Challenge your Line


When you wake up and decide life is truly devine throw out the line and challenge a higher climb.
Kerri Elizabeth

The morning brings a bear ,he is so close to my window I stare.
He hears me whisper slightly and looks up at me aware.
His eyes are so amazing his ears round and sweet, I can hardly resist thinking he is really very sweet.
Then he turns to walk away into the woods right ahead.
The power as he moves leaves me breathless in my bed.
Time to rise and shine and get to the lake so we can drop a line.
The wind is  blowing the water and  ripples roll to shore.
The sky radiating purples and deep vibrant pinks laying on the mountains as if love was what it seeked.
Intensity in these mountains surround me with majesty all around.
The sun is starting to shine and the reflection moves with time.
The silence is so intense you have no chance for defense.
The waters go calm and the breeze blows gently across my face with a calm  suttle embrace.
I feel a rumble through my bones and  a strong amazing strength in front of me to uphold.
The excitement  of the early morning brings a bite by the morning light.
Adrenaline rushes through me, I don’t want to go in.
Let’s stay until tomorrow and keep reeling them in.
The feelings of my child hood rush through my blood, fire and fiery to catch the right  one.
Team work rolls them in and the smiles and the hearts determine what’s within.
Life is good and music is great, but power on the line brings amazing grace.
Thank you for nature’s way and bringing me another day!
Sunshines on you and the heat finds you.
Breathe in the beauty of the moment all around.

Profound is found

living outloud

Let the life of today be your now and let the past not hold you down and all your tomorrows to be profound.

Kerri Elizabeth

Joy in the day and the moment and the feelings stay.

Letting go of the, I can’t’s, I don’t’s and I won’t’s.

I am letting go so I can receive, give, love and live.

A spontaneous moment I’m driven to chance, I’m risking the beauty in the possibility of the dance.

You make a difference to me, your adventure moves me, and nature come into me.

The vibration of sound rages through me so profoundly it goes deep down and I feel it consume me.

Resistance isn’t strong enough to hold back the feeling and keep me trapped in what life I’m not revealing.

The mountain, the waterfall, the drive, the exchange of energy shows its place in time.

The forest shows its branches, the trees will grow back, the growth shows the scars from fires and nature’s impact.

The wind blows the leaves from one side to the other, the road twists and turns as they flow together.

A lifetime of winds and gusting storms, they have shown their place again and again, the rains and the heat of the weather seem to leave less space for one

Does the forest stop growing and say no more when life rushes through and has raged with storms?

Holding on to your roots, coming back to the start, where were you planted and are you healed from that part?

Are you moved through life under the moon, do you enjoy the stars and can you listen and learn?

Can you hear the winds come through today or are you fixed on the past storms that came through another day?

Can you be present in today and let go of how it happened long ago?

Can you be in today, can you get back to the moment when you go away?

Be present in the now and be careful your moment is not about what happened before with someone or somehow.

Be Aware of your Passages


The passages of our life are truly defined, by the times we continue to push the capacity in that direction and our compass starts to lead us without conscious intention.

Kerri Elizabeth

Silent in a moment

 Be silent for a moment and able to listen inside.

What do you hear and what is drawing you near?

Be silent for a moment and listen to your heartbeat.

Gratitude moving through every breath is a reminder to let go of what keeps us from our best.

Breathe in this beautifully gifted moment being intentional in your thoughts.

 Be mindful in the filling of only love into your lungs, the only choice then is for love to be released to everyone.

Open the heart chambers to receive the flow that allows us to live with what creates us to grow.

Let the passage of this moment be conscious and true, in every moment we have the choice to create the passages of our mind that only lead to a ray of sunshine.

The passages and roads you go down the most will eventually create inside you the habits and thoughts that lead you.

Be mindful in where your life’s passages lead, where the capacity is stretched and if the air flowing is clean.

When you’re filled inside with animosity and stress, there is no room for exchanging or honoring anyone with your best.

Let go of what doesn’t serve your soul, breathe out the resentments, the angry inside, let go of shame and blame that took hold.

Give into this moment a reminder to you, that in every moment when conscious and true, your reaction will be what you want it to.

