Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most.

Wake up and start the day.

Decide the night before how you will plan the way.

Organize the space you’re in.

So that creative thinking can move again.

Honor what you planned.

Stay focused and make a stand.

If you need help don’t hesitate to ask.

It is important to complete the task.

Are you having a debate?

Are you stuck in past mistakes?

Are you looking for a plan to work out?

Are you procrastinating and checked out?

Do you wake up every day excited to have another chance?

You have been gifted that in advance.

Remember your life deserves more than a glance.

Today you can make a choice listen to your inner voice.

Today you can make a decision to put down the things that don’t serve your vision.

You’re worth every moment.

Are you missing that component?

Have You?


“Every moment spent worrying about  how things were, is a moment wasted  
    from creating how things can be.”
                       Robin Sharma

Have you ever worried about
Have you ever thought about how you’ll make something happen, turn it around, change it from being upside down?
Have you ever thought about how you can do something  more and open new doors?
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to live a dream and feel the possibilities to a new extreme?
Do you ever dare to take a leap and use courage in a moment when everything else seems out of reach?
Have you ever wondered about tomorrow because today is full of sorrow?
Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted to make a bargain from up above?
Have you ever wanted something so much and someone told you your out of touch?
Have you really ever dug so deep that you know your potential was reached?
When is it time to let go of worry and quit being in a hurry?
When is it time to get up and make a change, before you know it everything can be rearranged.
When is it enough to stop wishing for more and believe instead I can do more?
Have you ever said yes to something you want to do and figured out later how you would make it happen for you?
When is it your time to turn thinking into doing instead of sitting and not improving?
Let thinking and believing turn to doing and achieving!
Every experience good and not so good is to love ,appreciate, learn and know that the key isn’t to make it go but you can use it to let you grow!
Sunhine on good and not so good, without the exchange we wouldn’t know we could!

Share The Love


I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile.
Then accidently walk into a pole.

Laugh until your cheeks hurt give
A hug
A smile
A wink
An embrace
A look
A laugh
A giggle
In place
Don’t miss it
Don’t hide it
Don’t let it get by you
Share it
Be there with it
Enjoy it
Delight in it
Be happy you are part of it.
Deliver it
Send it.
Mend it.
Keep it.
Own it
Take it
Give it
Recieve it
Feel it
Share it
Never let go of it.
Be the sunshine in someone’s day and let someone else’s  sunshine come your way!
Create some fun in your day , send laughter in many ways!

By Design

You design your behavior and your attitude.

Kerri Elizabeth

Are you defending yourself for someone who hurt you?

Are you carrying their baggage and giving it value?

Have you spent too much time thinking about someone else’s words?

Are you taking it to heart afterwards?

Has someone else’s voice become the one in your head?

Are you thinking about what they said and carrying it with you on your journey ahead?

Don’t spend precious time trying to change someone else’s unkind ways.

Don’t spend your life in someone else’s haze.

Are you questioning who you are because of someone else’s scars?

Are you holding on to what they need to do, or letting go so you can do what is meant for you?

Have you become someone else’s pain?

Have there actions and words become your campaign?

Will you let go and live who you’re meant to be?

Will you stand up, stomp your feet, and demand to live your right to be free?

Will you stop waiting for someone else’s apology and take the time to change your own terminology?

Will you leave the baggage not meant for you?

Will you live your life and design it too?

If a baggage of mean is left for you mark return to sender it has no value due.

Don’t wait for someone else to fix your place.

You’re in charge of how you design your space.

Be Your Someone

It’s difficult to leave someone, it’s difficult to wait for someone, it’s difficult to forget someone but the strength comes in believing you are someone.

Kerri Elizabeth

A new destination

A new conversation

A new view

New people

A new moment

A new thought

A new day

A new way



Live with open eyes; recognize the colors in different skies.

Live with grace every day and say, “I’m sorry” to yourself for getting in your way.

Be the friend you’re looking for.

Be the leader you want and more.

Be the Hero you dream will come.

Don’t wait for someone else to get it done.

Play an instrument you want to play.

Don’t let age or time be a defining factor in your way.

Be open to the possibilities you seek.

Don’t let your life be only a sneak peak.

Be the opportunity for your life to be, even what you can’t yet see.

It’s the things we think we can’t do that we put effort into doing instead of sitting and not improving.

Move with curiosity, live without animosity, create velocity!

The sunshine is never dim, perception comes from within!

Beautiful People

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Take your struggle and let it strengthen you.

Take your pain and give it value.

Take your defeat and let it move you to win.

Take your suffering and move it to compassion within.

Take your loss and celebrate what it gave you.

Take your anger and shift it to greatness.

Take your choices and consequences and give room for forgiveness.

Take your fear and turn it into awareness.

Take your anxiety and turn it into peace.

Take your shame and let go of the blame.

Take your guilt and give it a voice, turn it into a better choice.

Take the emotions you feel and remember you are the deciding factor in how you heal.

Take your experiences and use them to grow, don’t let your experiences use you, let go.


Loving You

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

Love all you do!

If you don’t love it, don’t do it.

Did you say easier said than done?

Do you love a fit mind and honor its design?

Do you love your heart for waking you up to a new start?

Do you love how you feel or do you appeal?

Love what you do and do what you love.

