Get Real and Feel

“I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
Henry David Thoreau

All in one amazing, beautiful full and fantastically living outside of limits busy day.

Some days can be so full of wonderful madness, creative gladness and intense and wild energetic deep insane chaotic adventurous fastness.

How do you fit it all in a day, do you invite it in or push it away.

Take moments in your day to remind yourself who you are.

Take moments in your day to say, good job, you have come so far.

Take moments in your day to appreciate the pleasure of breathing.

Remember that in a day the incredible act of your body to go means you must take care of it so it will show.

Show up for yourself, let go, take a deep breath and breathe slow.

Let the air fill your lungs and let the light on your face; take a moment to capture the amazing opportunity of grace.

When you’re in a hurry and you forget not to worry, your space and your place will fill with chaos in a hurry.

Take a moment to see your posture in the world, are you offering what you want to see, pay attention it will come to be.

When you feel relaxed and ready to go and you are organized and in the flow amazing opportunities start to show.

Show up in your life, let go of anything that holds you back; every single day is your chance to live exactly what you dreamed as a kid.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, how do you feel, does it match with how you want to feel, open up and get real.

Nurture your life and others too, no matter how busy it is today, take the time to remind yourself and others along your way just how important you are in a day.

YOU are important to me; tell someone else the same thing for you and me.


Will You Believe?

Sometimes the hardest things and the right things are the same things.


Every encounter is a gift, every pain can uplift.

When every pain can be seen as a gift you learn the depth of your heart was kissed.

In the uncertainty of a break down there is always a breakthrough.

In the quietness of your day, there will be moments you’re not sure will go away.

In other moments you will hang on tight, they will fill you with intense insight.

Take in the feeling and the moment; grasp the face, the joy and every component.

The place is set, the reason is there, will you push it away or be prepared?

To be alone is really to say, I have time to let go and not be afraid.

To take time to reach your best place in life, it takes more than just good advice.

It takes heart and soul and everything in between to stand together and see what you can bring.

Bring your best, your absolute best, never settle for anything less, never give less than your absolute best, life returns to you what you invest.

Love the differences in people and places, embrace the voices the smiles and the stages.

Light draws light and dark is trumped by sunshine and delight.

Anything is possible when you open the door, even a slight crack leads to the possibility of more.

Do you have French doors with windows or do you have a solid wood door with locks and no hinges?

We have the choice of what doors we open and what doors we close, we can put windows to see or a doorknob to turn or just touch, will you look out the window or open the door and trust?

Life is so full and ready for you, there are times and moments that you can choose.

Don’t limit the distance in anything; distance is simply a measurement, not everything.

Are you ready for more in your life, can you open the door and risk learning and living outrageously what is not now in sight?

Can you breathe in the possibility to perseverance that gives stability?

Believe in the dance and the moments that give you more chance, you have been gifted a divine advance.



Live In Love

Love is the way you choose to live, to be, to see, to experience within.

Kerri Elizabeth

Love is as an intertwined passion of existence.

How will you show up today?

What will you decide about your day?

I will love like today is the last day I have.

To love and laugh every day as if it’s the best day I’ve ever had.

I will love every day with expanding energy to experience more.

I will love from head to toe.

I will experience a love that knows.

I will grow with love and make love till love is all there is.

I will be love, see love, show love, experience love.

I want love to laugh with me, see me, share with me, know me and to believe in me.

I want love to embrace the difference in me, the excitement to live, the space I need to move, and the pace I need to choose.

I want love to stand on a mountain with me, to climb new heights to share the light.

I want love to pick me up off the ground to carry me around, to be excited we were found.

I want love to jump up and down and let go of what holds us bound?

I want love to see clearly and shake off nearly.

When love comes together with the freedom to be you and me, then love can take you where you may never have seen.

I am LOVE and LOVE is what I see, LOVE is the freedom to be YOU and ME.

Love is life, a living of who you are, and letting others be exactly where they are no matter how far.

Life is a love that offers you more, it serves you and deserves you, love it all, and answer the call.

Love is dancing under the moon.

Love is singing in the rain.

Love is walking barefoot in the sand, toes and heals leaving footprints like music in a band.

Love is pure and raw beauty from the inside-out, you feel it, it changes you without a doubt.

Love is standing through a storm and not allowing love to get torn.

Love is the sunset and sunrise even in the snow, love has seasons you know.

Love is where you live, love never goes unless you choose to let love go.

Love is inside of you to give, share it, be it, live it, believe in it.

Love is truly who you are when you live, whatever you choose love to be is what kind of love you will see.



A Roaring Heart Always Lives

Kerri Elizabeth

A roaring heart lives every moment with undone passion.

A bike does no good to say you have it and never ride it.

