Missing a Heartbeat

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Missing another heartbeat up close, speaks volumes to the connection of love and hope.

Kerri Elizabeth

Missing a heartbeat up close.

Missing a touch, a talk, a warm embrace.

Missing them in your space.

Missing that place.

In this present moment I reflect on times that centered me and protected me and gave me hope.

Happiness is part of me, it isn’t something I look for, it is simply part of what I live for.

Reflecting on the beauty of a person or place, a moment to remember a warm embrace is a blessing you brought into your space.

No matter what the circumstance is, missing someone comes from within.

Like happiness, missing someone becomes part of you ,when they impact your life and your heart too.

Even when you might not see them in a day or hear their voice in the moment you have something to say, they are with you all the way.

Have you ever missed someone that was next to you and their pain also became part of you?

Letting go of carrying another’s pain gives you strength to remain strong in their name.

Loving and not letting go of someone else’s pain becomes a gift you gain.

When you can love someone through their pain and not let the pain become part of you, then the healing becomes about both of you.

When you own the pain of someone else, they then have to experience it in more than themselves.

Let go of another’s pain and love them instead where they are and give them a hand and share your heart so that healing can be in two hearts.

Sunshine is a promise, even when the sun goes down and darkness is found, the sunrise will come, it’s a promise we won.


The Beat Is


When the heart knows gratitude will be the beat!

Kerri Elizabeth

Finding the heart balance.

The heart speaks the truth the mind lets loose.

 If you listen to the heart there is nothing that can tear you apart.

Your heart feels the stress and shows you when to rest.

Your heart is your beat, it tells you where to move your feet.

Your heart is your compass to present purpose and comfort.

Follow the way your heart leads you and love in the way your heart needs you.

Your heart calls you in to win; can you listen and feel the beat again?

Listen quietly to the beat within; cleanse your heart, your soul, your mind.

Give your body time to rest, let your heart beat be at its best.

Cry if that’s what you need, and listen to the call of where your heart leads.

Don’t get stuck in a feeling that keeps you trapped from believing.

Believe in the heart and let it do its part!

Natures Trance


Natures trance is there for you, take it in and enjoy it too, the beauty of nature’s face is looking back at you.

Kerri Elizabeth

Waking up to the crisp morning air, summer is gone and fall is near.

Childhood memories are everywhere, the woods, the lakes, the rivers, the snakes, the deer, the bears and the mountain air.

The crispy fall breeze is also filled with my young adventurous childhood thrills.

The crackle of a fire is part of my heart’s desire; my toes get closer to the warmth of the woodstoves heat I admire.

Looking deep into the colorful flames the movement of the fire sets me into a trance of my childhood past.

I remember running through the woods every twig crackling under me, hearing the crinkle of the leaves and pulling up my sleeves.

I can also see my mom drinking coffee to the whisper of the wind, listening in her mind to the rivers voice within.

She would lose herself in time, I could see it on her face, as a child I didn’t know it was nature’s trance that kept her safe.

I slowly lose myself now inside nature’s trance too, just as I saw my mother’s eyes leaving at a glance in the feeling she knew.

Nature saves my mother’s soul and now as I softly disappear to the beauty of the morning air, I can feel the healing of my mother’s heart and the years I thought we grew apart.

Really what was happening in those years we were apart, was truly the wisdom we gained to love each other with a more compassionate heart.

Going inside and leaving fear and seeing my life through my mother’s tears, rewrites the moments I was sure she had disappeared.

Nature’s trance is part of me, a way, a face, a feeling, a place, a childhood friend, chopping wood and a fire leaving my life more understood.

I can thank you mom for so much more, thank you for raising me with the great outdoors.


The great outdoors has lead me now to the next part of my life.


When the mountains collide with the sky and blue is on your side, life is delivering a present that’s even bigger than life outside.

                     Kerri Elizabeth

Blue is the color of the sky and blue is the color of those eyes.

When your heart divides and time is on your side, nothing falls to the way side.

Gravity shifts and energy lifts and the pull is more than you can  take.

Release resistance and go with persistence, and let your heart lead you where to go.

When your heart divides feel the vibration inside move you back to the place where love is alive.

When your heart divides and life outside leads you deep down to the core inside, feel the depth of your why and find words to describe  something you never new could even come alive.

The driveway ahead  was almost clear with just a few branches to push aside the end of the road was near.

My heart was calmly following the path that was ahead, not ever even wondering what was about to change my world, was a place I couldn’t have dreamed and is now uncovered and revealed.

Was it the heart undivided and the peace and solitude?

Was it the sky in front of me with intensity I’d never seen?

The mountain and the trees were surrounding what was real and giving me more than I ever could of dreamed a heart that had been divided could really truly feel.

What my eyes couldn’t believe and my feelings couldn’t escape came in the intensity of nature’s masculinity perfectly made.

Letting go to more shook me to my core, I had no idea when I opened that door that life had so much more.

Thank you life for leading me to this very place, that spending time outdoors was where I would feel my heart race.

Sunshine is shining on you and me and in this place peace surrounds me and love has found me, and life abounds in me and excitement to reach the depth of you is everything  I want to do.

Sunshines on the lake and life is full in every embrace!

Feeling the Beat

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When you feel the beat and it continues to repeat, dance to the sound of your heartbeat.

Kerri Elizabeth

When your heart beats and your mind repeats.

