Noise that knows…

There is a peaceful noise available where truth awaits our stillness.

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Within the winds knowledge blows

Within the cold crisp breeze, autumn shows

Inside a sunset sitting with ease

Amongst a lake flirting with natures breeze

Where calmness leaves behind a wrestling dis-ease

Where the sky opens infinitely

Noise is beautiful when it comes from the trees

Expressed in the sound of bees

The feeling of peace released

In the magnificent places

Where nature rests

Where wrestling is branch to branch

Where rivers dance

Where mountains make a mighty stance

Where oceans roar and sand is stored

Where an echo is a sign of more

In a canyon where intrigue is stored

Where beauty is defined by the ages of times


The Stirring

It will be in the stirring you find yourself in the gap!


In the aroma of the wind and the brisk breeze that grasps your hand will lead your heart to purpose

In the flooding of rivers and sudden changes in the lands brings surrender to our creator

The shaking and shivering of trees and leaves circulate a rippling of awareness

The awakening of the birds and the sounds of nature’s presence is the only place you will hear purpose in a voice

Anything less is a counterfeit excursion upon the ship of distractions

You will feel an ongoing stirring and a pulling into surrender that will lead you to where you can hear

In the midst of any storm there is a center of sight, an eye of truth that you can not escape

It is always within this view you will find a gap nothing exists except me

Interference has no place to dance within this gap

This is where you must travel and adventure

This is where the wrestling of wildlife and rattling of leaves lead you

This is where you have been lead after asking, why the lightning storm

Few will stop to hear and see with a desire for knowing, it is within the center and the aftermath peace is formed

Few will feel and only see a sight without ever knowing purpose


After and intense lightening storm and the power of its might and the storms across our nation my soul has been overflowing with emotion and empathy.

I pray for healing across the lands that have been flooded and changed at such rapid rates, where people have lost lives and families that once felt safe are now reaching for their most inner strengths and faith.

It is within that stirring we find, when all else is lost there is always a Gap where you and God exist and there is a voice where purpose has a place.

Love to so many!