Nature is only there if you don’t get in it and see it, feel it, nurture your soul with it.

The sun simply shines if you don’t appreciate it, love it, think about it and bask in its beauty.

The ocean roars and its depth goes beyond what you can imagine, do you realize it’s there?

The mountains simply stand if you don’t stand with them and on them and devour their magnitude.

In our minds and hearts, all are
simply just there if we don’t open up the roaring passion of life in there.

Do you have sheets that have never been wrinkled up and shared with someone you love?

Do you have shoes that don’t get worn, who would love them or can you wear them just because?

Do you have clothes you can give away, that take up space you can use to play?

Do you have a yard you look at and never enjoy, what if you spent time in it with others joy?

Do you have a bed you have never jumped on and a pillow you have never thrown, did you know a great pillow fight adds time to your life you may not have known?

Do you have a list of friend’s numbers you never call; are they really your friends at all?

Do you have a car you have never taken your clothes off in, made love or kissed till your lips felt plump again?

Have you ever just laid on the floor and enjoyed the breeze coming in the door?

Do you ever just grab someone and dance and sing like life is fun and full of new and inspiring things?

When was the last time you ate dessert and didn’t worry about dinner or work?

Have you ever just danced in the kitchen and used spoons for a microphone and played and moved to a song you have written?

Are you enjoying your life, bringing smiles, changing lives and going the extra mile?

There is a time in every day to do something that unleashes your passion, reach out to a friend expect nothing back in the end.

Live with love, give with love, everything is meant for your journey, it may feel good, it may feel bad, but everything goes by the way it should.

Does some of this sound crazy to you, have you curled up and worried too much what others think and forgotten that you have a list of things you wish you would do and not just think?

Your list may be different than mine, but what are you missing in life that gives you the passionate feeling of living out loud and not just in your mind?

 A roaring heart will never stop the beat, open up the passion, have you pushed YOU aside and let you simply miss the ride?


Make it Matter

Dream Big Start Small Act Now!

Robin Sharma

No matter how hard it is if that’s what you want, you have to go through the journey to get there.

No matter what the weather is, be thankful for it, it will come and go again and again.

No matter how far you have to reach, keep reaching.

No matter how many squats you have to do to get that a@@, keep squatting.

No matter how many times you have to do a sprint to become a better runner, keep sprinting.

No matter how long it takes to become faster on that bike, keep riding.

No matter how many times you want to quit, that won’t FIT!

When you want to lie in bed instead of get ahead, that’s where you will have an argument in your head.

When you want something more, more has to be bigger than what was before.

Clarify your vision, write with precision.

Organize the life inside, your mind and heart and soul will guide.

When you organize the life inside, then organizing the life outside becomes easier to not put aside.

The passion inside will fuel the drive.

Passion for where you’re going has to be fueled and flowing.

When you want to stop, look at yourself and have an honest heart talk to help.

The pain of not living your dreams is far worse than the rejections and pains to experience your worth.

You’re worthy of all your dreams, living and loving and giving is better than waiting, and trying and sitting.

If you want to travel far, then you have to raise the bar.

If you want to give to others, first you must give to you.

If you want to give love, you first have to be love.

If you want to be a friend, you first must be a friend.

If you want to live a dream, you first have to dream.

If you want to know you can, then doing it is the plan.

Every day make a way, step by step, one foot ahead, little or big, keep digging in, you will get there if you keep the pace, never give up on the dreams you want in place.


We don’t meet people by accident.They are meant to cross our path for a reason.

Every person is put in your life for a reason.

Some are put there to shape your corners.

Some are there just as an informer.

Some are there to sand down the edges.

Some are there to show you light.

Some are there to mentor you through wrong and right.

Some are there to love you.

Some are there to teach you.

Some are there to show you there is more.

Some people help open your life.

Others help close it.

Some will hurt you and leave the pain.

Some will show you how to let go in the rain.

Some will hold you and embrace you close.

Some will tell you to hold on and you’ll have to trust them the most.

Some will grab your hand and walk with you.

Some will look at you and read you.

Some with walk past you and leave you.

Some will look back and reach for you.

Some will walk next to you and share with you.

Some with walk behind you and push you.

Some will try to carry you when they feel they need to.

Some will grab you, hold you and never let go of you.

Some will show you, share with you, and learn from you.

Someone will touch your life in a way that will impact how you see the day.

That someone is also you, how will you share yourself too?

Sunshine on the moments of life, the best moments are shared with someone that’s nice.

The Cracks

Stay Away From Negative People They Have A Problem For Every Solution.


In the cracks of life, there can be amazing growth.

Be open to the moments that challenge you.

Be aware of the moments that change you.

Be open to the seasons that move you.

Often the most unexpected things bloom when you,

Open your heart to feel more.

