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Every journey and adventure lends its embrace, be present in its place.

Kerri Elizabeth

Nature was the center piece.

Solitude invaded me.

Tranquility whispered you’re free.

Birds sang in the morning air.

Silence was truly silence there.

Adventure filled the days.

High impact rumbled through our veins.

Fishing and adrenaline couldn’t be tamed.

Chainsaws, fires and guns entertained.

Swimming for miles under the sun.

Conquering distance just for fun.

Laughter and passion were soul mates.

Summer breeze blew in my hair.

Juicing nutrition for energy to flare.

A new chapter is here now.

The ocean has replaced the lake somehow.

A new space of gratitude to partake in now.

Every journey lends an immeasurable embrace.

Don’t leave it without a “Hell ya”, in its place.

Where you have been is your story.

Where you go can be your dream.

Where you are is your theme.

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