Take the journey when it calls you because it will!


It’s time to make a serious change
The sunshine and shimmer on the water is calling
The wind is moving me
The trees have dropped their leaves and are opening new pathways
My heart is pounding to the mermaid within
My mind is quieting and my souls leading me
The wind wants to thread its fingers through my hair
SUNSHINE whispering, you’re ready for more
Bags almost packed
Most Items to be sold or given away
My car my vessel to the adventure
My soul my truth leading the way
Zak always with me
Its time for us both to grow
There is no more here for me to know
15 days to go
Gypsy souls lead to go

Dec 31st I hit the road…I’m a little behind getting things posted. Taking in the glory.

2 thoughts on “GYPSY SOUL

    • Thank you Tim shes such a sweet soul..she loves traveling and adventuring. She’s purrrfect…

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