Are You Right?

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply.

Steven R. Covey


Are you right or are you loving right?

In the grand scheme of things would you argue and debate to be right or be a lover of listening and hearing and sharing your light?

Can you share your light and let it be only your right and let go from there so love doesn’t tear?

Is to be right what is really important to you, or is to be heard right sound intriguing too?

To continue a point you are passionate about until someone says, “yes you’re right”, is that the actual outcome you’re looking for by the end of the night?

What if we let go of the need for others to see we are right, what would you lose or possibly gain in trust to only one that remains?

What if being right wasn’t the ultimate goal and seeing the smile on someone’s face meant so much more?

Listening to the process of others learning, thinking and experiencing and being a part of doing is the beauty of offering and accepting what has created the right in you.

We weren’t born with all the knowledge we have today, we learned it, listened to it, experienced it, processed it, shared it, felt it, let it challenge us and shape us.

Each person is deserving of sharing their passion and knowledge, to give to receive to know we matter.

As we exchange ideas letting go of who’s right a place is created where,” Ultimate Love” is the only right.

 Receiving love in listening is a deep love given, it’s a gift no one forgets and a gift to be thankful when it’s given, left without regrets this love gives continued learning and living.

Is being right really hearing?

Is being right a place you grow?

Is being right really getting down to the core of what matters?

Is being right costing you more than you can afford?

What is your cost to being right?

Are you fighting to be loved and no one is listening and in turn not letting love in, to even begin, or is being right really where love ends and or begins?

So many questions and answers, there is only one that is right, could it be or you?

A valuable lesson from a heart to a heart, the question was asked in a time and a place, “What could I do to be a better mom”, I asked my son.

He answered me quite honestly without even a moment to spare, “Mom the only thing I would change, is that you would listen more the first time and not need to be right, just hear and sometimes let me feel I’m right.”

This hit hard, he was right, at what cost had I fought for my right to be his?

This was a teachable moment for me he wanted me to listen and to lovingly debate so he could find his place and his right, I finally heard it and got it that night.

No matter how right I thought I always was, what mattered most in this time was that his right was that being heard was being loved and I got it this time.

To be heard and to hear is a learning curve
; it’s our own voice and spirit that move inside processing all that has come through in time.

Does anyone know better than you exactly what you feel to be true?

Does anyone know better than you the experiences and perception inside of you?

What if all it took to be right was to listen and be heard so we could take flight?

What if what you processed from all of this was the journey to accept the conversation right?

Taking the time to understand and learn where someone else is concerned, gives more than standing so firm that you miss what may be your biggest lesson learned.

A little “raise” of sunshine to think about, let me know your right, the challenge to change and grow, to learn and to show, to have the empowerment to love and let go, I invite it, lets go!

Through My Child’s Eyes

The journey of life is seen beautifully through the eyes of a child and the voice of their heart when you learn that listening is the most amazing part!

Kerri Elizabeth

Here is a poem from my youngest daughter to me, she wrote this when it was time as a mother to let go and set my children free. To see life another way to experience and get through my empty nest place, to travel and embrace the powers of a journey of raising 4 children and the joy it gave and to take my turn in a new growing up phase.


You flew the storm with bravery and grace,

Always managed to have a smile on your face,

Though not close together

You’re still in my heart

For our mother-daughter bond could never break apart

We’re both spreading our wings,

Choosing our paths,

Mapping our dreams,

Filling all gaps,

So thank you for the push, for showing me the way,

You’re one of few that will never fade away.

So I want you to know,

No matter where life takes us,

Not even the biggest of storms could ever break us.


From me to my youngest child. (letters to come for the other three the impact they all make has shaped me.)

Every talk and every cry you show me so much about life through your eyes.

From the time you were born until today, you have taught me something every day.

Your honest tell it like it is heart and your courage to always get through it with a smile, the tears that not many see, I am blessed you always reveal to me.

Being best friends as well as mother and daughter, a trusting place we know we are never bothered.

 I love your feisty way you stand your ground with confidence no matter who is around.

Your siblings see their little sister, naive and often living in the clouds, on your time living your way, will she ever hurry up and do it fast so we can get going at last?

What I see is the gift you have to take the time you need for you and manage to get done exactly what you need to do.

You are such a beautiful soul, a heart of gold and a tough exterior you work hard to up hold.

Underneath that solid gold there is a butterfly breaking through that hold, she’s colorful and fun, wants to be free, from anyone telling her, be careful, you must see.

