Determine the Matter

Determination is a state of well being a place you have direction and purpose, light and hope, new opportunity and new strength to build on. It’s a place you never lose at.

Kerri Elizabeth

Determined no matter what.

No matter what I will make this happen.

No matter how many tears it takes, I’ll let them flow, and keep going.

No matter how many face plants I do, I’ll wash my face and get back up.

No matter what gets in the way, I will be strong enough to move through it, past it or over it.

No matter how much it hurts, I will feel it, learn from it, and then accept that it no longer has power over me, in me or around me.

No matter how confused I tell myself I feel, I always know the answer.

No matter how tired I am, I can always do more.

No matter how many times I fall, standing up over and over gives me a tighter a@@ and better shoulders, so I can accept that.

No matter how frustrated I feel, breathing always makes it better.

No matter what the circumstance is there is always a solution.

No matter how fearful it is I will remember fear is a feeling, not a circumstance, evaluate and regroup.

No matter how hard life feels in a moment, you can count on that moment passing.

No matter what you do, you only get 24 hours in a day , 365 days in a year and most importantly you only get one chance to make that day the best you can, live them wisely and with all you are.

Remember to smile, to love, to share, to breathe, to hear, to see, to touch, to experience and learn all you possibly can.

Live without limits and create a legacy of greatness that will last forever.


Lifes Moments

The most significant change in a person’s life is their attitude. Right attitude produces right action.

Life is a surprise, open it.

Life is abundant, experience it.

Life is love, feel it.

Life is an adventure, take it.

Life is blooming, water it.

Life has an appetite, feed it.

Life gives desire, smile at it.

Life teaches you, learn from it.

Life challenges you, challenge it back.

Life presents to you, be prepared.

Life offers you an education, don’t miss an assignment.

Life is in color, absorb it.

Life has depth, step into it.

Life has struggles, stay strong.

Life is a gift, don’t waste it.

Life can bring a storm, be the eye of it.

Life brings rain, stomp in the puddles.

Life brings sunshine, grasp the beauty of the rays.

Life is in every moment; rejoice in the opportunity of it.


The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but too low and we reach it!


How important is it?

Reaching a goal is not supposed to be easy.

It should shake up your mental, physical and spiritual strength and push you to see more than you did before you finished it.

A new summit to climb, a new view to photograph, a new feeling you could never have felt without reaching the goal.

A goal is supposed to push you to a new place.

A new starting line for a new goal.

A goal can be a stepping stone or it can be a record meant to be broken.

It can be a milestone in life and a milestone for others to learn from as well.

How important for you is it to reach a goal, to push past the pain and agony of the feeling of being done when in fact you have a little more to go, and often a lot?

Time goes by no matter what our decision is to finish or to let it go.

Will you be thinking about your goal and implementing possibility and action?

Evaluate what you are letting go of, dig deep into what you will gain and what will fall away.

Are you struggling with doubt?

Are you struggling with making a plan?

Are you evaluating a plan and never implementing it?

Do you have too many plans that get in the way and give you a reason to never succeed where your dreams are calling you?

Are you building someone else’s dreams or stepping into your own?

Daily life is a goal, reach for the best in your day, create the best energy, and give the most when you feel like giving the least.







Have a purpose.

Give more than you believe you can.

Partner up with winners, with believers, with warriors, with achievers and with purposeful people that will cheer with you and for you.

Sunshine on your goals.

Do you need help finding a goal, reaching a new limit in your life?


Passion is the oxygen of the soul.

Bill Butler

The heart knows the pain the love and the way.

To feel, life is to feel the pounding of the heart in every way.

Experience the sheer joy of oxygen flowing through you, reminding you you’re alive.

To live is to risk being more than you think your mind knows.

Open the pages of the mind and let the heart read the writing.

What does your heart say that your mind won’t allow?

Do you have goals and dreams that get held back from the thinking that interferes with the heart’s desires?

Run and let your cadence guide your heart.

Ride and let your heart gain strength.

Swim and let your heart rest in the journey of what is to come.

Find a passion that you can see the shimmering of life’s beautiful glances.

Be wild and fierce in your desires, live with untamed greatness inside.

Push through the last moments when your mind says no but your heart says yes.

Listen to the conflict inside and guide the conversation to success.

Live with tenacity to make what you desire happen, never give up or give in to the thought you are not enough, but only to the thought you are more than enough and all you desire is in your reach.




Sunshine on tenacity and fierce living.


Your I can is more important than your IQ.
Robin sharma

Sometimes .
Just about.
Could be.
Should I?
Would you?
I would like to think about this.
I will think about this.
I could do that.
I will do that.
Is your answer precise?
Maybe I can.
Yes I can.
Have you ever thought about the power of the answer?
Have you ever wanted a yes when you received a maybe?
Have you ever thought for sure that was a yes and it turned into a no or vice versa?
Does maybe mean there is a possible yes or no coming, or is that a way to avoid the question?
How do you interpret a yes or no or a maybe?
An open mind.
Good heart.
Do you value some else’s answer or do you work to convince them of another?
Is there a tone that makes you unsure of the answer?
Is there a debate?
Will you debate or will you take the answer at face value?
The art of language and interpretation is so intriguing.
No matter what the response is there is value in an answer and a lot to learn about each one.
Look into the eyes of the deliverer.
Hear the heart of the answer.
Listen and receive.
Hear and believe.
Learn how you perceive.
Both want to achieve.
Be kind in the answer.
Be aware in the listening.
Be present in your meaning.
Sunshine on something to think about!