Your actions and reactions need air to move, pay close attention to how that exchange feels to you.

Sunshine is always on the horizon, it’s consistent and true.

When creating a passage inside of you, follow the path that leads to the best in you.

Shattered into place


All that is your life is a masterpiece of art, let color and design shatter into place, you are the presenter in the gallery of life.

Kerri Elizabeth

Shattered into place, all that entails life with love.

There are circumstances and chance, risk and reaching for more than this.

Presentation, purpose, pleasure, how are you be affected by this weather?

There is your day, your time, love and life, the excitement of seeing wildlife.

With an open heart and open arms, carefree and living, stepping into new beginnings.

When life’s circumstances shatter and chance matters, when reaching for more is risking the possibilities of an open door, do you step forth or get behind the door?

When life shatters into pieces can you make a mosaic art piece that shows the scars of a masterpiece?

When life shatters and presentation gets lost, when purpose becomes a thought and pleasure is lost, a masterpiece is waiting to be shattered into place.

Shattered pain can remain and turn into an artwork that remains an element of beautiful change.

Evolve into an art piece, a masterpiece of life, a presentation that changes lives.

A smile, a hug, a listening ear, a laugh, a story, a heart to share, time and experience and lessons learned, you’re an art piece in this gallery of life’s turns.

With color, creation, touch and feeling with emotion, music and movement revealing, shattered into place share your creative space.

You are a masterpiece of beauty to embrace, shattered into place, your smiles, your love, your life, your experiences, your pains, your joys, your glances, your heart, your mind, your thoughts, your love, your moments, your hugs , your kisses, your sorrows, your excitement and joys , yesterdays, todays and tomorrows, you’re shattered into place in a masterpiece of grace.

Sun shining on the beauty of what a masterpiece your life has made, share it with an eye of an artist inside.

Revive the Beat of your Heart


A heart embrace with nature’s pace revives a heart in that place. 

Kerri Elizabeth

Revived with a spark in the eyes.

A heart was revived from behind the eyes.

A healing of depth comes from a look so intense.

It shakes the ground, there is no frown.

The heart braces what memory erases.

A memory of the heart leaves an impact we often feel we can’t part.

Memory in the mind is often put back in the sub conscious line.

When will it surface and how will it take hold?

Will you be able to re-train that memory hold?

Often a thought is moved and massaged, changed and replaced and it’s done in that space.

Where did it go, did we really let go?

Often it takes another embrace so that you know you can lift that heart place.

We don’t know it can be done for sure until we lift it and endure.

Behind the eyes is a heart and soul, a depth you think only you truly know.

Behind the eyes comes a surprise.

Will the depth of what is inside, push through to the other side?

A heart is revived, massaged and declared to be alive from a look behind the eyes.

Can you give it and receive it, can you hear it and feel it, can you open it and look into it and can you trust when you’re with it?

Taking time to know where your heart takes hold.

Take the time to know if your heart is on overload.

Take the time to let go and take the time to create moments in life that open you up for challenging the inside.

Feel the depth to your toes, feel the sunshine on your face, feel the warm of the intense embrace.

Let the depth touch you behind the eyes, the heart becomes truly revived.

A jump in a lake, a fish on your plate, a hammock and a healing embrace goes behind the eyes to a depth inside not many know is there.

Sunshine on every present moment, look behind the eyes to the other side.

Stand Upside Down

beach workout

Hear the sound inside, turn it up or down, dance to it and let peace turn a frown upside down.

Kerri Elizabeth 

It’s amazing what a sound can do.

Turn up the volume on your life and turn it down now and then.

Rest in the softer sounds and dance to it again.

I realized there is a volume on life in my head.

Can you turn it down and drown out the sound?

Or turn it up when you want to sing out loud?

Can you turn it up and dance and turn a frown upside down?

There is a sound that will spark up your heart and soul.

There is a sound that will try to take control.

There is a sound that can make your heart beat faster.

There is also a sound that can wipe you off your feet.

A sound can bring a tear and wipe away a fear.

A sound can comfort you and sometimes it can consume you too.

Simply a sound can make a moment so profound.

