Arrival and departure have no beginning and no end, they arrive and depart together, it is a constant flow.

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Sometimes it’s in the hardest moments you have the biggest growths

Sometimes it’s the hardest moments, that ease, graces a new path

Sometimes it’s sitting in the stirring of agony, peace is found

Sometimes it’s just feeling the despair, you realize despair is a resting space

Sometimes you realize tears are the car wash of the soul

Sometimes the answer is the thump of your heart speaking, “I got you”

Sometimes it is in the joy and the rush of excitement you fall

Then it all starts to make sense

Nothing stays without arriving and departing

But where?

In your despair, I am with you

I am your peace that arises to the top in your stirring

I am your path that allows ease of grace to flow

I am the words that speak from the thump of your heart

I am the joy and rush of excitement even when you fall

I am

With no departure or arrival, “I got you”

I am




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