Adventurous Belonging


            Adventure inspires desire!
                        Kerri Elizabeth

Adventure of my heart.
My heart calls ,my body goes.
My mind processes , my body responds.
My thoughts are within me, my body carries me.
The excitement  draws me, my body follows with me.
Life  lures me, my body preserves me.
Love blooms continually inside of me, my body sets the sound of the vibration found.
My legs take a step at a time into the distance, my body keeps up the strength and works through resistance.
My soul continues to open , my body is never broken.
My appreciation runs deep, my body is always gratefully complete.
My internal miracle of systematic mechanical movement works together, I accept it to be delivered.
My intension is my desire and longs to be continually inspired, I will continue to aspire.
My heart beats with intense passion, my body is learning more compassion.
My acceptance of who I am gives my body a safe place to hold me again.
My instinctual guidance leads me, my body believes in me.
My spiritual foundation and belief in God My Father never forsakes me, my body is always healed and the glory of his presence overtakes me.
Love every part of you inside and out,  you were born to be free a spirit without doubt.
Let love in and breathe love again, trust in the process so love can continually  bloom from within.



A bike appears it’s not mine, but it invites my curiosity to journey reciprocity.

This bike was made specifically for adventure and movement, it offers the opportunity of joy, freedom, exploration, healing and believing.

This bike has detoured miles with me now, receiving mountains, rivers and experiencing the heat of over 100 degrees for hours and hours.

This bike has felt my tears, it has my feet prints, my handprints, it knows my cadence.

When my legs push on those pedals I can feel my feet push so hard it radiates power through my body from the tips of my fingers to the tips of my toes.

It is the blood flow and mind flow, the mindful life glow that urges me to step harder, to breathe more, to feel the power at that moment.

All that matters at the moment is the connection between my heart and mind and the power I put into my two soles and behind.

This bike is a vehicle to the destiny I have been preparing my whole life for.

 The vehicle that quietly without expectation gifted me a path to another step in my life.

No defense or offense, it has no feeling, no agenda, no expectation just invitation to ride it all out.

There is freedom to go fast or slow, to use power or carry me when I want to coast and trust the flow.

Passion from head to toe, it takes me where I want to go, it found me when I didn’t even know.

How did a bike that is not my own give me something I have never known?

The builder of this bike intentionally built it for us to ride.

The inventor of this bike wanted more freedom inside.

This invention was built with purpose to make a dream come alive.

The owner of this bike you see purchased a gift he had no idea he would receive.

However the inventor of this bike knew it would touch more than a few.

It started with a thought.

It created an action.

It gifted a reaction.

It inspired traction.

Believe in your thought.

Create an action that will draw a reaction.

Be mindful of the attraction.

Be intentional with interaction.

I didn’t know that someone else’s bike, inspired by someone else’s dream would give me the most intentional insight into my destiny midstream.

Bask in the beauty of your intention.

Fuel it with an invention.

Let love be the extension.


Aware In Your Moment

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Intentionally living every moment!

Kerri Elizabeth

A river runs briskly through my hair.

My ears are under water, the sound of the earth rumbles through my body.

I lift my head out of the water and crickets are singing and birds are alive.

The sunshine is radiating joy and heat  encompassing my entire body, mind and spirit.

I lay down flat trusting the water and let go, my arms go limp, my hands lay calmly open and my legs start to float.

My body is submerged in the safety of nature; I can hear a language only heard when you fully let go.

The intentional sounds of nature






How is that when my ears are under water the sounds are so loud?

How is that I can hear my hair moving, I’m so still and the water moves my locks from side to side as if it were waving to the sand.

I can hear a foot-step and a splash like a boulder was falling down a mountain top, the contrast in sound under the water and above the water is mind blowing.

The intensity of the lesson and feelings of the river invite me intimately in and I let go, I trust the flow to hear the rumbling go.

Those sounds are always there, gifted to me when I am aware.

Under the water I can hear my heartbeat; the calmness of this place cradles me in a safe embrace.

I feel taken care of, protected, safe and secure and I have full trust in the moment here.

I lift my head and the world changes, the sounds so differently defined, the contrast of noise is like culture shock to my mind.

What are you submerging your heart, your mind and your spirit into?

The reality of pure love and life is nature’s ground, the addition to life is people, jobs and technology all around.

Submerge yourself in the foundation that gives you life.

Love all the additions, nurture them, learn about them encourage them and appreciate them the contrast is pure art.

Awareness sets you apart from a stress that weighs on your heart.

Remember what holds you and your toys, your children, your home and your noise.

Love the foundation that keeps you alive, hear the noise under and above when submerged in your life.

What do you feel and see when you submerge your awareness in the life you presently lead?

Aware in the moment!

Your Heart


Dare to be consistently intentional with your heart, it’s your best part.

Kerri Elizabeth

Confidently persistent in the heart.