A voice, a word, a song, a swear word, a whisper, a scream and laughter they all seem to spark a feeling that needs a volume to turn it up or down for meaning.

Do you have your finger on the volume in your head, reset it now and again.

Take time to release the sounds that don’t give you peace all around.

There is freedom in the volume, dance or cry to the sound.

Sometimes it takes both at the same time to turn a frown upside down.


Heart The Strings To Sing


A heart has an impact and compassion is its friend, not everyone’s heart is like yours and the strings need to be gently touched to learn.

Kerri Elizabeth


Feel your heart beat.

Feel it dance with joy.

Let it experience sadness.

Let it feel its way.

Let it speak volumes in your day.

Let your heart be the voice that reminds you of choice.

Let your heart continue to receive the wisdom that leads.

Let your heart be the legacy that leaves inspiration for many.

Let your heart be the gap between a frown and a smile.

Follow the heart beat to where it leads; it holds a song for you to retrieve.

When it’s ignored it will simply keep pounding and the message will be there surrounding.

Feel your heart beat, it is beating to a song, and the message is strong.

This beautiful part of you is worth listening along.

Sunshine forever!

I Am Revealing My Influence.


Influenced by the lines and bodies, the art of life reveals to me it is the influence that creates the art we see.

Kerri Elizabeth

There is no way not to be influenced by life and people I see.

A book, a word, an athletic move, a conversation, a smile and good or bad food, allow that by without a feeling or having an influenced thought revealing.

Whether you like it or you don’t are not the answer, what I see is the energy allowed to change it, fix it, influence it or accept it.

No matter which way you choose, you are influenced by that moment and something changes, your mind, your emotion, your opinion, your move, your conversation, your feeling and sometimes a mood.

Some will stand up in a second and say that did not affect me, I’llI refuse it, I’ll think it away, that’s fine for you, that is your influence too and your position in life you choose.

Just those comments alone prove to me it did influence you in a way that you are changed to use the energy to explain and say, it did not affect me in any way.

That means to me we are influenced every day by the presence of what people do and say.

How we choose to interpret that is really the answer to that fact.

I kept thinking I could ignore that, what became more real to me is that I am that.

I am an influence when I talk, when I walk or when I smile, I am an influence in every way, to myself and to anyone I pass along the way.

If you draw a square on the paper and then remove the line the center of the square that was there is still there without the line.

WOW this concept shook my ground, is it possible that without my body I still exist, how far does this thought go and what is the influence I feel and show?

The only way I know is to plant my feet in the ground somewhere, to feel the reality of earth and my own beliefs at the core of me from birth.

With every line or circle or person you see, take away the line and body and what’s left is influence not seen.

 What is between the lines physically a man or machine can reveal, inside that influence is then something even a machine  or man can not reveal or conceal for you.

It is your drawing influenced by lines and words, by food, by people, by air by ground, by religion and sound.

Each moment is influenced by something we see, do, feel, taste, smell or tell.

You are an influence and so am I, without the body and the lines; I want to know what does your influence try to hide?

My body and my mind will not be defined as the cage I am holding all that is divine.

Influence is between the body and lines, the space that has no definitive line.

Influencing the Sunshine and love with no defining line I can send it out and know it is only my body and my lines that hold my feelings trapped inside.

It is the influence of the body and line that caused the shift for me to re-define how far I can love and how deep I can feel.

My lines I can change or erase, I am the artist of my influence and you are the grace of perception that teaches me how my art affects you infinitely.

Thank you for your body and lines, the art of the world is truly a canvas revealed to me.



There is no choice other than love for me, I am a warrior’s mother chosen to be.

Kerri Elizabeth

Relapse into the greatest love of all.

Relapse is a word that explains, time to kick ass and take names.

A good cry and a few swear words will suffice and then action and believing is my own advice.

The news hit hard, the words took charge, my heart dropped a few beats and my chest became tight and landed at my feet.

My brain lost oxygen, nearing the feeling of passing out, the initial feeling has to make its way out.

Tears soaked my face; shaking took over me from the inside feeling the memory of the pain he had to endure the first time.