Your daily behavior reveals your deepest beliefs.

Be Brave.
Be fearless.
Be confident.
Be stong.
Be courageous.
Be authentic.
Be genuine.
Be kind.
Be compassionate.
Be gentle.
Be a good listener.
Be open.
Be aware.
Be willing to learn.
Be joyful.
Be thankful.
Be appreciative
Be loving.
Be grateful.
Be calm.
Be caring.
Be the reflection you want to see!
When you don’t feel it , search for it, when you see it, believe it,when you know it remember it,when you remember it write it.

Everyone is someone’s child

If we could all see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything!

He walks with little steps, I hear the cars crash into each other.

He walks across the room and bangs the box of blocks against his legs.

His little voice is always talking and telling you what he’s doing.

He lights up my day with his presence.

He’s changed my life in so many ways.

Then his brother came along and added to the days.

Nothing can change this kind of love.

My grandson’s came in my life and I’ll never be the same.

They are love and light and sunshine in my soul.

Their smile and giggle console.

Take a moment in your day to look at a child and say, YOU’RE MY HERO!

Take a moment every day and let a child know there smile matters!

A child comes in all different ages, stages and places, you are someone else’s child, don’t forget YOU!

Have you ever really looked into the eyes of a child when you say,” you are amazing?”

Have you really taken in the smile on a child’s face when you say,” you are incredible and your smile makes my day?”

Don’t forget the little things today; whether you are a grown child or have a young child or grandchild embrace the laughter, the love, the joy and the smiles.

Don’t forget everyone is someone’s child.

Make a difference in someone’s life today!

Sunshine in every word, sunshine in every smile, sunshine in your thoughts, sunshine in the moments we often let slip by, sunshine on every moment, and sunshine on every hope and every dream and sunshine in the eyes of every child,  sunshine on you because you matter to me.


 I meant what I said and I said what I meant, an elephant’s  faithful one-hundred percent.

Dr. Suess

Do you ever see an elephant in the room?

Do you feel his presence and let the anxiety bloom?

Do you feed him assumption until he continues to grow?

Sooner or later it has to go.

Take him on with kindness and tenacity.

Don’t let him grow past your capacity.

Be loving and kind and teach it where to go.

Lead it, believe it, and show it where you want to go.

Give it room to breathe, let it feast off a field of greatness.

Let it walk into completeness.

Give it the attention it deserves.

Let the presence of it be observed.

The elephant will continue to grow.

Let it go where it can get the attention and freedom to breathe and know.

Knowing where it can stand is a powerful lesson you have the power to understand.

An elephant starts as a baby just like you.

Teach it and love it and lead it.

You have all it takes to achieve it.

Let the Sunshine on the elephant, reveal its strength and vulnerability.

Both need attention and light to grow.

Sunshine for you on something you know.

Little reminders to light the way.

Have an absolutely beautiful day!


Keep your face to the sunshine and you can not see a shadow!
Helen Keller

Sunshine is always above the rain.
In the Northwest  it can seem strange.
You must be able to imagine the glow.
To have the sunshine from inside flow.
There is sunshine in every smile.
There is a glow that reaches miles.
Sunshine comes in many forms.
A heart, a thought ,an attitude transformed.
Reach inside for the best you.
Everyday feel it too!
A hug
A glance
A gesture
A wink
A handshake
A phone call
A note
A word
This is some sunshine ideas you can share.
Be the light.
The love and the glow.
The sunshine comes from within ,you just need to know.
Shine it
Define it
Share it
YOU are it!
Sunshine from within!

Ask First

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

—Oscar Wilde

I want to know if you smile every day.

I want to know if it’s just a display.

I want to know where you come from.

I want to know what makes you feel undone.

I want to know your bucket list.

I want to know if you’re an idealist.

I want to know what is exciting to you.

I want to know if live it too.

I want to know what you like to eat.

I want to know if you deal with defeat.

I want to know what you think when you see the moon.

I want to know if you assume.

I want to know if you have a goal.

I want to know if you try to control.

I want to know if you can let go.

I want to know if you feel whole.

I want to know what you fear.

I want to know what you draw near.

I want to know that you can be the very best part of me.

Ask the questions that inspire you to know.

What you want to know about someone else you need to know first about yourself.

Have you thought lately about getting to know you?

When was the last time you asked yourself how about you too?

To know you first, you know what you can give.

To love you first allows you to forgive.

To live with you first will allow you to see others worth.

To learn about what you want gives clarity to what you will receive.

To give to yourself, you will gain capacity to give to others.

To receive from yourself, you will learn to receive from another.

To see your greatness will reflect the greatness of others.

It all starts with you.

So when you ask the question to another, remember you first are the other.