Beautiful Soul

The heart and soul will find their place, wounds will heal where sorrow once was in that space!

~Kerri Elizabeth~

The vines know their route

Beauty added to the view they surround

Tangled only to perception shaken around

Reaching for the stars never tied or bound

Shooting stars represent core freedom found

Investigating the inner sounds

The sight

The light

The vibrations in the ground

The breathing and pulse of every tree standing proud

Others fallen with a purpose to lay down

Solidity exists firmly untethered by a slippery slope

Polarity is the sun ray’s reflection of hope

Rain divinely drops clearing the fog over illusions

Trusting in the strength put into the making of your own braided twine

Made from the heart and soul when aligned

In a flash blinded but harnessed in alignment.


Soul Pulls


Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.

Oscar Wilde


My Soul’s vibration pulls me near.

Whispering softly trust me I’m here.

Ignite yourself in life my dear.

Take the shackles off your feet and dance.

I am here.

I am your soul.

I am watching you grow.

Listen to what you hear.

Wear your wild heart without fear.

Run and walk, be still in thought.

Clear the traps and release the gaps.

They are not meant to last.

Allow your energy to divinely open up.

Open the doors you have quietly shut.

You are not another’s thought.

You are brought to create and love in this spot.

Surrender to your destiny of the unconditional you.

Walk past the shadow that darkens what’s true.

Take your hat off and reach inside.

Your true identity is nothing to hide.

Be YOU and live true.

What others think of you is nothing to prove.

It has already been proven we all are who we choose.

Sunshine from my heart to you and me too.

Love is YOU.




Be the reflection you want to see!

Kerri Elizabeth

Every move rippling into slow graceful motions.

Energy is like calligraphy written into emotions.

Time is non existent bouncing off anxious existence.

Each heartbeat seems to travel with a delayed remembrance of purpose.

Followed by the rushing of oxygen to the surface.

Breathing continues to give life and each moment is still new.

Eyes open up to the sky radiantly blue.

Life and laughter are lovers undone.

Inner freedom shines like the rays showering down from the sun.

Capturing life in snapshots with every blink of the eye.

Stillness reaches in and grants the depth inside.

Soul conversation releases peace in this place.

Gently guiding your hand to dance with the life you’re given to embrace.

Three Parts of Me



When the mind talks and the heart walks and the soul hangs on and neither seem to belong. Stay present and at peace, breathe and continue to release.

Kerri Elizabeth

My soul and heart are far apart.

The whisper is here but my mind isn’t clear.

I can change my mindset.

I can create a smile.

I can ride my bike until I drop.

I can jump in the lake and swim to the bottom or stay on top.

I can fall down and get back up.

I can stand tall and take deep breaths.

I can keep writing and let it flow through.

I can choose to let go and keep my love tank full too.

Today I want to scream out loud.

Until my heart and soul jump back off the ground.

I want to run until my feet are numb.

I want to surrender to the silence with the sun.

I want a solution to my sons cancer NOW.

I want to know why and fix it somehow.

He is my light.

My Insight.

Sent to me from above.

He is unconditional love.

Grant me the strength of a LIONESS right now.

Join my heart to my body again somehow.

Soul ,I’m here draw me near.

Mind let go of fear.

Somehow there is an answer here.

Please I’m asking with every cell of me.

Heal his body from the inside out.

Creatively kick that F@@@ed up Cancer OUT.

With Rays of Light.

Prayers on my knees and a fight.

Let this nightmare go tonight.

Dance At First Glance




Dance with the romance of life and create with the facets of your life’s design.

Kerri Elizabeth

A glance.

A dance.

A romance.

A place.

Room for Mistakes.

Permission to be you.

Breathing and releasing tension too.

Give yourself space.

Live and embrace.

Let go of any negative trace.

Jump in a lake.

Skip rope for lifes sake.

Let the child in you jump off the ground.

Let your heart feel joy all around.

Jump on your bed because you can.

Make a fort in a tree and laugh again.

Make intentional faces of all kinds.

The joy of movement will fill every line.

Tighten laugh lines with the facets of  your life’s design.

