My name is Kerri Elizabeth, I am an inspired soul writer, waterfall whisperer, lake lusting mermaid and a nature wanderer. I am a mother of 3 daughters and one son and three grandchildren. I was raised in the mountains in the fresh air and rivers to play in, woods to walk in and silence I never appreciated until I became an adult.

I have been an active fitness and nutritionist for more than 25 years and I am also a certified esthetician.


I will help you find the SOUL reason to create health and wellness in areas that get missed often in the wellness field.

First and foremost being heard is the key, when we have a safe place to share thoughts and emotions we allow a flow to move past them or create something wonderful from them. Sometimes just being able to hear your own thoughts is the very place you finally feel creativity to start to bloom.

My biggest challenge and most blessed strength building moments came from times I had no control and had to make a choice to breathe and surrender.

On July 30th, 2017 I had to say goodbye to the physical form of my only son and surrender and breathe an opening for a new kind of relationship. We were blessed to talk and be able to spend time on this before he left. We learned to hear each other without talking, to know we were loved without being told.


This opened my soul space, first it came out in writing, I was lead to close my eyes and invite my soul to speak. This is where my Sunshine (my soul’s name) comes from. She is where my complete truth and unfiltered thoughts come in, the better most courageous and best part of me you might say.

What I found in all my years of helping and guiding others in total health was that the inner most sacred thoughts are most often never heard by anyone except you, leaving spaces choked up and unable to filter through where healing and creativity need to flow to grow.

I will listen and help you filter ideas and thoughts to find a plan and a goal that fits you. My promise to you is that if I am at any point unable to help you and I know someone better to suit your situation, I will gladly give you referrals. Networking, helping and sharing are my goals to every situation.



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    • Two weeks before my race I broke my foot in two places and got a call my son came out of remission and would be fighting his second round of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. ..that’s the journey now..it’s definitely a different ironman than I was training for.

      • Looks like the Ironman doesn’t have anything on what God has called you to do.

        The ultimate Ironman is the one you’re in right now.

        When you do the Ironman, you will find the strength you gave and showed during this ultimate Ironman. You will have won the Ironman already because your view will be one of David and Goliath.

        You are David! ! :0)) will be praying for you and yours. Abundant blessings, Emma

        • Thank you darlin, and your so right, God has called me for the so much, I’m honored He knows I can do it, like a great trainer He always makes sure I’m ready and fit for the race, an ironman will be a piece of cake next year..lookong forward to the journey no matter what lays ahead or behind, what is NOW is upon me and I never miss that glory.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my post on brain-boosting foods. I can see from your blog that we are somewhat birds of a feather. Eating well and exercising regularly is definitely a way to enhance our lives.I envy your having been doing health work for more than 20 years. I only got into it after retiring, but I love it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for following my blog. I just spent some time with your blog, and I want you to know that you are inspiring. I cannot imagine how painful it must be to lose a child. I have three daughters, a grandson and a granddaughter, all of whom I love and treasure. Today, they are safe. Thank you for your courage.

    • Sending beautiful energy to you and your dayghters..Thank you so much for your encouragement..its so appreciated especially during this time wprking through grief and purpose again.

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