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The 3rd Award-The Versatile Blogger Award –

Thank you Emma for your nominating me and for being such a light to me and to others. Your gentle spirit spreads much love and light.

I hope many will read your beautiful  grace in your writing and feel the life coming from you..

Shining Sunshine on you and others and sending smiles to you all.

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Intuitively Living To Feel Life


Feel the power of your life, live and breathe and believe!
Kerri Elizabeth

Feel your way through the day.
Every step and every breath send surges through the inner depth.
If you close your eyes in your day and choose a path to go a new way, intuition comes alive and a new way thrives.
Reach gracefully out with a slow and steady hand to feel the rays of the sun’s command.
Blink delicately in time with the vibrational beat of your hearts rhyme.
The gentleness of a thought out breath changes the movement of the chest.
When you feel the waves of intuition roll in ,the depth of freedom is believed again.
Freedom is in the depth and the width of our beliefs, suttely the intuition of our heartbeats.
Feel and breathe as you believe.
Sunshine on intuition, feeling life with nothing missing.

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Grandbabies Make the World Go Round


A grandchild changes everything, the gift of a love rewarded from above from raising their parents and not coming undone.
Kerri Elizabeth

The gift of a grandchild.
The smiles that change a heartbeat.
The giggles that move your world.
The belly laughs that make you cry.
The noises from toys that sound all day, the ones I’d throw away if my kids played.
Ice cream for lunch instead of a meal.
Staying up late building forts because mom and dad said,” go to bed”.
A grandchild recieves everything your own children worked hard for and all they have to do is look at you.
A grandchild can mend a heart, change a frown and in a second your found.
Running toward you with a smile, they can melt you for miles.
My grandchildren rise above all that is love , there is a place called bliss that only exhists when my grandchild says ,”Nina”.( that’s my grandmother name, replaced for “you’ll never be the same “.)
Sunshine on my grandchildren, if you don’t have one, adopt one, they change everything, there’s never a cloud to be found, when grandchildren are around.

Is Knowledge More and Less than Power?


If you had no idea you couldn’t , how far would you climb to the top?

If knowledge is power why do we gain and lose power when we know more?
Think about this concept.
To know is also to judge ,to assume,to identify,to consume,to defend,to argue,to become, to doubt, to fear, to look back ,to be still in doubt and not confidence.
Are you becoming or adhering to knowledge or are you possibly the only knowledge you need?
What if we were like nature’s calling, like a flower growing, opening, closing, the beauty without need of approval or need to defend circumstance?
Can we let go of what we know to be more and is to be more enough?
What is enough for you?
Do you see without wanting to know?
What if the initial burst of energy and excitement when you see without knowing  more could always be that exciting?
Knowing more can give you power to excel or power to repel, do you know where your power goes in knowing more?
Can we stay present with a flower and just appreciate the site without knowing how many storms, sun rays or animals past this place?
Can we be one in a moment without knowledge changing

the simplicity of trusting our surroundings and seeing  beyond or behind what is true and authentically directly in front of you?
As a child’s free spirit sees everything in innocence,  can we do the same after knowing more?
Regaining the spirit of innocence and   non judgement.
Regaining excitement without first analysing every thought and fear why not.
Regaining the strength to do what you would have no idea you can’t if you didn’t have the knowledge of possible failure.
Lift the vale for a day and without fear of failure ,without giving thought to a possible can’t,  do it and cheer for power in not knowing.
Sunshining possibilities!

Wear Grace on Your Face


Don’t let anyone or anything ruin your day, your in control of your smile everyday!
Kerri Elizabeth

One day,one moment,one thought,one feeling leads to another.
In a cancer center with his mother.
Don’t do this, don’t do that.
Do they really care where your at?
Every person has lost their smile.
There hope and health lost in denial.
I’m counting over 50 faces, coughs, heaviness and lives faded.
In a glance I realize my son is so different  than everyone.
He’s hopeful, happy, keeps his mind clear and knows his path and keeps his  positive energy near.
What makes you different than yesterday, take a good look at who you are today.
He’s on his second round of acute lymphoblastic  leukemia , an I amp21 to raise the bar and an attitude that will kick cancers ass far.
As I look around  at everyone down I’m reminded we can choose not to frown.
Color lost and posture heavy, heads  looking at the floor and hearts on the other side of life’s open doors.
We choose our thoughts they choose our feelings.
Based on how we perceive life, hope and love can be our own advice.
Choose your thoughts and where they go, you are the only one in control.
Believe in the process of the depth life gives, it’s teaching you always how better to live.
Doctors , machines, beeping near me, needles, veins and cells to clear.
I watch my boys face he’s resting right now , while I see the tubes running his blood through somehow.
He’s patient and strong, he never complains, he’s a warrior man and his spirit is fierce.
Believe that today is your day everyday and don’t let anything ruin the way.
Sunshining on YOU today, stand in the light of your grace and wear a permanent smile on your face.

