Angel in the Wind

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 Releasing “when”, “how”, “then”, “should of”, “would of”, into “flow with ease”, then there is room to experience “NOW”.

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Anchored by cloth from limb to limb

Angel settled before me in the wind

Instrumentals playing and branches crackling

Snuggled in, sunshine surrounding and warming me within

Birds soaring and diving without worry catching the drafts of the breeze

Seeking their meals and gliding in on a whim

Capturing nature’s freshness

Rest is on the shore

Wings spread open with appreciation for the warmth of the sun

Resting with trust and ease

A blue heron sits by my side listening intently to the music I provide

A magical moment with a kitten in the tree above me, a heron beside me, instrumentals opening the skies and always giving me the love of (my son) Zaks’ eyes!


Always with me, the beauty of my son’s soul, energetically connected, soul loved, heartfelt and mind remembering every laugh, smile, giggle and moment here on earth.

Thank you for your birth, for the love you continue to give and the direction you give and the light you send. Forever my heart and soul laughing and playing in the wonders of all you show me.

I love you and miss your physical presence so much, but I’m learning as I let go of the missing, you have more room to be present. Thank you for teaching me how to meet you where you are.


13 thoughts on “Angel in the Wind

  1. That’s beautiful. I always like to think of my children who have passed as the wind that blows my hair, or the warmth of the sun on my face. In many ways, I feel closer to them now that they are “gone” than I may have felt if they had stayed.

  2. I was very close to my son here on earth, as I am all my 4 children, however I resinate with you totally on the connection now.. its pivitoly different and explaining is is impossible but I know exactly what your talking about. I hope to chat with you soon. I never go the email on how to connect.

  3. Tears in my eyes reading this. Their spirits live on in everything around us that is natural. So deeply sorry for your loss but so glad you feel that love and have such deep acceptance in your heart. <3

    • Thank you so I learn to let go of missing it gives Zak more space to be present..hes definitely here..sassy as ever helping me get to know him where he is…oh I miss him every he softens that with making sure I know hes here walking me along learning to trust the process..

  4. Beautiful and heart warming. Ten years ago I had a near death experience and later a divorce after the experience. My son has never gotten over those pains and the way it affected him. He blamed me for his pain and has cut me out of his life. He has a daughter now I haven’t met. I can’t imagine the loss of a child by death but I have experience an absence and gone through pain and acceptance of this pain. Thank you for being strong and sharing this. This encourages anyone who has lost someone. Blessings and deeply sorry for your loss.

    • Oh beautiful soul..I know that pain as well.. I too have a child that will ne 30 hre in may..she is lost in addiction and that addiction blames me..its ok because I understand they have to blame the strongest one knowing they will continue to stand and hold a loving space no matter what..I have a granddaughter as well…she lives with her other grandma so that part is fortunate for me..I get to talk and see her..but it wasnt always that way..its been a long journey and the chance I can lose my daughter to addiction is very high..I hold a space of love for her..their soul is always speaking to is its the mind that interferes..if you ever want to chat id be happy to listen, maybe that alone will add some space for more healing..hugs to you..

      • Oh wow. Thank you for your heart warming response. It truly made my day! Your a sweet sweet person. I’m glad to have found you and your blog. I would very much like to keep in touch. I’ll be looking forward to going through your blog posts when I have more time. ❤️

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