Before the Storm


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The calmness before a storm writes a song , the joys and the sorrows of change give choice to sing or dance in the rain.

Kerri Elizabeth


A window seat looking over the ocean.

Music in the background in sync with the waves of the ocean.

The calmness before a storm existing.

Trees mostly still with an unwavering breeze flowing without resisting.

The raindrops are falling with a story to tell.

Some fall with grace and others work together never missing a single space.

As the sky becomes darker its replaced with a clarity of nature’s surround sound.

The night painting a picture on the canvas of hearts found.

Stillness and gratitude for what is around.

A storm is said to be coming and change will be profound.

Expect nature to dance.

Tomorrow another glance.

Tonight surrender to the voice of the wind.

The tunes in the rain creating a song to hear once again.

Sunshine is waiting in its place to shine through.

While the story of nature sings, you can dance to the rain too.


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