A Broken Wing Shows You More of Everything!


A broken wing is not everything, it shows you more than anything!

Kerri Elizabeth

A broken wing is not everything.

Taking flight in front of me a miracle in life so majestic and free.

Wings  spread open across to the sky as they leap without fear sending sounds that will pierce the deepest place you hear.

Without a plan or a thought, instinct takes over and in flight they take off.

The misty air, the clouds out there, it’s colder and colder every day and the dance of life is where they stay.

A miracle in her wings, gliding through the water with one wing, the other broken wing never stopped her from anything.

She carried her wing gracefully wrapped up on her back; she never missed a beat in her dance she would complete.

In the dance of life we can decide even with a broken wing, that dreams are made for everyone and miracles happen, even when we feel broken and undone.

Taking flight is not just in the wings that might, it is in the choice to choose life.

There will be inevitable ups and downs and there will be upside down smiles and right side up frowns, be the miracle that takes flight, leaving behind the fear that might.

Freedom is in the soaring of your soul, even with a broken wing that is not everything.

Sunshine on your flight!

To Be Calm and Still


To be calm inside is to feel the stillness even when the winds blow or the sun glows.


In the calmness of my heart the river of love flows.

In the calmness of my mind the sunshine glows.

In the stillness of my body, I feel the whisper of the wind.

In the gap between now and then I feel the moment I’m in again.

In the flow of the day I can say, no one will ruin what I feel today.

In the worry of yesterday, I lose my today.

In the plans of tomorrow I can say, those things may change on the way.

I used to spend my day figuring out everyone else’s way.

Then someone said to me, “how many hours do spend a day, helping others find their way?”

I love to help others along the way, especially my children; they have been my reason for each day.

Now I can teach them, that we can only give what we have, making sure I gain what I want to give is first my responsibility while I live.

Complaining about what you don’t have is only time spent away from decisions you must have.

Waiting for someone else to lead your way is letting go of yourself and the only way that ultimately gives you freedom in your day.

Make a stance for your own life and expect there will others that will stomp there feet to the beat of their own defeat.

Your energy goes where your thoughts go, what you think of most grows the most.

Are your thoughts where you want growth or are they where you want change the most?

Sunshine on your day!

Awareness Is Awareness and explains Awareness


Awareness and “I” are one chord in the orchestra that never misses a beat and holds strong through defeat, It will meet you where you are and never go far, it is there to see and will always “Be”, turn up your sound and you will hear, the song inside is “I am” not “you and me”.

Kerri Elizabeth

As my soul awakens and my body and mind join in song with my soul, I hear every note of my own orchestras beat.

When there are no others I am aware of my space, when there is no sound I can hear my heart race.

Awareness is when others are there and you still are just as aware.

When the windows shutter from the winter wind and the raindrops fall over and over again, I am aware to spare a moment is to leave awareness unfolded.

When I am aware of my inner flow, beauty has an outer glow.

To release “me” to “I” gives insight inside for “me” to go away and “I” to reside.

When awareness is, “I” and not, “you” and “me”, then the darkness of the day and restless nights , pass through your light, without a shadow left insight.

Think about this moment now, are you aware of “I” or aware of the darkness that “me” is addicted to inside?

What are you aware of now?

When awareness is there to bare, there is no place for darkness there.

When darkness is your “I” as awareness when your world is the stipulations of the storms in life, then your life becomes a storm of stipulations and strife, not an awareness of “I” but ownership of something that should be free to pass by.

Controlling a storm, holding the trees still, catching every leaf, barreling every rain drop, damming every river and lake so not to flood or make a mistake, is an addiction to tuning out the notes of your own voice and owning someone else’s choice.

When the storms can pass and leaves can fall, when the rivers flow and lakes become full, when the ocean roars and the sea births more, when “I” and awareness are one chord, the orchestra inside is born.

When witnessing “I” and not “me”, when awareness is awareness with a capital “I”.

When every feeling can pass through you as it is not, “I”, it is life’s song and is not meant to be owned but appreciated as a lesson passing by.

 Like the storms of creation, love them and learn from them and you can ask why, the answer will still never be, “I”, it is meant to be an addition to life, learn and listen to the song of life without drowning out your  “I”.

 I am an orchestra of my own awareness.

Sunshining my awareness!