I see mighty wings growing on you, watch out life, she’s coming for you.

You get to choose your path, your life is yours, no matter where you go or what you do, no matter if you’re alone happy or blue, you own your life and you get to choose the path that is best for YOU.

Gratitude and grace are given to you, God made the way for you to go, he paved the world just so, for you to learn, for you to experience ,for you to decide where you are called, to show up in life and be bold.

Some will not like it, some will try to stop it, some will criticize it, some will shine light on it, some will try to dim it, some will try to throw fire in it, some will love it, some will encourage it, some will listen to it, and some will give their opinion of it.

All of these things help shape our character, they challenge us and push us, they show us and they teach us, it’s up to you how they pass you, and what they will teach you, it is up to you to allow what will move you or stay with you, what I know for sure is nothing can break you.

Before the day you were born I knew you would make an impact, yours was the name in lights in my dream, it was solid and real It spoke to me clear,  she will brighten the days and the nights, she will shine wherever she goes because she was made perfect in His sight.

I love the questions you courageously ask the depth of your desires and the dreams you have.

I love you my sweet daughter to the depth of my core, I love you my sweet daughter everyday even more and my capacity to love you continues to grow with every single moment we share together, telling secrets, sharing tears, laughing until we can’t even hear.

Thank you for being my youngest child, for teaching me to take my time, I learned while letting you go at your pace that life isn’t a race, this isn’t a dress rehearsal for a later show , live the way you choose to go.

 Smell the roses so many say, you showed me it’s also the path to the roses along the way.

I could of course carry on this letter for days with all of the ways you breathe life into me.

 I will continue for life to love you and meet you where you are and encourage your journey and listen to your hearts excitement for more.


The Intimate Details

When we see ourselves as a whole, the whole can be healed without a hole.

Kerri Elizabeth

2014-04-09 18.55.15

The intimate details are authentically yours, your choices, your thoughts, your movement, your feelings, your honor, your path and even resilience.

Authentically yours, ownership of all of you, your value, your commitment, your voice, your belief, your acceptance, your touch, your smile, your intuitive way you think.

There are events that happen in our life, we experience them, we live in them, we feel them, and we often get stuck in them, for a moment or for a while.

 The possibilities to move forward show up in our life, we can take them and accept the gift they give or we can resist and be full of what we choose to relive.

There is no question as to the authenticity of this experience; the question is our perception and the size we created it.

The capacity at which we grow is left to the room we allow ourselves to organize, let go, give away and allow the ebb and flow of the path least resisted instead of over control.

Life won’t stop with a simple thought, overwhelm and fear won’t make time disappear.

 Anger and hurt will grow inside the same as love and compassion will if you decide.

What will you choose your capacity to be, will you wait and wonder if you are as deep as the sea and drown in thoughts you have the right to set free?

Our bodies regenerate all the time, they do it whether you decide to accept or decline.

You have the chance to grow and regenerate every day; you have a choice to regenerate the thoughts and make them new or continue to brand the old to the new.

The regeneration is happening for you, you don’t have to buy it, or find it or give it a name, it is, it’s a gift , it’s for you and me, It’s free don’t take for granted what you can’t see.

The intimate details of our life’s experience are owned and changed and loved and accepted, left for later, protected and deflected.

Often an event or something that doesn’t feel good is seen as something that doesn’t serve us, wanting it to go away, for it to go back to what it was before it came.

 It’s the perfect sign that brings us to be aware of what isn’t serving us to take time and be aware, it is a beautiful reminder that healing is taking place that YOU are already where you need to be, accepting the place where you’re at is the only place you can move forward out of that.

Authentically present with our intimate feelings and thoughts, our mind and body are all one, sharing one without the other is giving you only part of yourself.

A connection of our mind and body as one remind our soul that we have just begun, this new starting place is invigorating and free, now ultimate healing is accepted in place of the doubt that creation of you as a whole needed to be found and made, it’s already done, it was given to you and by not accepting it, you let go of all of YOU.

Authentically and intimately love all of you, picking and choosing one part of the ocean earth and sky doesn’t separate the divine infinity of the connection given for each of YOU, one small change brings change to it all.

Healing and happiness, love and joy, sadness and pain, fear and rejoice, the connection is made as the ebb and flow, the least resisted path we can all choose to go.

“Raise” of Sunshine

A Traveling Soul

Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul.

Wayne Dyer

Root of it

From deep inside the movement takes hold.

