Reflections In The Dew


Find the peace in nature’s house it will show you what lives about.

Kerri Elizabeth 


The fires up and crackling with noise.

The morning is starting with nature’s poise.

The birds are singing gratitude to the young and old.

The sun is rising with colors of gold.

The air is crisp delivering a kiss.

The mountains posture is nothing but bliss.

The blanket covering the blue sky, chose a different direction to fly.

The rain drops falling off the tree sparkle with a reflection of all it can see.

An evening rain came through.

Massaging every tree limb leaving mirror drops of dew.

In the far distance different callings through the trees.

Nature is waking with thoughts to please.

Breathe in the beauty of what is real.

Breathe in the calmness entering your heart to reveal.

Keep the magnificent harmony inside.

Peace is given its not hard to find.

Tap into your soul it knows the way.

Its consistent and loving everyday.

What do you want in life today?

Choose your path in all you say.

Look in the reflection of the raindrops dew.

Their placed perfectly to show you.

Sunshining on your day.

Your soul has more to say.

Loving You



Loving you in all you do, forgiving you and moving through, learning to be more of you, in all you do there is one direction to follow through, YOU.

Kerri Elizabeth

Loving you.

When the sky is blue I see you.

When the grass is filled with a green tone too.

I’m loving you.

When the silence is clear.

When all I hear is nature’s voice near.

I’m loving you.

When the sunshines on my face.

When my heart enters a race.

I’m loving you.

When the rain is pouring.

When the wind is snoring.

I’m loving you.

When the day is all you want it to be.

When love is all you see.

I’m loving you.

When nothing seems to flow.

When the day has bumps and you don’t know.

I’m loving you.

When the waters are rough.

When pushing through is tough.

I’m loving you.

When the energy is clear.

When your on task and drawing goodness near.

I’m loving you.

When you know inside.

Your passion is alive.

I’m loving you.

The sun will set and the sun will rise.

Everyday is a wonderful surprise.

I’m loving you.

Be the best you.

Be loving to you!

Everyone or Every ONE!



You are every ONE, the one in your decisions to be better or come undone.

Kerri Elizabeth


Every ONE!

There will be one that enters into your life.

There will be one that gives you advice.

There will be one that knows better than you.

There will be one that figures it out before you do.

There will be one challenging your compassion.

There will be one that lives with passion.

There will be one that will influence your way.

There will be one that gives good and bad on the same day.

There will be one , its you, thats true.

There will be one that pushes you away.

There will be one that loves you to stay.

There will be one that wants to learn.

There will be one that decides it’s their turn.

There will always be one so you can learn.

There will be one that will be triggered by what you do.

There will be one that defines you too.

There will be one that will go too fast.

There will be one that will last.

There will be one that pisses you off.

There will be one that flips you off.

There will be one along life’s way everyday.

There will be one to challenge your way.

Everyone can decide who you are and define you from thier own scars.

Every ONE has to decide to live in front or behind those bars.

You are one of everyone.

Sunshine on every one that challenges something you say or do.

The real challenger is the one inside you.

Reel-em In


There is a lesson in all you do when.       awareness is what you choose!

              Kerri Elizabeth

In the ripple of the water I see consistency.
In the rising of the sun the day has just begun.
In the echos of the geese flying by there is mutual excitement about the sunrise.
Fishing line in tow.
Mackinaw on the go.
A Chainsaws going in the background.
Stop and hear every sound, awareness can be found.
The reflection of nature calmly attached to the lake’s surface.
The fresh air and mountains give purpose.
Even a gentle breeze flows in its own time.
Then Bam a bite on my fishing line.
Reel em in and see who wins.
Patients and persistence on both ends.
Will it fight me or release from me?
Will it tease me and teach me?
Will it eventually feed me?
Honoring nature’s flow and letting go of what’s out of my control!
Sunshining on nature’s way of teaching.

Priceless Processing






Love the Process of living your life and allow others the same great surprise!

Kerri Elizabeth

The Process of the sun rising to shining.

The process of water evaporating.

The process of a baby growing and drinking from a cup.

The process of a seed growing from the ground up.

The process of a river to grow with the snow flow.

The process of  seeing and believing a feeling.

The process of sharing and giving and recieving.

The process of wisdom from experiencing.

The process from recess after lunch to loving a nap a bunch.

The process of feeling the vibration of words coming together into a song.

The process of learing right from wrong.

The process of an apple turned into a pie.

The process of attraction turned to love thats alive.

The process of life…….





Breathing and


The process to allow ones process to be in their time and not yours.

The process of learning and not personalizing.

The process of flowing out of resistance.

The process of consistent persistence.

The process of all things requires space to grow.

Processing through the heat and the sunshine’s glow.

Sunshine on more to know.

Thank you Mom for allowing me my own process and loving me along the way!

Thank you to my children Brandee, Jaycee, Zakary and Cheyenne for teaching me so much through your own processes and loving me through mine.

Thank you to the love of my life Rob for being an outside of the box processor like me and growing and loving with me along our journey of life, love, laughter, living, breathing, believing and experiencing.

Tunes of This Time




In the waves of the lake’s water gently hitting the mossy rocks.
In the flow of the river’s water rushing to meet the lake to talk.
In the buzzing of the insects enjoying their space.
In the mossy blanket wrapping itself around the ground of this place.
In the crackling of branches all around.
The music is in perfect surround sound.
The leaves are wrestling performing on thier own.
Rocks are dancing and creating their tone.
The movement of water vibrates natures floor.
There’s the scent of spring air and so much more.
The twigs floating through the water arriving in a new place.
Taken in trust by the water and wind breaks.
Natures tunes leave an adrenal rush.
What is it, where is it in the brush?
An animal or the wind, the rush of the lake.
Is it a wave or wind gust a guess to take?
In the sway of the birds flying through air.
In the majesty of the mountains with little snow left to bare.
In the spotlight of the sun shining out there.
In the lines and the edges of the woods it shares.
Listen, look, feel and embrace nature’s beautiful inspirational face.
Sunshine in this magical place.