When the mountains collide with the sky and blue is on your side, life is delivering a present that’s even bigger than life outside.

                     Kerri Elizabeth

Blue is the color of the sky and blue is the color of those eyes.

When your heart divides and time is on your side, nothing falls to the way side.

Gravity shifts and energy lifts and the pull is more than you can  take.

Release resistance and go with persistence, and let your heart lead you where to go.

When your heart divides feel the vibration inside move you back to the place where love is alive.

When your heart divides and life outside leads you deep down to the core inside, feel the depth of your why and find words to describe  something you never new could even come alive.

The driveway ahead  was almost clear with just a few branches to push aside the end of the road was near.

My heart was calmly following the path that was ahead, not ever even wondering what was about to change my world, was a place I couldn’t have dreamed and is now uncovered and revealed.

Was it the heart undivided and the peace and solitude?

Was it the sky in front of me with intensity I’d never seen?

The mountain and the trees were surrounding what was real and giving me more than I ever could of dreamed a heart that had been divided could really truly feel.

What my eyes couldn’t believe and my feelings couldn’t escape came in the intensity of nature’s masculinity perfectly made.

Letting go to more shook me to my core, I had no idea when I opened that door that life had so much more.

Thank you life for leading me to this very place, that spending time outdoors was where I would feel my heart race.

Sunshine is shining on you and me and in this place peace surrounds me and love has found me, and life abounds in me and excitement to reach the depth of you is everything  I want to do.

Sunshines on the lake and life is full in every embrace!

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