The traveling soul continues to unfold.

It’s in the walk

It’s in the talk

It’s in the sunshine

It’s in the sky

It’s in the stars

It’s in the mountains

It’s in the smiles

It’s in the noise

It’s in the healing

It’s in the storms

It’s in the rain

It’s in the rainbows

It’s in the soul and it continues to behold the empowerment of freedom, the healing in the body, the laughter in the moments, the smiles that light the way, the happiness given and also received, the cries from the pain, the joy in a day.

The reality is that every day begins and in every day there is a way, no matter what comes your way, to live, to love, to hug, to hold, to listen to share, to deeply care.

The reality is that we can run and hide and we can decide to live closed inside, we can also decide to live out loud and change lives along the way while learning about our own.

We can eat live foods, we can breathe fresh air, we can jump in a lake a river or an ocean, drive a new road and make delicious smelling essential oil potions, most importantly is to look around you and soak life in and experience the love that surrounds you, mmmmmmmmmm let the love in.

Cleanse your body, cleanse your soul, cleanse your heart, cleanse your space, cleanse your mind and your thoughts, turn your phone off now and then, unplug your TV, think and feel, don’t miss out on the life waiting to be revealed.

A traveling soul is constantly letting go, healing and growing and organizing space and learning new lessons to share and embrace.

The system is in place, it was perfectly structured, to live and appreciate you must not be afraid to see where the root of its growth slowed down and open the way for growth to be profound.

The formations are made through time and places, faces and experiences, feelings and stages.

They all show a pattern to embrace; the pieces go together let them all take their place, the foundation of the root system needs to be strong, the more it experiences and continues to grow the stronger the foundation of wisdom and knowledge to show.

When the formations are seen and the shapes take place you can ask every person what they see from their place and what you find is so profound, everyone sees from where they are found.

Encourage each other to grow where their found, life is a garden of everything around, feed it and water it, teach it and love it, embrace it and show it the best of you, ultimately it is each of you that make up the I and the ME and the YOU.

“Raise” of Sunshine from me to you and loving the journey to the I in the two.

Kissed By A Frog

On the path there will be obstacles of life that will shift your attention, what a blessing when you take the time to shine a light.

Kerri Elizabeth


In the mountains growing up near skiing, nature, hikes, mountain trail horses, cabins, two rivers, an outhouse,a woodstove, clean air and more.

Searching for the biggest frogs and the most tadpoles, walking miles into the woods and learning every flower, mushroom, tree, plant and animal, the adventure never ceased, nature was a teacher of peace.

One of the rivers roared with continual intensity, “White River” was its name and it was always murky and full of mystery, the caps were fierce and the speed always surprised anyone that decided to brave its power, often lost in the attempted challenge of nature vs. manpower.

The other one was called, “Green River”  amazingly beautiful, green, clear and calm, you could see every detail in the white caps as they tossed the moss from side to side and all around.

Seemingly effortless and in a certainly relaxed state, trusting it’s direction there was no debate.

An imagination was shaped, deep creativity was born and a never changing mad love for nature, adventure and appreciation in every storm.

The frog, oh the frog, the sound, the stillness, the captivating thoughts of the next move they will make and the power in the next jump it will take.

The music they play, the conversations they have, the late nights they share, the ponds they declare.

The echo’s through the night, the stars they sit under add light.

They seem to have no fear, enjoying life the way they were intended a lesson to draw near.

The sounds when there are thousands, the symphony played, leave a feeling you could stand among them and understand what they say.

Are they vulnerable when they jump away, do you see it this way?

Landing on a trail by themselves, it’s dark they aren’t expecting anyone else, they trust the place they take ownership of their space.

So small to my eye and in turn so large, to an insect they wait to capture and recharge.

They live with clear intent, singing along the way, they can be independent and share conversation without getting in each other’s way.

Take a moment to see that a kiss can be, a place a moment a lesson to receive.

Even a frog can teach you, that taking a moment to shine a light can change someone else’s insight.

Singing and being open to what is near, a journey to concise and clear.

Laughter and letting go being ready to embark.

 Jumping with confidence you will land clear even when it’s dark.

There is strength in the ability to adapt and take turns.

 To hold a hand and dance with someone to confirm, we exchange the lead to teach and affirm, we are always exactly where we need live and learn.

 Continue to land and look around, to feel the vibrations and the sounds.

Thankfulness and gratitude bring confidence and attitude to the altitude and dimension of our experience in magnitude.

