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Touch your heart with your hand and feel the shift from overthinking in the mind to heart-centered gratitude and the harmony between the two will dance again!

~Kerri Elizabeth~


Beyond amazing how nature can offer such light without asking
How creation exists without wanting
Just perfectly accepting the flow
It’s amazing to me how free you can be
Freedom is how you see
Freedom is what you allow inside
Trusting in your own way
The heart will hear and will steer
Will you follow the voice that’s clear
Soul dancing requires courage to know when to let go
When to go slow
What pace you’re in the flow



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    • Thank you darlin..I worked all night that night and got some good direction and then they told me it cant be done for some reason..for now if you ever want to you can share a link or feel free to copy and paste w a link..I guess bowever you may want to share is absolutely fine w me until I figure this still searching options..Thank you for your beautiful comments and desire to share..means the world to me.

    • Well after days and hours on this amazing Tech journey lol, I have a WordPress button now, that seems to be the closest they can get me. Let me know if this works for you? I hope oh I hope it works for you. Hugs and I hope you’re having a beautiful day. Hugs

  1. There is a meditation I teach that encourages you to put your hand on your heart b/c your focus follows your hand. It has helped others who cannot seem to get out of their heads when they sit down and try to meditate. So glad to see you posting that here. Lovely poems coming from a lovely source.

    • Thank you so much, im also so glad to hear it’s being taught in meditation.. Its changed everything for me..Thank you for you have the meditation tapes you can share here for others and myself?

      • This meditation comes from one of Gregg Braden’s books. Don’t have an audio, just the text, but it is very simple.
        Meditation for Connecting Heart and Brain
        3 Key Steps
        1. Shift awareness from thinking mind to heart
        • Gently touch your heart center (sternum) in a way that is comfortable to you
        • Your awareness goes to the place on your body to where you feel the touch
        2. Slow breathing to ~5 sec inhale/exhale
        • Sends powerful signal to the body turning the attention inward
        • The only time you breathe this way is when you feel safe
        • Frees the body to let go of stress hormones and awakens healing chemistry
        3. Create a feeling in your heart (where you feel the touch)
        Do one of the following or a combination
        • CARE for anything/anyone
        • APPRECIATION for anything /anyone
        • GRATITUDE for anything /anyone
        • COMPASSION for anything/ anyone
        These four key words trigger the connections in our brain
        4. Take one more deep breath as you release
        This act is very ancient key to deepest truth of who you are

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