Releasing a Tear……..


A heart in the sky opens wide showing what is possible is only limited by the distance we decide.

Kerri Elizabeth

Addiction is real and can steal what you feel.

The inner connection is lost.

The sound of what you thought you knew becomes bigger than any rule.

Where a tear falls down a new release and fight is found.

Where your determination is the truth, doubt tries to balance and sneak into you.

The inner weather forecast predicts, be prepared for changes like this.

The sun will shine and smiles you will have to find, like panning in a gold mine.

No one can tell you how fast you will travel through.

Trust becomes made inside of you.

Letting go of what traps your pain is now let go for so much more.

Experience to your scars leaves a memory so far.

“So far”, is where you have arrived and the road ahead is yours to tread.

Own the direction of healing and truth.

Building strength past, “so far”, is first accepting where you are.

When the clutches of pain restrain your gain, it’s the moment you’re in your own lane.

Drive inside the lines, staying focused and determined with precision and time.

The fog will lift ,the pain will submit ,to the authority that will never quit.

Does this speak to you or someone you love?

Be aware, they are in there.



Thank you for every moment I have the opportunity to live, to feel, to grow and to know without a doubt, love is what    it’s all about.
                          Kerri Elizabeth

The rhythm of the heart.
The beat is where it starts.
Get up and move to the sound of gratitude.
Thank your lucky stars for the spirit you are.
Thank you in the small things.
Thank you in the big things.
Thank you in all things
Creation is a beautiful thing.
Smiles go far.
Mean it when you give or recieve a hand shake or a hug.
Run and have fun, frolick in the sun.
Do you remember a time where you had no worry in site?
Take a moment to rest on the fact, that option allows peace and rest.
Thank you for the way my eyelids give me shade.
Thank you for the way my lips move and help me enunciate words to my inner hearts expression of verbs.
Thank you for the wrinkles that show a map of my smiles through the adventures and miles.
Thank you for the weight I pick up now and then,
to remind me I can let go again.
Thank you for all the times I looked at myself and cried, for reasons now I see are part of growing into the best part of me inside.
Thank you for the messengers that come into my life, to open up old wounds and remind me not to hide.
Thank you for the push to reach heights I’d never find.
Thank you for the lungs that keep me on this earth, they have been generous and given me endurance since the blessing of my birth.
Take a moment everyday to be thankful for everything you once thought was in your way, be in gratitude for the gift to build strength to let it go away.
Sunshine in depth!

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Your Life is Your Sky


The world is your sky and you were made to fly, be precise and focus on the energy you exert to manifest exactly what you desire on this earth.

Kerri Elizabeth

The eagle again, wings wide open flying in.

A drive and then again the eagle flies in front of me wide open soaring past like a whisper in the wind.

Coming around the corner for a swoop down and then, seemingly with a glance he tells me more again.

The energy of his face surrounds my heart with a magical embrace.

What is happening is in front of me?

What is the eagle showing me?

Sometimes two at a time coming down right in line.

The confidence, the precise flight, the look in the eagle’s eyes.

What are they trying to say, everytime I leave home there is more in the day.

Near the hi-way or the lake, on a twisted road without a mistake.

Sitting in the living room, I can see so clear their perch.

They are aware and conserving energy for the greater good on earth.

His focus is precise, he maximizes on acceleration and flight.

Soaring through the sky, swooping down right past the height of my eyes, there is a sign.

Open your wings and continue to fly, the world is your sky.

Sending honor and respect always victorious and free.

Glide with focus, time and accuracy.

Take doubt out of the moment and open up your wings.

Life is your sky and you were made to fly.


Wake Up to Dance


Your life is your sunrise and your sunset, dance in it, cry in it, love in it, believe in it, it is the promise given to you, what you receive from it will be a legacy you will leave too!

Kerri Elizabeth

Wake up everyday to a smile, a laugh, a decision to have a blast.

Wake up to a day that you decided to join in all the way.

Wake up to the thankfulness of a glow and to smile through every ebb and flow.

Life is a blessing of twists and turns and our flexibility is pushed and returned.

Every bump, big or small invites creativity to how you decide to stand or fall.

In the depth of a moving heart, passion lives in every part.

Dance and sing in the rain.

Smile and laugh because you can.

Turn the music up loud.

Jump in every puddle around.

Get dirty in a tie and a dress.

Climb a tree instead of work or rest.

Be available to see, what life is offering you a choice to be.

Let a tear stray, there will be more along the way.

Every tear goes somewhere and like the sunshine behind a cloud, light will be found.

When nothing becomes a thought or place, everything is an option to take its place.

Roll your windows down and let your hair blow all around.

Feel the chill in the air and let it touch your skin everywhere.

Lay naked in the snow after a hot bath created from melted snow.

Feel the heat under the sun and the smell of the trees in a calm breeze.

Bury your feet in the sand and move your toes if you can.

Find meaning in your life in every single step, there is something in every sunrise and sunset.

Sun Shining for you in every hue.

A Whole Love


Tip your head and your heart to make sure love fills every part!

Kerri Elizabeth

Where lessons show up, strength will interrupt.

Where goals are set, the next step has to be met.

Where there is doubt, there is no trust to amount.

Where there is selfishness, understanding lacks graciousness.

Where there is accusations made, a moment turns into a grenade.

Where there is distraction, comes retraction.

Where there is a dysfunctional control, resistance and defense oppose it all.

Where unkind words become actions on every turn, love is lost and not returned.

Where dishonor is served, awareness is deserved.

Where love exists, time is not a miss.

