In the Midst of the Rain

rain-dropsBe awesomely changed in the pouring rain.

Kerri Elizabeth

In the pouring of the rain.

Waterfalls from heaven create change.

Hear your heartbeat explain.

Inviting the soul to interpret emotions.

Refining the language of an inner motion.

Listen deep within.

Trust the voice again.

Soar with joy and grace.

Let happiness be your space.

Allow the fire in your soul to be a flame.

Illuminate from gratitude not blame.

As the waves of life keep moving through.

Be centered in the truth inside you.

Let It Go

Do not be denied the depth you must feel to let it go.

Kerri Elizabeth


When tears flow and healing pushes you to grow.

Let it go.

When you want to scream releasing what’s held inside.

Let it go.

When your heart is calling you to move through and don’t hide.

Let it go.

When you resist the truth and live in fear.

Let it go.

When you know what to do and your hearts telling you to.

Let it go.

When someone needs you to be other than you.

Let it go.

When you feel the need to defend yourself.

Let it go.

When today is a new day and you want to play.

Let it go.

When your smile wants to own your face and your arms can embrace.

Let it go.

When standing up for you starts to change what is true.

Let it go.

When anger rises up and you’re anxiously ready to give up.

Let it go.

When it’s time to make a change and your choice is to remain.

Let it go.

When you want to be free from what’s holding you captive inside to see.

Let it go.

Let your light shine!

Let it go.

Let your smile shine through.

Let it go.

Let your voice be heard.

Let it go.

Let your radiance captivate the earth.

Let it go.

Let it all go until the layers peel away to your soul.

Let it go.

It is in the depth of her that love is revealed.

It is in the freedom to “BE” where growth is not concealed.

Do not deny love or pain, it is this depth where there is change.

Your Theme


Every journey and adventure lends its embrace, be present in its place.

Kerri Elizabeth

Nature was the center piece.

Solitude invaded me.

Tranquility whispered you’re free.

Birds sang in the morning air.

Silence was truly silence there.

Adventure filled the days.

High impact rumbled through our veins.

Fishing and adrenaline couldn’t be tamed.

Chainsaws, fires and guns entertained.

Swimming for miles under the sun.

Conquering distance just for fun.

Laughter and passion were soul mates.

Summer breeze blew in my hair.

Juicing nutrition for energy to flare.

A new chapter is here now.

The ocean has replaced the lake somehow.

A new space of gratitude to partake in now.

Every journey lends an immeasurable embrace.

Don’t leave it without a “Hell ya”, in its place.

Where you have been is your story.

Where you go can be your dream.

Where you are is your theme.

Embracing Silence



When the absence of a presence leaves your space, be embraced by the safety of natures place!

Kerri Elizabeth

Sitting in silence with a view.

The sun is setting and tomorrow will be new.

The sky is pink and yellow and baby blue.

The ocean pours over the horizon ahead.

Darkness is seeking its place again.

Where his presence used to be.

There is now emptiness next to me.

God knew where to place me.

He knew I needed safety.

I wasn’t falling apart.

I was falling into a place to mend my heart.

I didn’t know what was in store.

I trusted in more.

He was clearly embracing me in nature’s design.

With everything beautiful complete and in line.

Sunshine is inevitable inside of me.

Today I am grateful just to be.

Before the Storm


maxresdefault (2).jpg

The calmness before a storm writes a song , the joys and the sorrows of change give choice to sing or dance in the rain.

Kerri Elizabeth


A window seat looking over the ocean.

Music in the background in sync with the waves of the ocean.

The calmness before a storm existing.

Trees mostly still with an unwavering breeze flowing without resisting.

The raindrops are falling with a story to tell.

Some fall with grace and others work together never missing a single space.

As the sky becomes darker its replaced with a clarity of nature’s surround sound.

The night painting a picture on the canvas of hearts found.

Stillness and gratitude for what is around.

A storm is said to be coming and change will be profound.

Expect nature to dance.

Tomorrow another glance.

Tonight surrender to the voice of the wind.

The tunes in the rain creating a song to hear once again.

Sunshine is waiting in its place to shine through.

While the story of nature sings, you can dance to the rain too.