Live out loud and listen,” Raise”, of Sunshine on this page, touching you with gravity and intense prayer, I love you here or there.

Even a frog can make a difference, so can you in this instance.

You Are A Diamond

Between the depth of the sea and the height of the sky, between the moon and the sun and the stars all combined is a connection so truly divine.

Kerri Elizabeth

 2015-05-19 17.28.40

Diamonds in the Sun

We shine every one of us, like diamonds in the sun.

Every ripple of water holds the most amazing energy and carries thoughts like the water carries a wave.

Every wave a moment in life, it can flow by you, it can flow around you, on to you or to you.

The strength of each wave varies in speed and in force leaving acceptance for the course.

The impact of the shine is in the intensity of how you see it in your time, the amount of water, the amount of space on the surface, all together for a purpose.

The diamonds move around the surface, they bump into each other; they pass with beauty and untamed courage to shine with no fear.

They stay on the top showing the darkness, it’s a beautiful place out here.

What is beneath that shine when the diamonds on the water seem to disappear when the sun goes down and darkness appears?

The shine on the surface never worries about the darkness below, it allows the darkness to find its way, it invites the dance, it’s ready to go, it’s there to show, it’s there to glow.

When the sun goes down the moon takes hold, the light seems to always show, the diamonds are revealed again and again, they dance in the sun, they dance under the moon, they never give up or get discouraged or assume.

There is one Bright star that shines so far, it shows up first no matter where you are.

The bright star and the moon, the sunshine, the diamonds, the waves, the surface, the sky, the darkness, the stillness, the calm, the depth, the surface, it’s all one.

Separating the surface from the depth would leave space in our minds to expect, in reality there is no space between the surface and the depth, letting go of the space is letting them connect.

Into the depth of healing is a connection and feeling, allowing the diamonds to be part of the shine and not separating them to define one from the other instead of allowing them to be connected all the time.

The water and the waves, the moon and the sun, the diamonds that dance, the connection is so enhanced.

There is no space between the gravity of this place, it all works together from the depth of our place, from the sky to the land, from the air to the water, from the stars to the sunshine, and we need it all to matter.

It’s clear and concise, we were made whole, and any doubt of that leaves our ego to take hold.

The diamonds dance on the surface showing darkness the balance and purpose.

The waves move to the moon without questioning and arguing that was too soon, too late or maybe I’ll try again later I assume.

The brightest star shines every night; it never says tomorrow I might.

There is no stopping the waves, the sun, the moon, the stars, the air, the movement, the gravity of this place.

Let your light shine like diamonds and your movement be the waves, let your darkness be connected so it can roll into the light and continue to change.

Let your love be the air it is always there, breathe it in and breathe it out and take the time to shout that it is all connected perfectly for you to live without any doubt.


Pain and A Puzzle

A setback is only a setup for a comeback.

Willie Jollie


A  journey through pain.

Take a breath, feel it fill your abdomen.

Let your lungs come alive, feel the air every time.

Pain sets in as a reminder to stop, look and listen.

Pain is a warning, give yourself the time, go where you can recline, be loving and kind.

Take care of your heart, your body and your mind and all that carries the beauty intertwined.

Let go of expectations, pleasing others and conflict, allow your heart to beat with time, feeling it all going out with every climb.

Let every day show the way, staying present in the healing, not missing it, not pushing it, feeling it and letting go of it.

When a setback grasps you tight, every feeling rushes in and wants to fight.

Healing is in the breathing, the remembering the believing, the moments your strength grew, the days you certainly knew.

Healing is in the love you give yourself and the love poured out where you invested in someone else.

Healing is a safe place you find where peace surrounds you and faces remind you, and love is poured into you and the wind blows around you, and the sunshine heals you and nature can feel you.

Set your feet on the earth, take your shoes off,  be heart ready, soul listening, knowledge soaked deep into the mind, the love of nature never ever resigns.

Birds singing songs, a waterfall vibrating calm, the sky is so blue, the mountains surrounding with safety speaking, “I got you, don’t worry, you’ll be up again soon!”

When you come to a physical stop, the emotional journey can reign at the top, let it heal, let it feel, let it know, let it grow, your about to see the wonderful way your body lets it all come together and feel whole.

Sometimes pieces get left behind and we search and search not realizing that the piece left behind was the very piece that was the one we searched to find.

