Interpretation Of The View Is Inside Of You




Your interpretation of the view is the reflection of you.

 Kerri Elizabeth

The reflection of life and what is seen,

Is inside of every human being.

Interpretation of your view is part of you.

Pay attention to the voice you use.

Your voice is a gift that can be misused.

Do you realize what is said is clearly where your lead?

Do you see the cover and decide for another?

Do you respect your own self talk.

Do you remember to stand tall when you walk.

Are your words humble and kind?

Do you pay attention to resting your mind?

Do you smile and take a chance?

Are you ready to shine and dance?

Are you on good terms with your heart and soul?

Do you own an interpretation that’s not in your control?

Where your thoughts go your energy flows.

Loving life is a beautiful direction to go.

Have passion in how you speak.

Have passion in the way you think.

Passion will flow in your words and actions.

When passion is your heart’s interactions.

Love in a Storm


There will be storms in life that will rumble your ground and new feelings and ideas will be created around.

Kerri Elizabeth


A walk away lead me to pray.

I met thunder and lightening on the way.

They were collaborating their next play.

First would be lighting the sky like it was day.

Followed by rumble and rain they had more to say.

The rumble shook my ground.

The lightening was all around.

Striking anything with a fierce and solid sound.

I was vulnerable and open in the storm.

Finding safety and solitude my heart was torn.

Lost in the eye of the storm unwarned.

My own instincts kept me warm.

Calmness came over me.

And a rumble set me free.

While fear was trying to catch up with me.

Was I trapped in a storm?

Or being awakened and warned?

Life will be what you see.

Thoughts will go where your energy flows.

Fear is a voice of choice.

The Sunshine stays still behind the storm.

Love and light warm the way.

No matter what kind of day.



Feel the whisper in the wind and the sunrise and sunset over and over again.

                       KERRI ELIZABETH

Sometimes the bite is just no.
The day is mellow and slow
No fish waking up to go.
Around the bend.
The other side of the island again.
A memory in front of me.
A place I love to be.
It’s early still.
A slight chill.
The air is filtered through divinity.
The lake’s depth reaches infinity.
The water’s ripples gently cross the bay in perfect sinc.
Whispering,what do you think?
Breezes of mountain air blow kisses across the sandy beach.
While the sun’s radiant heat so subtly moves through from your head to your feet.
Wrapped in nature’s passion thats never too much.
Immerse yourself in the gravity of the sensual touch.
Drizzling over you the beauty of the sun and the moon.
Creating an inner rythym and tune.
Breathing life through your hearts open door.
Leaving you only wanting more.
Bask in the great outdoors.
Sunshine on you.
Feel the love too!

A New View Inside You




Take moments that build your force, build your love and keep you on course.

Kerri Elizabeth

Taking a moment to see.



Be vulnerably unconcealed.


Understand why.



Let go.

Let feelings flow.


Be freed.


Let go of wrong and right.

Just be.

When you take moments to love you.

The view of your life changes too.

Loving you means loving more of everyone else around you.

Sunshine on loving you so others feel loved too.

Intertwined Lines



Every time you let go of time and put love on the line, heart souls and mind intertwine.

Kerri Elizabeth

Intertwined lines of heart, soul and mind.

Man made twine holding us on a line.

Two trees in the sunshine.

You and me forgetting about time.

Hanging off the hillside above the shoreline.

The rivers beautiful whirlpools and designs.  

Birds singing harmony in the background of this peaceful find.

Our interpretation of nature is revealed.

Expressing the way we see and feel.

Flowers are bursting color on the canvas of choice.

Nature’s stage is set and you are the voice.

The ambiance is created by perception.

There is no static in natures reception.

Rays of sunshine gently melt the exterior of the soul.

Transparency opens the gates to let go.

Vapors of energy radiate life from the ground.

Gently hovering  you where you choose to be found.

Cradled by a hammock there is something to know.

Everytime is experiencing a new show.

You are the writer, producer and actor you know.

Imagine and create your life, take 1, take 2 ……… its up to you!

My Mother’s Love


Thank you mom for giving me life , your love and smile have been my greatest advice!

Kerri Elizabeth

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

I am thankful for you everyday.

Every Day you’re there for me no matter what I say.

Everyday I know you love me and it’s never part way.

You’re beautiful inside and out.

Even when there are days you’re not sure about.

There’s a story in those baby blues I’ve seen through my life.

The ups and downs , joy and strife.

Your love for life has always been the very best advice.

It’s the beauty in that love for life that has been something I never had to ask about twice.

No matter how many years pass by.

No matter how many laugh lines and warrior scars you find.

You radiate a beautiful heart and mind.

I’ve seen that smile light up lives.

Traveling far not knowing where you’ll arrive.

I saw you work hard night and day.

To provide the best for you and I along the way.

Sometimes getting one step forward meant 10 steps dancing back.

Adventure and a smile was the proper daily attack.

You always danced through it all, showing me life was a dance even when you fall.

Your beautiful traveling spirit took me far in every kind of volkswagen car.

Thank you mom for your love of life.

Thank you mom for all your advice.

Even when I thought I didn’t need it, I listened and learned along the way.

Thank you mom for loving me, your very favorite child everyday.

That’s what my four children taught me.

A mother’s love is more than anything you can see.

Each one is my favorite hands down, that’s the love of a mother.

There is no where else that kind of love can be found.

Thank you Mom, your the best!

I love you and  hope your Mother’s day is full of sunshine and rest!

I Am Not A Human




When life gives you a challenge to defeat, let intention and purpose meet!

Kerri Elizabeth

In the magic of sound there is something to be found.

In each beat of your heart you have a new start.

In the deepest moments there is a rythym of components.

In the worried mind there is serenity waiting in line.

In the threat of stress there is something to address.

Thoughts will flow, like a river filling with the winter’s snow.

Close your eyes and feel your heart.

Breathe in the laughter and the sounds that keep your soul above the ground.

Thankfulness can clear fear.

Pain will teach you new ways to steer.

I know there must be a way..

To get rid of my childs tumors TODAY.

Why I say and then I pray.

Please lead me to a new way.

I know you gave me this beautiful gift.

To be the mother of three beautiful daughters and my son Zak Swift.

Thank you for every smile I see.

Thank you for the love and light they breathe.

Thank you for their beautiful heartbeats.

Thank you for the lesson learned, life is about love and not what we have earned.

Thank you for the sunshine on them today.

Thank you for there independence and strength along the way.

Thank you for the difficult times, even though I want them to go away.

I will continue to learn and share and pray.

From the deepest passions of my son’s songs.

He has chosen a brave independent way to belong.

From the heart and soul of his deepest voice.

I will continue to share his words of choice.

From the passion of a man on his dancing feet.

From  the blessings and agony of love not defeat.

From what is heard in the cities walls.

From the way he expresses his gains and falls.

Thank you for the freedom to feel the beat.

Thank you for everyday we have to complete.

Sunshine on it all.

Choose to stand not fall.