When the presence of a feeling reveals an inner appealing.

When your soul blooms and your mind is in tune and your heart beats to the light of the moon.

When your body feels, what your heart reveals and your mind becomes unconcealed.

When your heart opens and you realize your new and choices are in front of you, let go and receive what’s been given to you.

When you’re asked a question and inside of you the sign says, “stop, I have never revealed that part to you”, take a look, listen in and be curious what will be given within.

Then when you get the chance to have someone look into you and see more than you do, listen in and begin the process of finding out how much love is in you.

When the stars align and they sparkle all the time and they shoot across the sky, be still for a moment while they reveal, the presence of this inner appeal.

There is only one thing that can’t be separated and that is the space inside me and you.

As the clutter is cleared and the heart is revealed that space that can’t be separated is where love is full filled.

Stay in this place and remind yourself that all of this is that inner appeal.

Meet me outside to breathe the mountain air.

 Meet me outside where we become more aware.

 Meet me outside to look at the stars.

 Meet me outside where the story comes alive.

See you in the SUNSHINE!

F@@@ Cancer!


Take a moment to remember that no matter what comes your way, the greatest gift you can give yourself is to remember love leads the way!

Kerri Elizabeth

The call came and shattered my heart.

I thought I shut down the pain.

What has happened is that my body is becoming re-arranged.

Who is the person and what is happening?

As I learn to balance my heart, body and mind, remembering each moment is my purpose all the time.

When I got the call my child will be fighting for his life, a place inside of me wanted to run and hide.

The bigger part of me won’t miss a moment of this journey; I will fight right by his side.

There is nothing in this world that could change that light inside.

I realized all the sudden the place that’s hiding inside is starting to carry the stress and showing it on the outside.

When someone you love has a challenge, remember it is important that you keep yourself in balance.

Life can give us a detour from where we originally thought we were going, are you strong and ready for the opportunity to grow and be better for knowing ?

I’ve had intense tears, I’ve experienced better years.

What I know for sure I have learned is that loving me is the only way I can love someone else in return.

So as I fall to my knees and allow the tears and pain to release, I will remember that loving me is where I can give my children what they need.

Then in the middle of the storm I learn another lesson for me, that when love is in front of you accept it and receive.

After years of fighting to receive I am letting go and reminded life is not about me, it is about YOU+ME= WE.

Share the love, build the love and remember that to give love you must have love and to receive love, you must accept love.

Not loving you is a choice you make; not loving me is a mistake I won’t create, make or take.

We are stronger as a “we” when we are strong as “you and me”!


You Were Feeling That Too?


Letting go of what I thought and doing what I feel, revealed to me a lesson that letting go is not a thought but a choice in how I feel.

Kerri Elizabeth

The intensity of letting go!

So many things and times in life shatter us or keep us uptight.

Unable to hear what someone is saying, unable to feel when someone is praying.

When you just take a moment to authentically feel.

Life from your heart will reveal the importance of what is truly real.

Then in a flash the seasons will change, we lose our ground and life is rearranged.

Reach inside to the most beautiful things in life that can’t be touched or seen.

Let the heart reveal the beauty of every little thing.

Close your eyes and feel the rhythm, let the beauty from inside lead your life with precision and keep your heart healthy inside.

Your thoughts inside create a garden, how will the colors grow?

Plant a garden of color, of love and light inside, plant a calmness and a gratitude that blooms in intervals of time.

When the colors start to fade, remember there is another season that is planted and arranged.

Be ready for the seasons and expect there to be change.

The intensity of letting go can be like watching a flower grow.

Choose what grows in your garden and plant according to the season, let life bring you joy and excitement and play without a reason.

Jump in a puddle and let go of the darkness of the rain, enjoy every season and every ray of sunshine in between.

Thank you for the seasons and the colorful views, thank you for the ups and downs that create a challenge too.

Thank you for every little thing in my life that blooms, I cherish the feelings that give me life and the capacity to move.


Did You Leave Your Power With Someone else?


Take the time to see the person in front of you and let go of the person behind you, your mind can only be in one place at a time, make that time NOW, not yesterday!

Kerri Elizabeth

Conversation and a scarred heart.

Sometimes we don’t realize the impact from our past on our future until it presents itself in a familiar place.

I realized that moment, there were matching scars.

Parts of our life got pushed aside, leaving lasting scars, making it difficult for anyone else to get very far.

When someone walks in your life and reminds you of the past, how do you respond, other than a quick,” hell no I’m not going back?”

Triggers move a bullet quick into space, often causing chaos from a past scarred place.

When the trigger is ready you can shoot anytime, if you let off the trigger and set the bullets aside, you give room to listen and then decide.

Are we walking with our finger on a trigger all the time and not knowing were ready to fire without hearing the heart in NOW time?

Letting go of the past is easy when you decide, the person in front of you is worth giving the space only you can provide.

No one needs to hear how someone else did you wrong, what is most important is how did you get here and are you ready to let go of the old times?

Can you open up the door to a new outlook?

What if you decided to let go of the pain and let love in and thankfulness took over the day?

What if you could just talk and express all the wonders of the day?

What if you could just feel your way into a new day and be heard and hugged and loved even when that meant you had to cry and feel frustrated along the way?

What if you could hear again without the background noise of the past and remember who’s in front of you is clearly not the last?


A lifetime is how you see it, no matter what you do, your perspective is your life, and how you view it is what you will do.