Allow a surrendering of oneself to then abound with wholeness! ~Kerri Elizabeth~

Seeking infinite light not knowing light is always illuminating the caverns and cracks defining your inner curves

Embody nature as the beauty and definition of soul never lacking truth and authenticity

Alive and living replenishing depths unseen by the eye and fueled by the embrace and kiss of gratitude and caressed by rain drops and sunlight

Sever ties that attempt to crack the chrysalis prematurely and bind the wings of spirit limiting the freedom to soar

Return not to the ache inside, but the willingness to quench the very suffering you try to escape

Inviting and receive an unchartered serenity

Resist the reflex to protect and steer into paths less traveled dancing with your soul

Allow separation between emotion and feeling, artistically creating a map of existence previously hidden in the fog of circumstances

Navigation not to be prepared, but aware, honoring  the winds as teachers

Judgement leads and does not reach to support growth, rather devours existence, entrapping nonchalantly, navigating you into the storm

Awareness and grace surrender open space for YOU

Receive your gift fully exploring the freedom of wonder!

Silent Wisdom


Speak with the silence of the eye and listen to the infinite sky. ~Kerri Elizabeth~

Rushing through my veins like an inner quake.

Vibrations of life carved a path to take.

Clarity is lost, reflection blurred.

Inner peace is pushed and stirred.

Whipping breezes up root old and new growth.

Nature cultivates regrowth to both.  

Stillness of wisdom quietly evolve.  

Restoration and growth problem solve.

The owl stands with a sturdy contrast.

A visual to hold.

A story is told.

Silence, strength and unwavering confidence will not break.

My soul is awake.

Wisdom and peace rearrange inner space.

Strength and posture concede with grace.  

Unveiling an inner healing place.

The owl is a reminder life is to embrace.


My Voice

Look beyond and you will see there is more than the sight you see. ~Kerri Elizabeth~

The birds gather for choir

The rain drops gently caress my cheeks

Waterfalls hold the base

She takes a step crackling a branch ahead

In front of me nature she shares

Eye to eye compassions there

Aware with calmness we both let go in sync

She released her fear and walks slowly near

With my hearts invitation

And soul vibration

We share the universe

A dragonfly by my side

Corridors of breeze create gentleness and ease

An umbrella of branches flare their power sifting the breeze

The deer teaching me to hear

The wind whispers I’m near

The birds carry different notes

The brook flows leaves afloat

Fiddleheads curl their heads

Mossy blankets lay a path to tread

Natures love letters come everyday

Hand written and alive

Grounding bare feet in the depth it provides