Through the depth of every pain there are lessons that will remain and courage to retain.
Kerri Elizabeth

Leaping into the anticipation that awakens the deepest inner desires.
The jolt of a crisp mountain lake surrounds and protects the inner fire.
Rounded rocks that seem to have found their home meet my feet as I jump in and touch the ground.
Beauty all around shakes my senses and I’m found.
Water encompasses my path and pulls me into the  depths to swim at last.
After a brisk distance is in the past a cord from the sky turns me over to dance.
Effort is removed and synchronicity is heard.
Weightlessness and floating moving without a word.
Every muscle has given in to trust the lake’s gentleness again.
Safety and security have eyes on me assuring me I can let go.
He maneuvers the boat to my side protecting me.
Beauty and intrigue of deep waters cradle me.
Invisible strength moves the vibrations of an outdoor concert across the lake around me.
Human energy fills in space.

Spiritual energy flows with healing grace

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