Open your eyes to see more.

Open your mind to know more.

Open your soul to connect more.

The beauty in every day comes in so many ways.

There will be a crack here and there, will you look at it as if it’s broken or is it a place you can open?

Open up the cracks of life and let new growth fill it with insight.

Insight blooms and fills our lives with the greatness that moves our hearts and minds.

Often at the top of the peak is right past the moment we feel our knees are weak.

Keep going and never stop, your true strength is persevering to the top.

When a crack seems wide open and hard to fill, keep planting seeds the space will soon be a beautifully planted place to heal.

The lessons in life fill the cracks, the spaces the places the hearts we contact.

When you’re drawn to something that inspires your soul, when your connected and feel the pull, look at the lessons that have bloomed for you, will you walk the path its lead you to?

Give Back

We make a LIVING by what we get, but we make a LIFE by what we give.

Winston Churchill

When you close your eyes, what do you see?

Do you see green grass, flowers, trees, the desert, the sea?

What comes to your mind when you close your eyes and you take a moment of time?

Do you ever just take a moment to reflect upon the beauty that you have put inside?

When you close your eyes what do you see inside?

Can you sit for a moment with just your thoughts, where do they go and how do they grow?

Every day there is something to say for taking a moment to reflect on a positive way.

Who is influencing the pull inside, is it simply a voice or connection or both?

Take a moment to think about the people you hang around with most.

Are they investing in what’s best for you, or pulling you in a direction that is only what they know to be true?

Evaluate the moments you share, you become the sum of the people you share the time you choose most to bare.

Are you growing and learning, sharing and caring, playing and believing, giving and receiving?

Are you moving and being, are you allowing and teaching?

Can you put aside what you do all the time, to allow someone else to learn along the line?

We are put here to share our gifts, our love, our words, our prayers, our time, our thoughts, our hands, our hearts, make sure their well, they are yours to tell.

Be careful what you put inside, it is exactly what we share and put into others time.

Be aware of what you do, it impacts other lives too.

Notice your energy that you’re giving out, is it loving and will it help another throughout.

Take a moment every day to make sure and say, today all day I will give and say only what is positive for others along the way.

Shine on others your best today and remember what you take in is what you give back from what you allowed in.


Move Your Feet

Dance and then dance some more, lose yourself and find yourself on a dance floor.

Kerri Elizabeth

Life is a dance, you move your feet and figure it out.

When you move your feet to the sound of the beat, something inside wants it to repeat.

Let your heart feel the vibration and make a change in your step.

No matter what you’re doing there is a dance to be done.

Lay down any chaos, disorder and guilt, make room for movement, smiles will be built.

Let your inner beat reach not retreat.

Be excited about the dance and dance till you drop.

Life is a dance will you dance with the beat or will you sit on the side in a seat?

Live on purpose, know your intention, and feel delighted in everything you mention.

Be inspired by others, fill each other with wonder.

Live everything you do with your best health and prosperity too.

Step forward, move your hips, let your heartbeat fill with bliss.

The minute your feet touch the floor you are empowered to do so much more.

Turn the music on loud, drive with the windows down, sing at the top of your lungs, completely let go and have some fun.

When You Decide

Light your fire with your desire.

Lenny Evans

When you love all in, love comes back full spin.

When you smile all the way, it pushes sadness out of the way.

When you give a kind word, it reflects from the heart and will be heard.

When you make a decision, stick to it, stand your ground and be what moves it.

Stand with a great posture, live with great strength.

Let every word you say breathe only greatness today.

Let the hurt go by, don’t ask why.

You were given the right to be all that you choose.

You were given the right to live past old news.

We are blessed to our core to feel all that we can.

Choose the best feeling, it’s yours quit questioning when.

Remember where you live and who you are, it’s important to not get caught up in someone else’s scars.

Let your scars be only an old path that leads you to more of the world to impact.

Give all you have in all that you do and never give up in anything that’s true.

When you hear a voice that gives you a smile, reach out more and close in the miles.

Distance is only a temporary space for anything that’s worth it; you’ll find the right pace.

The journey in life is all about growing, learning and moving and doing and going.

If you sit idle for nothing more, then that’s what you’ll find, the same open doors.

Take chances in life if you feel something nice, the only thing that can happen is you win, learn or change direction and sight.

Through every open door is a lesson for more.

Pull off the locks and throw away the keys; what is inside of you is waiting to be part of what you choose.

Your head and your heart don’t live far apart, close in the gap and let them live closely not far apart.

Believe that when someone tells you you’re great, that inside the answer radiates the changes and growth you have made.

Every day we have a chance to grow more, say thank you and receive the greatness at your door.

Open the door wide, look outside, the world is waiting for you to arrive.