Assumption has no place where love grows!


Letting your children grow and letting go of control and the assumption you know and giving support and love so that is
their foundation wherever they go!

Kerri Elizabeth

Assumption is fear that’s drawn near.
Assumption assaults the soul.
Takes over with control.
Assume follows gloom.
Leaves love with no room.
Assumption takes away our sweet time.
Leaving our heart hanging on the line.
Assumption chips away at peace.
Crowding out a way to release.
Assumption turns love into loss.
Assumption is control resisting the calling on our soul.
Let assumption go by.
Leaving no place for it to hide.
Let the heaviness of your heart fill with love.
Let the doubt of your thoughts flood out.
Allowing that place to refill with thoughts that fulfill.
Choose your thoughts.
Choose your actions.
Choose your hearts reactions.
Assuming is the opposite of Grace.
It’s a place we choose to go outside our own space.

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