All of our life’s experiences can be seen as part of a puzzle, when we can put it all together and see the beauty in how it unfolds, when you let the pieces come together and there are no holes, a new puzzle can now start, the next phase takes hold.

It’s amazing to me how pieces get left, lost and buried behind and how life’s journey will remind you where you left, tried to lose and buried them inside.

Show up for your pain, your happiness, your joy, show up for the moments that seem too hard to enjoy, let love , let forgiveness take a hold, let go while you love it and let it unfold.

The air is so clear on the other side when you decide to let forgiveness heal you from the inside.

“Raise” of Sunshine, let it take you to new heights and depths.

Who Are You


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched they must be felt with the heart.

Helen Keller

I am love ALL love, there is no doubt.
I am a daughter.
I am a mother.
I am a grandmother.
I am a friend.
I am inspiration.
I am a motivator.
I am an a@@ kicker when need be.
I am fierce.
I am strong.
I am purposeful.
I am delightful.
I am shy at times.
I am quiet at times.
I am excited.
I am hurt then I heal.
I am aware.
I am peaceful.
I am timeless.
I am confident.
I am courageous.
I am truthful.
I am authentic.
I am driven.
I know when to walk away.
I know when to stay.
I know how to let go.
I know how to be in the flow.
I know how to be firm.
I know how to learn.
I am a heart.
I am a soul.
I am full of spirit.
I am desire.
I am filled with fire.
I am encouragement.
I am responsible.
I am an athlete.
I am a life re-arranger.
I am a trainer.
I am a coach.
I am a chef.
I am an entrepreneur.
I am a rower.
I am a biker.
I am a swimmer.
I am a runner.
I am a believer.
I am a student.
I am a teacher.
I am a healer.
I am a listener.
I am a talker.
I am a lover.
I am a fighter.
I am a protector.
I am a guidor.
I am not defined by my past I am presently living into my future.
I am still.
I am fulfilled.
I have depth.
I am not stuck in a story I am presently living glory.
I am not my experience, I am a bloom from my foundation.
I am calmness with a spark of chaos.
I am sweet with a kick of spicy.
I am courageously living a legacy.

Living in the Raise of the Sunshine.

What You Become

Where there is truth there is no need for defence.

Kerri Elizabeth

What you have experienced does not define you or name you unless you say so.

What you become from your experience is what you accept and allow and not defend, it will be solid and does not bend.

If where we came from determined our worth then who are you letting decide the price?

What has happened to you,  has happened for you.

Hurt is the obstacle that builds strength to feel love.

Pain is the obstacle that will teach healing.

Loss is the obstacle to feeling appreciation.

Traumatic events are obstacles to learning trust.

Judgement is the obstacle that teaches unconditional love.

Deceit is the obstacle to learning forgiveness.

Hardship is the obstacle that teaches overcoming.

Defeat is the obstacle that builds strength to persevere.

Guilt is the obstacle that teaches you to let go.

Shame is the obstacle that teaches empowerment.

Fear is the obstacle that teaches creativity.

Doubt is the obstacle that teaches you to believe.

Regret is an obstacle that teaches responsibility.

Limited thinking obstacles will teach  strength and possibility.

Your obstacles are your future strengths.

Will you stop in front of the obstacle or look back at it?

Your present purpose is your futures education.

Your past is not your future, it is a gift and the key to enter into freedom.



Fire in My Sky

Be aware of the fire in your sky

Kerri Elizabeth

There is a fire in my sky and I love it.

There is a fire in my soul and I invite it.

There is fire on my mind and it inspires me.

There is a fire in my thoughts and it speaks volumes to me.

There is a fire in my day and it takes me to new heights.

There is a fire in my life and I embrace it.

There is a fire in my life and I feel the heat.

There is a fire in my life and I love the flames.

There is a fire in my life it moves me.

There is a fire in my life and the flames are a miracle.

The fire I see inside is




Full of beauty

Full of color

Full of power

Full of speed

Full of love

The fire dances and is with me.

The fire is alive

Full of heart

Full of grace

Full of strength

The fire, oh the fire.

Be aware of your fire; be present in its desire.

The power of the flame is yours.

You can gently move it; you can choose to fuel it.

You can reach it, you can share it, you can enjoy it, you can let it light the way.

You can look into it with passion; you can gently breathe life into it with compassion.

You can turn it, and see it, feel it and be it; you can change it, protect it, admire it and be aware of it.

The flames are yours, the fire is inside, the light is always there, the power and strength are none to compare.