Feel the whisper in the wind and the sunrise and sunset over and over again.

                       KERRI ELIZABETH

Sometimes the bite is just no.
The day is mellow and slow
No fish waking up to go.
Around the bend.
The other side of the island again.
A memory in front of me.
A place I love to be.
It’s early still.
A slight chill.
The air is filtered through divinity.
The lake’s depth reaches infinity.
The water’s ripples gently cross the bay in perfect sinc.
Whispering,what do you think?
Breezes of mountain air blow kisses across the sandy beach.
While the sun’s radiant heat so subtly moves through from your head to your feet.
Wrapped in nature’s passion thats never too much.
Immerse yourself in the gravity of the sensual touch.
Drizzling over you the beauty of the sun and the moon.
Creating an inner rythym and tune.
Breathing life through your hearts open door.
Leaving you only wanting more.
Bask in the great outdoors.
Sunshine on you.
Feel the love too!

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