Beautiful Soul

The heart and soul will find their place, wounds will heal where sorrow once was in that space!

~Kerri Elizabeth~

The vines know their route

Beauty added to the view they surround

Tangled only to perception shaken around

Reaching for the stars never tied or bound

Shooting stars represent core freedom found

Investigating the inner sounds

The sight

The light

The vibrations in the ground

The breathing and pulse of every tree standing proud

Others fallen with a purpose to lay down

Solidity exists firmly untethered by a slippery slope

Polarity is the sun ray’s reflection of hope

Rain divinely drops clearing the fog over illusions

Trusting in the strength put into the making of your own braided twine

Made from the heart and soul when aligned

In a flash blinded but harnessed in alignment.


Do you Reside Inside?



Home is a choice of where you reside inside!

Kerri Elizabeth

There is no place like home.

The place where solitude exists.

Where memories make a place to fit.

Where dreams are lead.

Where love multiplies with no words said.

Where the eternal feeling of life is calmly shared.

Where exceptional peace is the essence in the air.

Where thoughts and emotions can safely grow.

Where choice is yours to say yes or no.

Where you can stay or let go.

Home is me and you.

Where more than one opinion rings true.

Where sharing is also listening too.

Where eye contact goes deeper than the surface view.

Where home is,

You forgive,

You live,

You love,

You smile,

You share,

You care,

Home is the heart of where love is shared.