Shine from the inside out where love starts and works its way out!

Kerri Elizabeth

Good morning beautiful bright sunshine.

Shine on me.

Fill me with pure elated ecstasy.

Let your rays write across my soul a tattoo of all you hold.

Surround my body with your natural heat.

Deliver your love so complete.

Wrap me in your daily surprise joyfully being alive.

Calm my spirit with your gift of delight.

Let me bask in you from morning till night.

Let me breathe in your energy of pure gratitude.

Let me lay down and immerse myself in you.

Thank you for awakening the blue sky too.

Thank you for showing me the gift of shining comes from inside of you.

Thank you for moving the clouds and teaching me how to break through.

You’re a miracle of energy to our earth.

Through the trees you peek waking all of spring’s new birth. 

Letting go of resistance and flowing freely you teach me daily to be me.

Your love is consistent a never wavering truth.

 Experiencing nature is our gift of living proof.

Sunshine delivered to your door.

Open it up and experience so much more.

Look At the Blue that Surrounds You

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Give gratitude for the gift of life and the surprise in the wonder of the deep blue skies your under.

Kerri Elizabeth

Lay down and look around.

The sky of calmness surrounds.

Do you ever wonder where the sky ends?

Have you ever wondered if there is a turn or a bend?

Have you ever just stared into the deep blue mystery above?

Have you ever soaked in the miracle of all the sky does?

Have you ever watched the clouds take shape?

Have you ever thought it would be a great escape?

Do you imagine what exists in the depth of the sky?

Have you imagined touching a shooting star go by?

Gratitude is written in its existence.

Surrender to the stresses of resistance.

Lay down and look around.

Look deep into the blue that surrounds.

Let wonder never pass you by.

Gratitude is in the sky.

It holds our world up like a present given as a beautiful surprise.

The stars the milky way  and the northern lights.

Experience the ecstasy in the energy it invites.

Take in a dose of the deep blue sky.

Let your imagination fly.

Stretch the possibilities of your beautiful gift of life.

Sunshine on you today in the most profound way.




Love has infinite capacity to feel and see, believe it you will see.

Kerri Elizabeth


Love in every language.

Love is given and received.

Love is a feeling that can bring you to your knees.

LOVE is in a kiss.

A hug with complete bliss.

A touch.

A feeling.

Nature’s daily revealing.

Love is the blessing of a child.

Love is in letting go so one can grow.

Love is when someone is kind.

Love is when you give time.

Love is when you held someone’s hand and walked them to dry land.

Love is time well spent understanding one another and giving your best and forgiving the rest.

Love is the twinkle in your grandma’s eye.

Love is in the starlit night.

Love is in the giggles of children.

Love is in the wrinkles that are earned.

Love shares empathy and concern.

Love is in the flow of what we often don’t yet know.

Love is a leap.

Love overcomes defeat.

Love always grows.

Love always knows.

Love is what you choose to see.

Love is you and me.

Love inspires.

Love is desire.

Love is an infinite capacity, a willingness to surrender not resist the depth that love exists.

Sunshine on love.


A Different Day


Be different in every way, see beauty in your day , smile along the way, love is never in the way, accept a different kind of day.

Kerri Elizabeth

A different day.

Put a smile on your face.

A different way.

Rejoice in the challenge and pray.

A different energy surrounds you.

Be aware of whos around too.

A different route.

Be open to your where abouts.

A different feeling.

Gratitude inside revealing.

A different thought.

Changes you on the spot.

A different willingness to hear.

A growing time from old fears.

A different calm in a storm.

A divine love so warm.

A different strength deeper than the eye.

A desire to understand why.

A different way to see.

A willingness to set it free.

A different kind of day.

A wave of compassion regularily interchanged.

A different attitude.

A cellular gratitude.

It’s the Little Big Things You Do

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Let your heart speak volumes dance with your soul, life is a song embrace it all.

Kerri Elizabeth

He came and picked me up.

He had a bb gun in his truck.

He chose the pink one knowing me.

His note said “I have a big surprise for you, you’ll see”.

He already had my heart.

That one went straight to my core and I fell apart.

Tears of joy streamed down my face.

There is nothing that could touch that feeling I embraced.

It’s the little big things that give life.

It’s the heart and soul without strife.

It’s the magic in the touch you feel.

It’s the butterflies inside flip flopping a deal.

It’s the eye to eye talk that needs no words.

It’s the coffee time by the fire exchanged afterwards .

It’s the smiles that appears so clear.

It’s the moments you choose to draw near.

It’s the humor  delivered without a beat.

It’s the sound of laughter on repeat.

It’s creative minds that take it deep.

It’s the decision to take a chance and leap.

It’s the fishing by the side of the lake.

It’s eating food that’s fun to make.

It’s the rough times loving each other through.

Life is now, enjoy it loving all you do.

Sunshine on YOU!

Shooting and Fishing and Loving Life


An unpaved road and a calling on the soul, follow the direction it wants you to go, it’s where you find the key to be whole.

Kerri Elizabeth

She was a small girl with a hatchet of her own.

Looking for things to cut up then skipping every stone.

She loved fishing and hooking the worm, she learned to catch at every bend and turn

She lived in clear skied mountains, where the air was safe to breathe.

She walked the forest daily making friends with the trees.

Memorizing bushes and berries and smelling the rivers breeze.

She was carefree and fearless and ran barefoot everywhere.

Running as fast as she could feeling every rock was her dare.

It seemed time was never about the clock, she never cared.

Time was filled with moments and there was no such thing as going around the block.

Space was outside where two rivers intertwined.

Her irish setter Jake was never far behind.

Playing was feeling the earth and learning nature’s real purpose.

Finding frogs and shooting her bb gun over the river was daily fun.

Creating something new was always on her mind.

She would make anything out of something she would find.

Twine and beads, wood and nails, saws and hammers, even leaves that fell.

Records instead of TV lead music to her soul.

Singing as loud as she could was a daily goal.

Making fires was more than heat to her feet.

It started a flame from a ficker she was born to repeat.

Many years have passed now her children are all grown.

Grandchildren came healing her empty nest syndrome.

More years have passed and a longing from her soul.

Lead her to a mountain where the flame would take control.

Two hearts and two lives, two kindred souls.

Finding out that we grew up to find each others hand to hold.

She has found her mountain man the key to her heart.

We will be fishing and shooting and loving our life.