Soul Education



Nature is the classroom of soul education.

Kerri Elizabeth

The mountains let go of the winter snow and tears come down and the rivers overflow.

The season is letting go and new growth is starting to show.

The sound of the river roaring downhill tells me for a minute to be still.

The mountain talks, the river flows and peace is all I know.

The energy flow from the full moon’s glow is a beautiful place to go.

Every bird is singing outloud, they know spring is coming around.

The sun rays reflecting on a lake near by,

seems to ask the rivers, to meet at the bend under the sky.

A hammock between two trees rocks gently in the breeze.

A blanket and a park, two trees never far apart.

The blossoms up high inviting the sky, to guide them out with every sunsrise.

The sounds around vibrate the air with the energy of every ray of sunshine there.

Prepare and have purpose in all that you do, enjoying the little things nature can do.

Sunshine on your shoulders!


A bad day is a good day when it’s leading you to your best days.

Kerri Elizabeth

When all the bulls@@@ gets put aside, real time is applied.

Do you allow the clutter of voices to shut down your choices?

Do you hear static and react automatic?

How much time do you spend analyzing what has already been?

Have you forgotten who you are and stopped to look back too far?

Are you feeling stuck inside where everything can hide?

Pull up your boot straps, lock on your smile and get yourself out and walk a mile.

Walk a mile to a goal to push through and be bold.

Cleanse your thoughts and make a clear slate to conquer a goal ,it’s never too late.

Be tenacious and charged, push through hard parts.

Are you tired and want to stop, talk yourself back up to the top.

There will be time to rest and time to recover, find your balance between one goal and another.

What moves you to finish a task, is it a plan or flying by the seat of your pants?

Do you want clarity in your life, do you listen to too much advice?

Stay quiet for a minute and decide ,what does your voice say inside?

Write it down and create a goal so you know where to go.

Structure a plan to clear the path and let clarity come to you at last.

Sunshine on your path!

Whisper In the Mountain


The fire whispers through the crackle and heat singing to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

Kerri Elizabeth

Have you ever thought, where’s the cleanest air?

Have you ever felt a melted snow bath that’s clear?

The fire crackles with a perfect voice.

Offering you a whisper and a choice.

Sit still and hear me , feel my heat.

I’ll warm you from your head to your feet.

Nature let’s go of rain and snow.

So you can experience appreciation beyond what you know.

Laying in the snow has choices you may not know.

The heat of the fire melting the snow, turns to a bath to enlighten the deepest part of your soul.

What a gift to experience this labor of love.

Intertwined in the magic of nature’s serenity, capturing the feeling of infinity.

A dynamic duo of strength and depth followed a mountain road and found something worth more than diamonds and gold.

Sunshine on your infinite soul!

Teacher of Decision


Decide and you will see the teacher is passing through to help you see more than you ever imagined could be.

Kerri Elizabeth

What happens when you decide?

When you decide, something comes alive.

When you decide, energy is free to move.

When you decide, everything gets in tune.

Do you ever take a risk if you never decide?

Be courageous and let go of the old lines.

Find a new language and decide.

Decide you will come alive.

Stress is a place where bending is an interpretation of what you face.

Stress can be a recovery place.

Stress is where strength is sneaking up on you.

Instead of stress living within you, invite it to pass by you.

Instead of stress choosing the weight you lift, let it be the lift that you decide to choose.

Stress is a teacher educating you.

You are the student that decides, to study and graduate or continue to be held back through.

Thank you to the teacher that taught me to lift,

and to decide I was worth it.

Sunshine in the classroom of my interpretation of stress.

This is my graduation gift!

Hide and Seek

Nina and BabyBlue

Love is alive inside of you, seek it and find it and let it thrive.

Kerri Elizabeth

Take the time to move through it, not remove from it.

There is a place to embrace it and not replace it.

Take time to reflect on the why, give strength where love is alive.

Does your love play hide and seek?

Do you seek when love hides?

Do you play when love is alive?

Do you hide when love seeks?

Is your heart open to a sneak peak?

Do you meet love where it is and give it energy to live?

Do you open up a door or take a moment to adore?

Someone is changed everyday by a simple gesture of love along the way.

Even the sandpaper people rubbing you the wrong way can smooth out your edges and be thanked for their short stay.

We need the times that challenge our will and challenge us not to become still.

Gratitude is in the pain and gain, embrace it don’t replace it.

Love can be found when it hides and you can seek it and let it thrive.

You are the seeker to the love you hide.

