Scents have a memory, a recall, derail or recharge option, listen to what it has to say, it carries wisdom and reaction, and will impact your adventures through life.

~Kerri Elizabeth~


Three-day quote challenge: Day 1

First, let me explain the rules:

Thank the person who nominated you.

Post a quote for 3 days and explain why it appeals to you.

Nominate bloggers each day.

Thank you so muchΒ

This is a beautiful challenge as you all know by now quotes are one of my favorites and always an addition to every one of my writings. Most of them I write myself with a few favorites intermingled in when I feel it.

My girlfriend sent me this one the other day and I love it…

What if no one ever broke your heart: they broke your expectations? And, what if, by breaking your expectations, they brought you closer to your heart?

~Kyle Cease~

This one touches a deep place inside for many heartbreaking situations over my lifetime. We all have them, right, but do they bring you closer or farther from your heart?

I can honestly say my heart is wrapped divinely and woven in profoundly to the pounding of the earth as one, echoing love into the universe.


Nominations on day one of the three-day quote challenge are:Β




9 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. Thank you so much, Kerri! I am very grateful for your nomination. I am very new to this challenge. I was hoping you could help me with a few doubts. I also got another nomination for a three day quote challenge. So how should I participate? Should I do the challenge once or should I do it twice? Am I supposed to do both the challenges separately or together? πŸ™‚

    • Oh no worries..thats completely up to you…I’d just pick one so it’s still fun and not can add both my link and the other nominator next to each other as thankful youve been nominated twice…thats what I would do anyways..I hope that helps..let me know if you need any more help..its a simple challenge and just helps us all share each others success..your doing amazing.

  2. Lovely post! I wore Gucci rush through out my teenage years and every time I get a whiff of it, it takes me right back to actual moments and events, feeling emotions, EVERYTHING!

    I love your caption! πŸ’•

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