Have You?


“Every moment spent worrying about  how things were, is a moment wasted  
    from creating how things can be.”
                       Robin Sharma

Have you ever worried about
Have you ever thought about how you’ll make something happen, turn it around, change it from being upside down?
Have you ever thought about how you can do something  more and open new doors?
Have you ever wondered what it feels like to live a dream and feel the possibilities to a new extreme?
Do you ever dare to take a leap and use courage in a moment when everything else seems out of reach?
Have you ever wondered about tomorrow because today is full of sorrow?
Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted to make a bargain from up above?
Have you ever wanted something so much and someone told you your out of touch?
Have you really ever dug so deep that you know your potential was reached?
When is it time to let go of worry and quit being in a hurry?
When is it time to get up and make a change, before you know it everything can be rearranged.
When is it enough to stop wishing for more and believe instead I can do more?
Have you ever said yes to something you want to do and figured out later how you would make it happen for you?
When is it your time to turn thinking into doing instead of sitting and not improving?
Let thinking and believing turn to doing and achieving!
Every experience good and not so good is to love ,appreciate, learn and know that the key isn’t to make it go but you can use it to let you grow!
Sunhine on good and not so good, without the exchange we wouldn’t know we could!

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