Where a heart is protected, and arms are there to hold, you will together grow old.

Where your soul is set to fly, love will be bold but never take hold.

Where love is complete you are one before two meet.

Where two become one, someone came undone.

Two wholes are unbreakable strength.

When you lift a whole and share the roll , double bonded is forever a positive control.

Letting go of what doesn’t encourage you to be whole is the key to letting go of what doesn’t serve your goals.

Be in love with all you do and forgive the moments your learning too.

Lessons in Sunshine!

Start With a Dot


When the sentence runs-on and no paragraph is in place, when a canvas is painted  and never seen , when a story is not read and is simply left to end where is the place to start again? Add a dot of silence to begin again, you are the story and decide when.

Kerri Elizabeth

Silence is!

This space is a place no one can erase.

Safety is in there, nothing can compare.

It is a space where nothing and everything exists.

It is a place and a space that only you can hear.

Wait, do you hear in there or wonder where?

It is a solitude and your own embrace.

Where touch is missed, solitude takes shape.

Where time is lost, presence is found.

Where pain is felt, healing takes its place.

Where thinking is over stimulated by what is around, the mind can rest sound.

Where breathing is not honored, every breathe will now be life.

Where your heart feels like its weight is more than you can take, it will now float like bubbles in the wind across a calm surface again.

Where your soul seems without a direction, direction becomes you with every move.

Where we forget we are the perception and story, we become the canvas to paint our glory.

Silence is a blank slate where nothing needs to be erased, where the story of your life has a place to start.

Put a dot of silence in there now and then so the run-ons will end.

Sunshine inside and out, finding a dot in silence where a new paragraph starts again.


H20 and Snow


When the seasons change and you feel rearranged , no wall will hold you back from it all, don’t skip the struggle, build your strength to get over the wall and new seasons will shine on it all.

Kerri Elizabeth


When the snow walls start to grow all that is intact becomes compact.

The snow glistens in the light.

Every flake falling from the sky seems to have a purpose to fly.

Trees hold their hands out to measure the snow’s weight often taking on too much and they break.

The wind will blow and  some of the snow leaves the branches to bounce back up to grow.

Critters make their way and snow walls are built on the path they pave.

It’s amazing to me how snowflakes are made and create walls after they fall.

You can see the snow hanging on in places, falling and creating beautiful spaces.

Roofs are covered with a blanket of white and along all the edges are pure white.

Icicles seem to be pulled to the ground from an invite to the last drop coming down.

With every drop of H2o created from the melting snow you get a glimpse of nature’s show sharing with you more to know.

As the air’s temperature changes ,nature’s way arranges the H2o and the reflection of you in the glow.

The trees

the snow

the sky

the walls

the icicles

the mountains so high

the lakes

the deer

the fire crackling near

take in the wonder that surrounds me so clear.

There is nothing so profound than the beauty of nature and the lessons found.

Sunshine on the snow  always reveals diamonds everywhere you go.


Reflection Is Our Cue

You are the reflection coming from me, I am the mirror of perception you see.

Kerri Elizabeth

When you feel lost within, breathe in and out again.

In a subtle way you can be shifted away.

If you walked into a gallery of art and it touched your heart, would you take a paintbrush and add a small stroke to correct what your eye evokes?

If you see a masterpiece of another’s work, would you turn it upside down so only in your eye it worked?

When you read a biography of another’s life, do you judge and want to rewrite?

Listen to your voice inside, correct and hear what is within you to arrive.

I am a picture of art and I have my own brushes to create color that sets me apart.

I will honor you and your art, it is not my place to add a line, an aritst lives in and out of his own lines.

I appreciate your part in my life so far, it has created a vision of color and art I never would of seen without your footprint on my part.

Don’t cover my colors and my symbols that make me or the canvas will be show solitude of only what your eye can see.

Let me shine in the world and you shine too, imagine the colors when we allow each other to choose.

What do you want to see in the reflection coming from me?

Choose the colors that you want to be.

I am coloring the canvas of my life and you are the sunshine in my eyes!


You Are the Artist of Your Words


Each word you speak is a color in the art you choose to seek, paint your world!

Kerri Elizabeth

Feed your soul greatness.

Your heart words of love.

Use words that make yours and others heart sing.

Fill your day with words that lift you up.

Words that bring joy and never give up.

Words that bring a smile.

Words that bring passion.

Words that build strength.

Words that bring honor.

Words that share a beautiful vision.

A beautiful song.

A  moving story.

A  feeling that moves you from within.

When your heart breaks, sing it out into the wind.

When your mind is restless, give it colorful symbol again.

When your soul is looking for light, sing to the clouds a song of delight.

When a word of discouragement arises,bury it with light.

When a word of hurt crosses your path, make a you turn out of the fear of might.

When a heavy word weighs on you, let it go, let it pass, it deserves no energy at last.

Fill your life with love, light and greatness.

Fill your heart, soul and mind with peace, breathe deeply and release.

Sunshine on you daily!


When what is in front of you seems bigger than you, go inside, what is inside is bigger than anything you face outside.
Kerri Elizabeth

What’s inside of you is bigger than what is in front of you.

A lifeline of encouragement.

A word of impeccable love.

A heart of pure gold.

A lover of life.

A motivator and inspiration of the soul.

A unconditional love that never ends.

A consistent reminder of the beauty of life.

A breathe of empathy.

A dream that becomes your reality.

A tough reminder at times.

A smile that can light up the world.

A breathe of fresh air.

A silent moment.

A peaceful thought.

Feel it, experience it, give it, receive it and be it.

There is Sunshine inside.