He doesn’t want to talk, he says he doesn’t want this in existence, he says he’s ok and I know he is, in his own explanation that’s the only way he chooses this moment to live in.

One moment at a time, he’s at work right now, writing songs and living what he loves to do.

His strength is beyond measure, his perseverance is his deepest treasure, he is full of love and compassion inside, and he has a tough exterior to some outside.

He saves his heart for only the best and those that make it inside are forever loved and protected by his warrior spirit all the time.

He takes one moment at a time and reminds me along the way, to stop and allow his journey to be his way.

He reminds me we all have a path we choose and when he gets the chance he reminds me where he learned that too.

So after a few hours have passed and tears have flooded my path and my heart has felt the impact, I now am reminded of this precious gift where both of us learned a new language gift.

Listen to me mom, with all your might, listen to me and hear me inside, look at me and see me and hear what I am telling you freely.

The only thing I would change about my childhood mom is that I would be heard without you saying a word.

I have the honor as his mother to listen to his heart and feel his music, to hear his words and hear his feelings.

I can dance to his music, laugh with his humor and cry with his pain and I can stand tall and remember I was given this position as his mother, trusted and chosen to be the strongest warrior’s mother.

So my shoulders are back, my posture is stellar, my mind is intact, my oxygen is level.

My spirit will carry me through the shift in the wind, and I will keep the gap that divides my fears and tears with pure love within.

He is a warrior child and he is my son, there is nothing inside that will tear that down, his strength and determination is more than profound.

So today will pass in an hour or so and tomorrow will bring me another day to continue to show him that I am listening without a word to whatever he feels he can put into words.

Every moment matters and I will continue to be, strength, perseverance, determination and purpose to be a warrior’s mother every day.

He  has a girlfriend beautiful and bright, she radiates love and light, her heart abounds with passion in life and she has made it inside to his warrior life.

He has three sisters as well and let me tell you this army of love has nothing but strength in it.

There are always choices except this one, love is the only option in this family, there is nothing bigger than our hearts working together as one.

With all the love that surrounds him and the strongest love within him, he is always an inspiration to me and to anyone honored to be around him, look for him and see, he is a musician and a writer of his own music and beat.

SUNSHINE on every MOMENT with LOVE as the only option and component.

A Shift In The Wind


A shift in the wind gives us choices to make.

Kerri Elizabeth

When the wind blows harder the resistance and or excitement to go out in it takes its place.

I am now moved to decide, do I go or do I stay within?

When the wind blows I am allowed a decision to make.

When the wind blows I have a feeling that is no mistake.

When the wind blows I have choices I can take.

I can create a story out of what I see in its wake.

I can stand in it and feel the wind on my face.

I can resist it and fall into it and see if it will holds me up or I fall on my face.

I can trust it and believe its presence has a purpose and place.

I can believe it can be bottled up and sent off, I can sell it and make a profit on top.

Whether you believe it or buy it or share it or feel it, prove it, live it, love it, compare it, it is only inside you how personal it is and no one can decide for you that place you live in.

The evolution of my growing has been best served in knowing that when I remember who I am, I am moved to decide, do I go or do I stay within?

The flicker inside of me, the wind that blows by me, the waves that crash on me, the inspiration shining around me, the light coming from me, the words that fill me, the life that leads me, the knowledge building in me, move me inside to decide, do I go or do I stay within?

Staying within the moment is my processing place, like simmering dinner or marinating a steak, like making the best slowly thought out chocolate cake.

What I won’t decide is how you will interpret the wind, how you will assimilate it within.

What I do know is I feel the wind blow and then decide, do I go or do I stay within?

I’m grateful for the love within that holds me up when the wind blows by me, the waves crash on me and I am grateful for your sharing around me and the knowledge that grounds me.

I am grateful for the opportunities that life gives me to feel a familiar wind and be reminded I have a choice to go in it or stay within, to react or respond and or repeat it differently or the same again.

I am grateful for the wind that blows around me and the choices I am served that may change me, challenge me, teach me,  and ground me.

They lead me to the very place of deciding what I can do to serve love all around me.

Sun shining rays of light that have guided me on my path, enjoy the rays that may inspire you and continue to share with me how you decide to feel the wind around you?