You are more than enough to shine.

Everything you need has been given to you.

Gratitude follows confidence too.

Wake up and stretch.

Breathe that in.

You are remarkable.

Dance with the romance of life again.

Being Heard Is Beyond Words



When the universe hears your cry and energy has been left inside,being heard is beyond words.

Kerri Elizabeth

Talking through what’s inside you.

And being loved all the way through.

Is a gift you give to more than you.

When hearing is a place you give grace.

When listening is a space where safety can be embraced.

When you can share your heart in that place.

When your value is honored and lifted high.

Where taking it personally is left behind.

Where love is the safety net to unwind.

Where blame is not the target line.

Where a treasure chest of understanding opens up.

Where the mind can talk.

Where the heart can walk.

Where the soul can creatively open more.

Where you give more and take less.

Where freedom to feel and be heard is loved and returned without a mess.

Thats where we grow.

Thats where life shows.

Thats where creative minds flow.

Thats where love knows.

Thats where your soul opens up.

Thats where communication is learned.

Thats where all that’s good is returned.

Listen and hear, your turn is near.

A Silent Whisper


In the silence the whisper is clear.

Kerri Elizabeth


There is a whisper in the gently breeze.

Ever so gently breathing words of gratitude and ease.

Don’t look back sweet child of mine.

Forward is a new starting line.

Feel the gentle touch of my words brush over you as you turn.

The direction you seek is a place to learn.

You’ll hear the answers you’re looking for.

Be in the silence of the outdoors.

How will I hear when the silence is clear?

The voice will be present when you release all fear.

Quieting the rumble of worry and tears.

The whisper of the wind knocks to come in.

Whispering gently an introduction to mutual friends.

Determination is here.

Perseverance is clear.

Gratitude is a power lifter,

Happiness stretches your core,

Love shows you more.

Sunshine’s Soul Boot Camp in the silence of the great outdoors!



Do you Reside Inside

Home is a choice of where you reside inside!

Kerri Elizabeth

There is no place like home.

The place where solitude exists.

Where memories make a place to fit.

Where dreams are lead.

Where love multiplies with no words said.

Where the eternal feeling of life is calmly shared.

Where exceptional peace is the essence in the air.

Where thoughts and emotions can safely grow.

Where choice is yours to say yes or no.

Where you can stay or let go.Home is me and you.

Where more than one opinion rings true.

Where sharing is also listening too.

Where eye contact goes deeper than the surface view.

Where home is,

You forgive,

You live,

You love,

You smile,

You share,

You care,

Home is the heart of where love is shared.

Assumption has no place where love grows!


Letting your children grow and letting go of control and the assumption you know and giving support and love so that is
their foundation wherever they go!

Kerri Elizabeth

Assumption is fear that’s drawn near.
Assumption assaults the soul.
Takes over with control.
Assume follows gloom.
Leaves love with no room.
Assumption takes away our sweet time.
Leaving our heart hanging on the line.
Assumption chips away at peace.
Crowding out a way to release.
Assumption turns love into loss.
Assumption is control resisting the calling on our soul.
Let assumption go by.
Leaving no place for it to hide.
Let the heaviness of your heart fill with love.
Let the doubt of your thoughts flood out.
Allowing that place to refill with thoughts that fulfill.
Choose your thoughts.
Choose your actions.
Choose your hearts reactions.
Assuming is the opposite of Grace.
It’s a place we choose to go outside our own space.

Inspired Gratitude


Gratitude of inspiration, inspires purpose!
Kerri Elizabeth

Your waves roll over me.
Your strength wraps around me.
Your beauty inspires me.
Your voice sings to me.
Your depth moves my spirit.
Your palette of colors runs like a spring.
Your scent moves me to breathe.
Your name is tattooed on my heart.
Your invitation to teach is received.
Your gift to give is believed.
You renew me again today.
Thank you for guiding me with all you say.
Sunshine radiates like diamonds on your face .
You create a safe place to shed tears.
You give way to letting go of fears.
You heal me here.
I love you near.
Priest lake your blessings are clear.