Complacent Surprise

Your heart shows up without asking, do you show up for your heart?

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Complacency will sneak a surprise

Views will be challenged and priority changes

Adaption will trickle through asking to be settled in

Reaction is abrupt and sly, waiting for your awareness

When senses are aware, reaction retreats

Emotion often stretches ahead and reaction is lured by the seduction of emotion

Stillness will speak while flirting with impatience and frustration

Love and awareness play chess with the opponents

Flesh is to be observed when grace is your foundation

It will ultimately be the surrender of action that leads to your most valued awareness


Quiet Reminiscence

Within calmness is an untouched space waiting to be entered.


Selected random thoughts swirl within the chaos of your mind
The rest waits, often Untouched and Un phased
Others Return from a sprint of perseverance
Challenge is always within
Quiet reminiscent wonder rises above the fog
Splendor will be released after the resistance we experience through change
Joy will enter when the doors to sorrow have been opened completely
It won’t be the sorrow that held you back
It will be the unwillingness to open the door and walk through