You are responsible to keep it alive.


What If You Did This


Love will endure and love will cure and love is always pure.

Kerri Elizabeth

All in a day pave the way.

All in a day it’s up to you what you do.

What if every moment we forgive ourselves and choose to be great no matter what surrounds us?

What if we continued to love even when love looked different than our eye sees?

What if being love showed love and we all allowed love to guide our words, movements and pace in life?

What if everyday we spent time reminding ourselves that we are the change and with that the world will follow change like a domino effect.

What if we all trusted so much in ourselves our strength became a flight to new thoughts and ways never seen before.

What if we consciously and consistently kept moving even when the sign said stop, deciding to take a different route rather than actually stopping?

What if we saw impossible as guidance to another way instead of noway?????

What if life everyday was so full of our own love and smiles and joy that it radiated into others lives as well?

What if  there was no such thing as I should, I would, I need, I could, just that I did I learned and I loved?

What if EVERYDAY you lived life instead of waited for it?


Receive The Light

2015-06-21 16.55.11

Receive the sunshine when it reaches for you the amazing energy is a gift that is free and made just for you!

Kerri Elizabeth

The sun is out, the air is warm, spring is rising up.

The trees are budding, the leaves are calling to the sun.

Bulbs are shaking in the ground ready to jump out and be found.

The dogs are happy prancing around and the spirit to play is all over town.

Saturday markets getting ready to roll.

Creativity is on the go.

The hustle the bustle of races ahead.

Memories of lakes and fishing nestled in my head.

The mountains are calling me to run my feet up their back.

Rivers are screaming adventure and backpacks.

The sun is shining on the Puget Sound.

Spring and summer I miss you so much.

Thank you for sharing some time with me today.

You build my spirit, you light up my soul.

The love you give me is insurmountable.


A Challenge Turns To A Celebration Of Change

If it doesnt challenge you it wont change you

What is a challenge today will often become a celebration another day!

Kerri Elizabeth

Sometimes your time goes perfectly smooth and other times you look back and it was too easy to lose.

Sometimes there will be a friendship that can stand the times, others will go along the line.

Sometimes there will be approval and other times there will be the no that shows you another way to go.

Sometimes there will be a hug and other times a tear.

Sometimes there will be smiles and often times you go an extra few miles.

Sometimes there will be something you just can’t figure out and you must keep moving about.

Sometimes love is felt and sometimes we have to remember love starts inside ourself.

Sometimes love is given, sometimes it’s received.

Love always begins inside of what we believe.

Sometimes we forget when we tell someone else what to do, we need to look inside of us too.

Sometimes we look at the sky and other times it feels too high.

Sometimes we laugh and other times we cry.

We all have a different why.

Ultimately everyday starts, goes and ends, how will you choose to experience it now and again?

Love Is Your Legacy To Live……


What matters is your heart, your smiles, the moments and the life you choose every day to live!

Kerri Elizabeth


Your life is your perspective, your journey to climb.

When you look at your life, what do you find?

What is the first thing that comes to mind?

How is your health and what do you consider wealth?

Whatever we consider a dilemma to be, there is a breath inside to set it free.

Give attention to daily joys.

Do you worry about where your shoes are left?

Do you stress about the dishes left?

Those things will never leave, they don’t decide to live or breathe.

They can be organized and put away, cleaned or given away.

Do you see the smiles and feel the heartbeats?

The ones you love are bigger than the shoes, bigger than the dishes used.

Our love is a gift we choose to give.

It is the most courageous gift to live.

Sunshine on you!

Are You In Overdraft….


When you overdraft yourself the debt has an account and a password protected by you and no one else.

Kerri Elizabeth

When the clouds do their part the sun shines on your heart.

When one story ends another bubbles up to begin.

Look for the sun in the sky.

See your faith and fly.

Smile even when you don’t know why.

There is a solution when you create one and decide.

Listen to the sound of what’s around.

There is nothing that can hold you down.

The power to be is inside of you and me.

The decision is clearly not always free, if your charging yourself a moving fee.

To move is free, the charge comes from the time you take to decide, you’re not in control of others lives.

There is a charge we put on our life.

We add a debt of shame and guilt, worry, procrastination and pain felt.

All of these things add up inside like an overdraft waiting to arrive.

When the overdraft comes through, remember it’s all about what you chose to do.

Throw off your gloves, your coat and hat, get down to the basics and pay off more than the draft.

You’re the only one with this account and the password is, YOU!