Essence of Wonder


Photo credit/Kerri-Elizabeth

Wonder never arrives but instead travels continually through the wilderness with curiosity.


Let surprise arrive and undertake a search to be alive

Leave adaptation to the conquerer of familiarity

Wonder emerges from the agitation of curiosity

Undertaking possibility and rupturing normalcy

Been there done that is invalid and unjust to wonder

Create insatiable contemplation into experiencing a jolt

It is in the expedition into wonder new ideas form

Create a new experience from the wonder outside of complacency

Walk into the forest of wonder and become the essence



When we allow ourselves to become complacent into normalcy and arrive only into adaptation, we never experience more than that. Where is the curiosity, the wonder, where can we find it? Do you want to?

I am naturally driven to wonder, why, how, when, where and how far I can unfold myself and add new pages of information, continual growth is driven by my wonder to learn more, to know more, to experience more, to stretch my capacity and strengthen my wonder.

Infinity is beyond a complacent structure where wonder oozes through the brokenness of life. ~Kerri-Elizabeth~

TRUMP2020 and YOU



TO MAKE CHANGE YOU MUST SPEAK and risk the coming and goings of others. 



It’s time to share more…..


This comes from my heart as well and it’s time for me to speak up.

The journey started over 30 years ago when I decided to vote for the first time. I didn’t know a lot but there was one issue I knew about that I wanted to make sure I had a say in. It was voted NO by an overwhelming amount and the city decided to go against our vote and do it anyways. 

That is when I knew for sure I was done with voting, why bother I thought. 

That’s Seattle ( in case you wanted to know) and you can look up plenty on the downfall of this city. Not to mention you can’t drive through it without wondering where our tax money goes?

A city I raised my children to be proud of, an adventure place we seeked with all it’s natural spaces as well as city fun spaces that always lured us, museums, lakes, the puget sound, parks galore, health food grocery stores galore, my favorite spaces and markets and arts you can’t ever get enough of. 

I am simply here to state MY story, not to fight with anyone or be degraded by opinions or even lifted up by the ones that may agree with me.  I’ve seen people stand up and lose businesses and lives over speaking, our military and President do it daily. There has never been a president so talked about as #Donald Trump, people love him or hate him and the ones that hate him will go to great lengths to sacrifice their integrity and honor and loyalty to our country not to mention themselves and families.

My hope is that maybe I can build ONE tiny bridge here that will help someone else speak out with me and together we can all make a difference.

I am here to speak because I finally realized why I wasn’t.

Why couldn’t I just walk into it and stand tall, shoulders back, have an opinion and stand firm in that? 

My self development questions I asked myself:


Am I really listening enough to make my own opinion?


Why have I decided to not listen to this subject is it fear, rejection, pain, arguing, conflict, not knowing enough?


Can I debate diplomatically on the subjects I don’t agree with and am I willing to learn?


Am I worried about someone not approving or disliking me?


Will I ruffle feathers?


How can I grow in resistance?


Am I reading my own SUNSHINE?


It started to shift this last year when I worked in the summer on a farm with the radio on #RUSHLIMBAUGH and #LARSLARSONRADIO, at first I ignored it and I wanted earphones with country music to rock my steps, not politics. 


Then one day I decided instead of resisting it, I would listen, I started to read my own SUNSHINE blog back to myself and reflect on what my soul was saying. 


Resist less, flow, let go and if you are a follower you know what I’m saying. If you’re not, welcome to my heart and soul.


Not only did I listen to the radio talks, I listened to people around me rejecting people that didn’t believe like them. This brings me to a song my son wrote before he passed away July 30, 2017.

Brace yourself, he never tiptoed around his opinions or what he saw happening here on earth, he was a light beyond lights and had wisdom beyond humans. He could see the dark side as clearly as he saw the light side.

My son was an amazing debater and he taught me that being different was amazing, or maybe I taught him that, maybe I taught all 4 of my children that, because they are all stubborn and strong willed. My point is this, I would never disown them or mistreated them for thinking or believing different than me, that opens an opportunity to connect, to learn, to grow, to be diplomatic and practice what you preach, to learn to walk into fear, to be rejected and still see your standing, to be abandoned because of your belief and see it as an open door to freedom.