Growing is a consistent persistence of the daily grace you are given to live.

You get to choose the pace and the way you choose to look face to face.

Consistency in loving brings the opportunity to create love in the moments where our defense shows but love knows.

No longer does the defense hold us back now love keeps us growing with impact.

Trust in who you are.

Trust what you feel.

Shift what you think if it is not of loving appeal.

Trust a moment at a time, letting go of the old notes in your mind.

Trust in the air you breathe, letting go of anything less than what is amazing to receive.

Let it saturate every cell and build a new foundation to excel.

Take care of your heart, let everything you do be a guiding light for the love to continue in you.

Your heart is not for giving away, it’s the passion inside that delivers and shares the inspiration every day.

Who said give your heart away?

Hold your heart it’s your life.

Take care of it, it allows you to be the strength you see, giving it away will take consciousness from your way.

It is the design that keeps you moving.

It is the design that leads your thinking.

It is the design that allows the doing.

It is  the design that allows you to love to new depths.

It is what blesses you to be able to connect.

It’s yours keep it and nurture it.

It’s yours feed it and water it.

It’s yours love it and lead it.

It’s yours to share and change.

It’s yours to decide to pair it.

It’s yours to decide to dare it.

It’s yours to open or close it.

It’s yours every day so be respectful and true it is the best part of you.


One Step At A Time


One step at a time is the journey time.

Kerri Elizabeth

Every step in your journey helps create the beauty in the boldness of creating your life in color.

Every step in your journey takes precise attention and gratefulness to others.

Create color in all you do.

Every experience is a color painted on you.

How do you want your life to be painted, will it be truly what you wanted too?

Will the painting include YOU?

Will it include the dreams you had and the desires fulfilled?

Will you look at the staircase from afar and know you kept going and nothing was too far.

Will you have stairs that have no color?

Will you have stairs you left behind?

Will you run out of paint for the final climb?

The staircase is as long and high as you choose.

The steps can be made as you continue to improve.

Take each step and let go, breathe in the experience while letting go.

Grab your paintbrush of life and paint a new color somewhere nice.

Paint one step every day in a precise consistent way.

Then the day will come when one step is simply done and two or more adds more fun.

The consistency it takes to create that vision is a staircase you leave behind as your legacy for others to find.

Create the painting with pure love, be authentically excited about the picture you will start to see.


Let Go

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Let go of what was so what is has room to move into what will be.

Kerri Elizabeth

The beauty of the day, it shows up for you, do you show up too.

The sunshine is always on the way, healing power in the rays.

The rain will fall, dance in it and love it all.

The wind will blow; let it clear the air for all.

The lightning will strike, the beauty and power in its force is a reminder there are times we have to change our course.

The thunder shakes the ground, feel it all around.

Can your heart be found?

Are you listening to your inner sound?

Letting go of what was and allowing what is.

Letting go of possibility and having intention.

Letting go of assumption and allowing acceptance,

Letting go of need and allowing desire.

Letting go of what if and allowing bravery to say yes.

Letting go of what could be and making it sure to be.

Letting go of I can’t and allowing what I can.

Letting go of mistakes and allowing them to be your greatness place.

A mistake is a learning place, you learn or you grow, embrace the challenge of what you don’t know.

Letting go of hurry and enjoy the journey.

Love with your full heart.

Live with curiosity.

Experience more.

Go explore.

Be bold.

Never get old.


Your Place


Create in you so others can see we are a part of a kaleidoscope view.

Kerri Elizabeth

What do you see?

 How do you feel?

 Where are you going?

Have you ever thought about how far you can see?

How deep do you feel?

How far are you going?

Are you certain about knowing?

Are you open to change or is change opening you?

Are you an adventurer, spontaneous or a risk taker?

Are you happy to be in one place, living safely and securely in that space?

The world is lovingly full of different ways of seeing, feeling and believing.

The honor to share and learn through others eyes and hearts set us all in motion for the bigger part.

The bigger part is the accepting that everyone has their own heart.

Did someone hurt you at some point; do you see something different you can pinpoint?

Do you judge one hurt above another, one pain more than you are willing to uncover?

Every lesson will recycle back, how you show up for it is your fact!

Air and love, anger and sadness, disappointment and fear, joy and gladness these opportunities to grow will re-appear.

Are you open to adjusting your sight and your life, you are the solution and who to invite.

Making judgements and assumptions on someone else’s past is like riding our bikes with no pedals to grasp.

Listen and grow, learn and let go, everyone has their own place they know.

Adjust your light and remember not to compare.

This life is for all of us make room and share.

Take care of your air, your light and your space.

No one can be you, they can only share the air, the light and space that you allow to evolve through creating YOU in your place.




Love has no hold on you, love is the letting go of what used to be the hold in you.


What is Love to you?

Love is a free flowing never ending abundance of life.

Love is grace.

Love is freedom to be you and me.

Love is an openness to receive.

