepting it where life opens up.

You can choose what you want to know, what you want to do and where you want to go and you can choose how you honor it or how to let it show.

The choice to be connected has already been made; it’s a solid promise God gave.

Even if your spiritual journey doesn’t include God you’re in this connection without odds.

What you choose to love and choose to share, what you choose to bare and what you choose to wear is still connected to everywhere.

If I drew you a picture of the world on paper, the paint, my thoughts and visions that come alive would surely be connected from my heart to the paper and lines.

Take the time to understand you are the connection.

It doesn’t take more than a second to know that fact, but it does take the time to feel the impact.

What you do and say, feel and share, what you breathe and touch, move and accept, is a true connection to the rest of us.

Make every moment matter, your moments link to your heart, your thoughts even when they seem to fall apart, your hugs and smiles that help, your laughing and crying and loving and being, your living and giving and seeing, there all connected no matter what your feeling.

The connection is not lost or taken away, it’s you that decides to look another way, and still the connection stays.

Let the connection to life be felt, the connection is already complete, are you believing you’re disconnected to something that is perfected?

You don’t have to look for it or even work for it, it’s given for free to you and me.

I will give my best in every way to  the connection we share together in every day.

A simple ray of sunshine!