Path Of Less Resistance


Look forward on your path letting go of the pains of the past, freeing space for the present at last!

Kerri Elizabeth

Prisoner of your past?
Or a pioneer of your future?
Do you have courage to go?
Do you have courage to stay?
Do you tap into courage along the way?
When your adrenaline flows your soul knows.
Surrendering to love, all judgement goes.
There is no hate where love grows.
There is no anxiety where love flows.
Love is.
Love gives.
Love is always.
Love has no judgement.
Love does not waiver.
Love is not a part.
Love is a whole.
Love is an infinite goal.
Breathe and release all that’s not peace.
Let the life force of love take root at your core.
Let anger and disappointment grow no more.
May new energy of all goodness crowd out the pains and fears of the past.
Teaching you to be a pioneer of your present at last.
May new thoughts and wisdom be a daily routine.
May you find that inside you is where peace and harmony will ring.
Sunshine on each changing thought.
Creating no gaps where doubt takes off.
Love to you.
From me too.

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