Do you honor and love who you are, have you put pressure on where you are so far?

Loving from where you are is the only way you can go far.

Take the time today to remember to say, everything I do is in love for you.

If loving you was all you had to do, life would look different to each of you.

The good news is, it’s true.

When loving you is the first thing you do.

Then love will always be how you deal with other things too.

Love is inside of each of you.

Love is not what you’re used to.

Love is an action.

Love takes compassion.

Loving you is loving others too.

Are you addicted to an attitude a place or substance that keeps you forever from true loving abundance?

An addiction is something that lies to you.

It’s a counterfeit feeling that you give into.

It can be anything you continue to always do and stay the same and ignore loving you.

Love is you!

Give into that, it’s true!

Let the sunshine wherever you go, loving you from head toe!

It’s Yours!

You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have.

Never take for granted the strength old and new.

What a gift that’s been given for you to pursue.

Strength is in every decision that you make.

It builds and it breaks and it heals our mistakes.

Never let anyone tell you it’s not true.

Strength is to be built on and it can’t be taken from you.

So if you think you lost it, think again.

You own it,stand up it’s yours to win.

We are always building strength in every decision that we make.

The right to stand firm is there to take.

Strength should be shared.

Strength can be declared.

When strength comes in numbers there is nothing compared.

Strength is not built on tearing someone down.

Strength is built from where you’re found.

Encourage and lift up one another, that’s where strength is truly uncovered.

No Doubt

Where there is love there is no doubt.

It was a Friday night, I called him and he didn’t answer. I didn’t feel right this time.

I knew something wasn’t right.

I made it through the night and woke up early and called again. He didn’t answer right away, a text came through. It said,” I’m fine now, don’t worry”.

What do you mean don’t worry, I thought.

Finally an answer to my call and he said,”don’t worry mom I had 7 blood transfusions, I only had 10% of the blood I was supposed to have to be alive.”

“I’ll be fine though, don’t worry about coming to the hospital, I’ll be out before you get here.” He replied.

You know I was on my way while I said, “sure ok, I won’t worry, no problem.”

Gasping for air, I drove as fast as I could to the hospital.

There he was my heart and soul with a big smile and laughing ear to ear as if nothing was wrong.

That day set the pace for our next year in a half.

Children’s hospital was our home.

I walked away from the life I had, in that moment the only life that mattered was my sons.

His acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosis with a chromosome duplication called AMP21 was nothing less than life changing.

Diagnosis: 95% cancer.

Here we go my warrior child, time to rock and roll.

I won’t leave your side, I will never hide.

I will hear you and be with you; I will love you and protect you.

I will learn everything I need to and you’ll know who to lean to.

I’ll cry with you, laugh with you, I’ll sit by you, I’ll never ever leave you.

I’ll whoop you at every board game and I’ll make you work out.

I’ll write out daily goals, I’ll never have a doubt.

I’ll run a marathon daily if that’s what it’s all about.

I’ll run to the store for anything you want and more.

There are no other options but to get you through these doors.

We stayed up all night every single night.

We watched every series and movie, that’s right.

We decided together what he needed for the fight.

Our armor was on, our hearts said go, our mind was in action, we partnered up for this show.

I took notes from the doctors, I fought with the staff, my son will ONLY have time for the best that you have.

We never thought for a minute that there were any options but to win it.

My children took action from each of their places in the war for their brother, no time was wasted.

Every moment took love and patience from each other.

The journey was long and we needed one another.

We had family and friends; I could go on for days for the team that was in place to take on this race.

Invest in your life, reach out and give if you haven’t already learn to forgive.

Life throws us curves and we often aren’t ready, but the army of love will keep you steady.

Love with all your might, let your life ignite.

Be a flame not a flicker.

Live your passion.

Love with action.

Let the sunshine on every interaction.


If you are not willing to learn no one can help.

If you are determined to learn no one can stop you.

I have learned that people come and go.

I have learned that love knows.

I have learned that sunshine comes from within.

I have learned you can always begin again.

I have learned that being a mother is one of the deepest feelings I’ll ever know.

I have learned that every second is a precious choice to grow.

I have learned that being in a group or alone can feel the same.

I have learned you never go anywhere if you appoint blame.

I have learned that in a day there are more choices to make than there are stars in the sky.

I have learned that all you need is nearby.

I have learned that real education is learning how to live your best life.

I have learned that fear can steal your life and keep you from your own good advice.

I have learned that I get to make the choice.

I have learned that I have a clear voice.

I have learned how to use fear, choice and my voice to truly live and rejoice.

I have learned that I don’t do anything fast.

I have learned that I appreciate every moment from my past.

I have learned that wisdom is made to last.

I have learned that no matter how hard it was I made it.

I have learned that breathing is underrated.

I have learned to think from my heart not my head.

I have learned that in every person there is a story to be read.

I have learned that when you cry every tear weighs more than its weight.

I have learned that those tears carry healing that can’t wait.

I have learned that today is your best day, live it, breathe it, be with it, don’t let go of it, don’t miss it.

I have learned that no one can put out my flame.

I have learned there is no reason to complain.

I have learned that the solution is inside of me.

I have learned that love is truly how I see.

I have learned that love is ME.

Sunshine will always be!

You are the love you’re looking for.

Believe it and receive it.