Ego and Truth



Ego must cooperate with truth not die in the wounds of yesterday!

~Kerri Elizabeth~


Life changes and journeys shift

Evolution of self will resist denial

To love someone so deeply and let go, enlightens a deeper space to grow

Letting go of a child to the heavens

Letting go of a lover to life

Spreading your wings to heal the empty places the wind blows

Leaping into self-love must continue to grow

Saying “Hell Yes”, to falling down and hitting the ground

Tapping into courage and releasing negative pulls

  The heart has a voice and speaks when its time to let it all go

A wild heart and free spirit can never be tamed, only shared

You will feel shamed and attempted to be trained

You’ll resist and persist

In time you’ll learn

It is not in the training or the shaming you find your place

It is in the flight where your spirit is heard

The heart is purest in this place

This is where love lives



18 thoughts on “Ego and Truth

    • I read all the time the ego must die …thats never resonated..we need our ego, it gets a bad rap and blame for everything bad..I dont believe that to be true..our ego can be healthy and’s a dance a harmonizing of all systems to let go and to grow..we can’t rid one part and be whole , that doesnt make sense to’s how are we showing up in ego that matters and is it guided by truth or society..? My opinion anyways..

  1. Lovely…I just realized while reading your poem that it was only through grief that I paused long enough in life to actually listen to my heart, which speaks quit loudly when we pay attention 💕

    • SO SO very true! Grieving sure brings us to the deepest parts of yourself, I find that at least, sometimes it’s clear were infinite.

    • Spiritual awakening for me started when I was a child and opened me wide open when my son was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and had a diagnoses that only 1% of leukemia patients have and there was NO studies of it anywhere in our country and only one in russia that had just started and had no information. It ripped me so wide open I was vulnerable to every and any kind of vampire, almost ready and willing to give my soul up to exchange myself for him to live..anything but the pain, the one thing I could never bare, losing a child..I had already lost the twin of my first child and a miscarriage in between 1 and 2 ….I thought that was hard but that was to prepare me as much as possible for this wasnt a suttle opening…it was a ascending flight from a sling shot of life..I had been very spiritual since I was a little girl unlike anyone else..I was teased for it..abused,bullied shunned, you name it..I couldnt not choose my spiritual sensitivity, it just was…. It took many directions and got trapped in mainstream religion as a safe place to at least write as things poured through me.. I only shared as I thought I could flr fear id be told I was going to hell again and so would my children etc..I towed the line as told in public and wrote feverishly behind closed children two with the same being my son that just crossed over..I still cant say that D doesnt feel right because hes so alive around me. This is a longer story than I can put in this note I guess..long to short..I was opened wide OPEN Aug 30, 2014… I was no longer struggling in the 4 walls of religion but I was given the infinite possibilities of the universe..I havent stopped loving, learning, growing, meditating, allowing, flowing thinking I got this and then hitting walls and having to letting go of more and more and more to see I’m so whole and so apart of the whole…making the whole fantastic experience everything I need to do better and not come back and do it again the same way…I was chosen here to cut cords and stop generational shit and I have and keep healing and flushing and will continue to do so as I continue to learn loving me is loving all and that concept alone still works me and challenges and hugs light and laughter your way..

      • Thank you so much for sharing. I can take something from it. I only awakened for the first time a few months ago, it was intense bliss at first. It is different now, but a [good] scary and tough process that I wish to follow to the end. I just want to share with the world this spiritual knowledge that came from no where (which is of course not mine), but it seems as if God/the universe is speaking through me.
        I look forward to your future posts.

          • Lol. I wouldn’t even know where to start. I haven’t really expressed all the things that have happened in the last 4 monthsn (roughly). I will try to be as brief as possible. Okay… so my past (including childhood) can be characterised as traumatic and unstable. I went on to develop anxiety and depression just after school. It had got worse over the years. Then I was diagnosed with epilepsy which threw me into dark depression. During that time, I couldn’t work it was so unbearable. As things got slightly better, I decided to go on to do my post-grad. The beginning of the awakening process I believe must have begun in my dark depression and the breaking up with my partner. One day, as a strong believer in science, I thought I would read up the benefits of meditation. I thought, wow this is a magic ‘pill’. Anyway, I began a 100 day challenge of meditation. Over the weeks I really started to feel a difference and felt when I was around people I felt like a different person. Then one day I picked up a book by Eckhart Tolle that I thought, “let me read”. As I was going through the book each day I came to a realisation during one of my reading sessions, that I just closed the book in ‘confusion’. I walked into the house where all the family was, and it came to me, although this may seem obvious, “most behaviour is egotistical” and “there is nothing really to say to anyone’. I then just kept quiet for the rest of the night, lsitening to all the unnecessary egotistical talk. I could see through people like I could never before (frightening). Today however, I realise some truth to the statement, “most behaviour is egotistical” but I was actuallly projecting too; that I had lived a life of the ego. It freaked me out. Over the days, bliss kicked in; coincidentally family trauma happened, but I was at peace, where almost everyone was in a state. I felt alienated, and asked myself, “am I going crazy?”. I remember telling my mom, “I think I should see a psychiatrist”. Anyway, that fear passed as I realised that truth itself was coming into me. I felt the world was doing this whole thing of life, ‘wrong’. I have this urge now to speak to people about the truth of life, I sometimes have this vision of talking to a large crowd of people in a theatre. I still think this is nonsense, but I was told the other day by a minister, “why don’t you go into full-time ministry?”. Although I believe In a God (Spirit) now for the first time in my life, I don’t really believe in Christianity. Anyway, as the days have gone by, the ego is playing different kind of games with me (I think ‘He’ is trying to hold on) but I am growing through theses trials. So much more to add, I rarely get angry anymore, I’ve become more compassionate etc. etc.

            • Thats BEAUTIFUL and so powerful , you darling have an incredible insight…trust your heart..remember to align heart and mind…so the mind doesnt go all over distrusting what your hearts telling you..doubt doesnt happen at heart level..I dont have it all figured out by any means its a journey to the other side..but I know without a doubt when I’m in my heart thats where truth lives..every single time..funny story..before I knew that and had confirmation I have a place by my heart thats a lump..its been checked I dont have cancer or anything..but its been there on my rib since my youngest daughter and moat enlightened was born 22 years ago..ive always put my hand on’s exactly over my heart…so unconsciously I lived in my heart..gence other things happening I didnt realize till later…
              Follow your heart, your instinct to listening to everyone talking is the silent stillness is BEAUTIFUL..your AMAZING..keep sharing as you feel like you want to! I dont see a blog attached to your name here..have you not begun writing it yet?

  2. I let know you might be coming by..I hope it will be helpful for you as it has been for me.

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