Clarity from the Blur

It is in your reflection you’ll find your scars, it is in your heart you’ll let go of sight and feel the light!


Reflect on your peace

Fine tune the blurred lines

Focus on what moves you

Reveal your reflection from the core

Clarity is submissive to focus and their rythym perfection

Dance in the light and sing in the rain

Develop strength based on love

Allow resistance to be set free

Abundance and love release clarity

Reflect again on your peace

Release what persists as pain

Triumph in the peace you will gain


As I get older less rattles my core. Hold close the ones you love and trust, spend the moments of your life leaving a legacy of love and kindness, share in your knowledge and receive wisdom as a gift in the expedition of a great life.

There will be bullies and sandpaper people that without knowing sand down your edges and force you to look deeper and wider into life, love, freedom and the beautiful journey in choice. We all have a choice to make everyday great. Loss can shake you but it can not break you or steal your spirit. Thank them for the push to educate yourself further, to broaden your knowledge, become stronger and to search your most authentic self deeper, thank them for teaching you what is not love so that real love clears up all the blurred lines.

It is those sandpaper people that push you off the cliff of paralysis into the bliss of possibilities and blessings beyond limits. Do not get caught up in another’s revenge and need for control and remember peace is abundant with clarity and it is the journey there not the arrival that make us who we are.


Significance is built from the blocks of experience and the wisdom you choose to gain.

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Travel your heart through every part
Colors will emerge
There will be memories that
have been submerged
Adrenaline seeps through the cracks of time
Where a rushing of reality grows like an ivy vine
Presence is precarious
Settle in the sunrise
One heartbeat at a time
Like a jet stream
Significance arrives


Significance is built over time, it is your experience, kindness, ability to let go and the significant ability we each have to gain wisdom rather than be hardened by pain.

Pain will erupt and so will love, it is only in love that pain is easier to let go. It is within love that we can understand pain, it is only in love we can understand the moments of true letting go.

When I lost my son I never thought letting go could hurt so bad. It has changed my life forever and letting go as never truly happened, it is just a path way to where letting go will always be inevitable.

We often will attach ourselves to situations, animals and people along the way that we will be separated from, my son did not want to leave his family and he did not want to leave this earth, but it wasn’t his choice. He was a chosen one and his time here on earth was not chosen based on my time line as his mother.

Zakary needed me to let go so he could go peacefully. For a moment I let go for him. In that I am left with a lifetime of pain, but it is within love I am finding that the deepest pains bring you the biggest blessings.

The significance of deep pain gives you significant gratitude to love deeper and live with more purpose. With that there will be the hardest moments of your life, it is the choice to live deeper, to not be shallow, to not allow others to harden you and know that there will always be another that will attempt to attach their pain to you and in that it will be your responsibility to find significance in the wisdom and not the pain.

Sometimes people have money and power and sometimes they have heart and wisdom that is priceless. Is it the one that has money and a willingness to hurt others at any cost that wins or is it the one with heart and wisdom that has to let go that has the greatest blessings?