Love gives us room to breathe.

Love gives us space to grow and believe.

Love never controls you, it flows in and out of you.

Love is a recycled hardship.

Love is a feeling.

Love is where we came from.

Love is fun.

Love is an action.

Love is a moment.

Love is a motion.

Love is a current.

Love is energy.

Love is a flower in bloom.

Love is you me and the moon.

Love is the first star that shines.

Love is thunder in a storm.

Love is where you are in current form.

Love is you.

Love is me.

Love is a choice to see.

Love has no hold on you, love is the letting go of the hold that used to be in you.

Love is the accepting of the truth.

Love is authentically fearlessly forgiving of your past residue and ready for the NOW to be in clear view.

Love is a gift and it’s you, just close your eyes and let the truth fuel YOU!

SUNSHINE , THUNDER and FIRE, embrace the experience and let it INSPIRE!

Energy Exchange


Energy is your legacy!

Kerri Elizabeth

Energy exchange is priceless.

The energy you share can change a life.

The energy you show can be a light.

The energy you are can be felt without saying a word.

There is energy in the water rippling across the lakes.

There is energy in the oceans beyond what an eye can see.

There is energy in the wind that is felt across our skin.

There is energy in the earth that is constantly shifting new birth.

There is energy in the sun that gives everything life on earth.

There is energy in food that creates a healthy state of being.

There is energy that is exchanging with brilliance every moment creating you and your life’s dreams.

Who are you the question is asked?

When your physical body is gone from this space, what do you think happens to the people left in that place?

The energy you leave is the legacy you breathe.

What kind of energy do you leave when you go?

What kind of energy lights your way and what kind of energy shades your day?

What kind of energy pushes you forward?

What kind of energy holds you back?

What kind of energy makes you smile?

What kind of energy are you right now?

When something seems tough breathe out and recycle that energy into wisdom and love.

When you feel down, let that energy be found, feel it, release it and recycle it into beauty all around.

When heaviness holds you back, let that energy flow through and let it create something profound.

Energy is always moving, be the energy you want to feel, be a beautiful energy field.

Every move you make is the energy you take in to begin again.

Every moment is an opportunity to exchange and recycle energy; will you own that and invest in the funds that proof that?

Invest in your energy; the shares are up RIGHT NOW?

Invest in your energy; the interest is off the charts!

Invest in amazing energy, the returns are gifted and blessed to others in abundance, be the investor and gifter of the exchange, wow the lives that are changed.



Shift into you the love that is true.

Kerri Elizabeth

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There is a shift awaiting you.

If you could see your perfect day, no limits to time or energy, what would it look like?

What if you could travel the world?

What if you could play an instrument?

Sleep a little more?

Have more energy?

Would you like to be more available to your children?

Would you like more time freedom?

Would you like to contribute more to others?

Would you like to have financial freedom?

Would you like to have healthier relationships?

Would you like to have a larger house?

Would you like to buy your parents a house?

Would you like to lose weight?

Would you like to play a sport?

Would you like to be stronger or compete in a race?

Would you like to wake up and feel this is your BEST day every day?

What if you could have all of this be your reality?

What is in your way?

Are YOU your own hurdle?

Are you willing to do what it takes to create the life your MEANT to have or will you continue to take the time you have to continue to think and never have?

What will your life’s legacy look like?

Are you willing to be uncomfortable now to be comfortable later?

Are you willing to say no so that you can say yes?

Are you willing to say yes where a no holds you back and others have to guess?

Are you willing to let go of fear and be fearless in overcoming, so you can be your best?

Are you willing to ask for help where you never have before and forgot you are blessed with love around you to help you open doors?

Are you willing to be humble so that you can learn to be bold?

Are you willing to listen so that you can hear?

Are you willing to live in passion so that passion is clear?

Are you willing to live into your highest greatness inside and out  and conquer the lie of fear?

Will you stop to thank every person that helps you to create the gift to choose?

Can you stop to thank your bank, mortgage broker, dentist, doctor and grocery store just to name a few?

Do you realize who is around you that makes your life work, the street cleaners, the electricians that keep your street lights on, the water company, the phone company, these are just a few that we don’t notice are in our view.

 Stop and say THANK YOU for everything that works together, it creates the ability for you to have freedom to create your life the way you choose to?

The only limit in your life is YOU, let go, be thankful in every detail and be true.

 Where you are currently living is the only place you can move forward from.

 Emotionally, financially and physically love this place so that you can look back and send love that it taught you to embrace a new space.

Allow yourself to exchange the energy needed to take another step forward toward your dreams, allow others to guide you, give to you, receive from you, love you, and learn from you and with you.

The greatest gift to someone you love is to know that the love you have for you is true!

To know for sure we love and believe in ourselves is truly the love that creates a path for others to love themselves.

Say thank you to someone today for the gift of loving themselves and the strength that gave you to believe in yourself.