Kerri Elizabeth
Seattle Washington

Bio: I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 3 first and for most. I have been teaching fitness and nutrition for more than 25 years. I am a writer and a life coach that specializes in inspiring life and creating a new spark for the greatness that exists in you already, maybe you have been shaded and need a little sunshine highlights. I am also a licensed esthetician in Washington and Idaho and do on site treatments as well as phone consults. I specialize in creating beautiful skin through facial massage inspiring circulation and muscle toning of the face with organic products often homemade on demand for specialty requests. My passion is to help you find the flicker and turn it into a flame for health and wellness inside and out giving you freedom to enjoy your life and loved ones. I love to create healthy foods for your your body inside and out and show others how they can turn a not so healthy favorite into a modified amazingly healthy version and enjoy every morsel whether you decide to use it for your skin health or your internal health. I love the outdoors along with adventure and being spontaneous. I love swimming in lakes and riding my bike for miles and miles. I love fishing, hiking, hugging trees, swearing when its necessary, yoga, meditation, faith, courage, chainsaws, chopping wood, brute mountain life and the simplicity life rewards you with when you just get still and listen. I don't like TV, the sound or the vibe of it and avoid being near one, I love music but my favorite tunes are just nature's sounds. My passion is to create a flame in you and show you that with a little sunshine comes light and with a little flicker there's a flame! My greatest lessons in life are from my 4 children and my greatest pain in life is my 23 year old son that is fighting for his life and has been for 3 years now suffering from Acute lymphoblastic leukemia for the second time after a successful transplant. He is an amazing teacher and full of strength and a bulletproof solid loving character. He has out lived by far what Dr.s thought naming him "their wild card" (of course he has) and he still continues to live, love and breathe in greatness. This is due to his own involvement and decisions based on what he wants not what everyone else wants or thinks. Do not let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. Steve Jobs

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18 thoughts on “About

      • Looks like the Ironman doesn’t have anything on what God has called you to do.

        The ultimate Ironman is the one you’re in right now.

        When you do the Ironman, you will find the strength you gave and showed during this ultimate Ironman. You will have won the Ironman already because your view will be one of David and Goliath.

        You are David! ! :0)) will be praying for you and yours. Abundant blessings, Emma

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my post on brain-boosting foods. I can see from your blog that we are somewhat birds of a feather. Eating well and exercising regularly is definitely a way to enhance our lives.I envy your having been doing health work for more than 20 years. I only got into it after retiring, but I love it. Keep up the good work!


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