Your I can is more important than your IQ.
Robin sharma

Sometimes .
Just about.
Could be.
Should I?
Would you?
I would like to think about this.
I will think about this.
I could do that.
I will do that.
Is your answer precise?
Maybe I can.
Yes I can.
Have you ever thought about the power of the answer?
Have you ever wanted a yes when you received a maybe?
Have you ever thought for sure that was a yes and it turned into a no or vice versa?
Does maybe mean there is a possible yes or no coming, or is that a way to avoid the question?
How do you interpret a yes or no or a maybe?
An open mind.
Good heart.
Do you value some else’s answer or do you work to convince them of another?
Is there a tone that makes you unsure of the answer?
Is there a debate?
Will you debate or will you take the answer at face value?
The art of language and interpretation is so intriguing.
No matter what the response is there is value in an answer and a lot to learn about each one.
Look into the eyes of the deliverer.
Hear the heart of the answer.
Listen and receive.
Hear and believe.
Learn how you perceive.
Both want to achieve.
Be kind in the answer.
Be aware in the listening.
Be present in your meaning.
Sunshine on something to think about!

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