Laughter is a legacy that never ends!

It has been two years my son since I have heard you say, “MOMMA”
It has been two years since you said, “I love you”
It has been two years my heart is forever changed
and my life drastically rearranged
It has been two years that I held your hand in mine
I see you in every ray of sunshine
It has been two years since you hugged me tight
Your videos and photos keep me upright
It has been two years since I’ve heard your heart beating
Two years since I heard you breathing
It has been two years since we sat and laughed
Two years since you were photographed
It has been two years since you asked me to make you cookies
Two years you asked me to sneak you goodies
It has been two years of missing you
Two years of aligning with a new attitude
It will be a lifetime I honor you with my tears
It will be a lifetime I am thinking about your 24 years
It will be a lifetime I talk about you son
A lifetime my feelings will be challenged and undone
I’m also smiling when I cry
I can feel you around me flying by
I love you,

Zakary Ryan Swift 10-31-92/07-30-2017

Forever I will love you, forever I have loved you, forever you are loved!

To the love you have given me for a lifetime, to the strength you continue to pour into me.
To the laughter you graced my life with.
To every single wrinkle, grey hair and stretch mark you gave me to remember you
To every smile you left in my memory
to every giggle I still feel
To every text and phone call I will keep forever to hear you
To every birthday I will celebrate forever
To every tattoo I will continue to collect that reminds me of you
To every cookie I eat, I think of you
To every shot of tequila, I send cheers to you
To every swim, I dedicate them to you
To every day I rise up and thank God he gave me you
To everyday, and every lifetime, you’re forever my son

Inquire Within

Trust is developed from how you inquire from within!


Dare to live with a curious inquiring from within
Believe in something you’ve never known
Trust in your heart with out questioning the mind
How many petals do you need to land on “love me” to believe it
Renew your spirit and polish your curves
Surround yourself in natures lights
And rest into the darkness of the glowing night


Trust is not broken from another action, unless we define it that way.  Once someone wrongs us, we stay within that action and own it and live it, losing trust and limiting our love for life and our ability to connect with others.

If we hold that wrong, we then continue to give power to the wrong and the person we feel that did it. In the process of healing I found there also has to be a letting go of distrust and caution to a point you are limiting your own life.

Live with freedom and send back any bad energy to the person dealing it. The minute you decide to give yourself permission to interact within a negative space you take that energy on as your own.

Sender wins and the loss of trust is now building from within.

If it’s being delivered negatively it’s not yours, breathe and physically move your arms in a way that you can mentally, emotionally and physically remove and send it back to sender.

DONE, move out of their energy space, build trust within yourself, this is where defense is dropped. When we respond in defense we have already lost, defense is guilt, a place within we lost trust.

Believe in something you never have…… example might be believing that 10 deep breathes before you respond will save you a rollercoaster of reactions.



Encouragement is a melody that is continual when embraced through love.


When love and grace weave into your energy space

Whispering currents of encouragement tantalize your soul

Creation already knows

Reflections become whole

Blue skies don’t fall

You’re part of it all

A masterpiece is not created by day

Perseverance tiptoes all the way

Continual loving persuasion is self-made


Love and grace are always embracing you, are you able to receive?

Loving persuasion is self made, it is not something you can count on another for, it is a strength you receive through faithful encouragement that comes from Gods perfect grace.

The stresses of life can catapult us into distraction of self, forgetting we are a vessel for more than anyone can fill  leaving us defensive and unable to unwind.

It is in the glory of knowing when we trust Gods plan and we trust ourselves with what He has given us and we are responsible with his blessing than we see the fruits of our perseverance.

Stand in the knowing, not in the doubt, not in mans word, and not in things but in the promise of Gods love that can only flow when we first let go.