I never considered myself a democrat, a republican or conservative or liberal or even an independent, and I’m sure not a flat earther or whatever crazy titles that are made up. 

I consider myself a child of GOD, PERIOD and I still stand by that. 

A wonderful friend the other day said, “I can’t see you ever being on a side, your way to free spirited and love everyone too much to take a side.” 

That has been true, I realized recently that I have to take a side or close my eyes and walk blindly.  There is way too much going on to close my eyes. My mom has been telling me this for years, it only took 9 million seeds planted and zillions of gallons of water for her to finally see the growth.

So with all of that, my story is this, it has been easy to #WALKAWAY ,not from another side, but to the side I am willing to risk my own freedom to speak without fear and the freedom to love others that think differently than me without expectations attached.

I am a #TRUMP2020 supporter and as many times as I have been told, “DON’T say you support Trump or mention you lean on Republican territory, your life will be in danger”, to me this meant, if there is fear, then there is change, change is inevitable, so will you be part of the change or the fear? 

You can walk into fear or let fear walk into you, either way fear walks and will keep walking until you SPEAK.

When I really started to listen and observe and speak, I found that I can still see through the eyes of my heart and speak from it and write about it and if I don’t, what I’m writing about is simply on my own deaf ears.

TO MAKE CHANGE YOU MUST SPEAK and risk the coming and going of others. 


SUNSHINE in a different light!



Feel free to share your views even if they are different , with integrity and honor, anything less will be removed!


Heart in Motion




Our heart already knows what our mind has not yet disclosed.


In the randomness of life emotions are often spontaneous

We feel from a heart in motion

Rapid change can prompt a rapid heartbeat

Our inner compass and weather changes without warning

Breathing is treated as a novelty

Until breathing is done with awareness

Our bodies shivers to alert our temperature

Gratitude alerts hope

Pain alerts fight or flight

All of this alerts action

Straight to the heart of it all

Nurture your heart like you’d nurture the tears of a child

Breathe into your life, with heart



When we master the awareness in our alert systems and the timing we take action, we then have less reaction and more action.

Place your hand upon your heart and navigate through a flow of emotionally filled words and thoughts that fill you up, that nurture you’re well being. What would you say to a friend you are nurturing? This may help you return that same encouragement also to your own heart.

Did you know that every change in emotions makes changes in your body that last longer than the emotion. Like building a muscle may leave pain for a couple days, the same is true of emotions, both rejuvenating and depleting. They last and they will either drain or revive us.

We can not control every action around us but we can learn to create a healthier space within ourselves to see the actions around us with a directed gratitude and compassion to our heart for alerting us.


Beautiful and Wonderfully Made


unnamed (1)

When we are able to sit in the pain and in the muck of life, there is where we see what were made of!


To give honor and respect to another

Honor and respect must first flow through you

To build a secure foundation for oneself inside

Requires tenacity and determination

To love oneself through the highest and lowest of times

Requires oneself to experience love

Love is continually gained and lost before we understand its significance

Even then there is an unknowing

An unknowing opens up vulnerability

To stand in the muck of life and be vulnerable 

Is where we gain our best self

It is where we find what we’re made of

Where we get to see where we paid attention

Where we have gone and what we took with us

Shows up



I realized after I lost my 24 year old son two years ago now, that pain really is inevitable, it happens to everyone and can happen without warning. We can be in our most vulnerable place inside and something happens and splits you wide open. You weren’t ready, you weren’t prepared and the honest truth is NOTHING could prepare you.

So then what? It is there where everything in our lives that we either let go of or held on to, shows up. Every lesson and every heartache is remembered and the wounds are fresh again. However in that moment where the heart remembers the pain it also remembers the healing and how you gave that attention or not.

If you didn’t put the work in and ignored it and allowed it to heal shut without acknowledging and entering into it, it will continue to walk you through it until you do, and then it will challenge you to make sure you learned. Its inevitable!

The lesson from something profound and often something so small can trigger all the same emotions. It is simply when you can feel the chaos of the moment and stand in it with freedom you are not in the chaos of this experience anymore. Reflect on the familiarity of being here before and what was learned and how honor and love are applied