Everything Changes


What you see is the foundation of the thoughts that will follow, now close your eyes after you’ve seen and feel your heart change everything.

~Kerri Elizabeth~

The depth of our thoughts often start from a scene

Until you close your eyes and feel the scene

This changes everything

Open to create changes in the scene

Allow the fleeing of thoughts to unwind

Your heart to run the motion picture inside

You are the observer and the critic of the production on your own screen

You can change anything




14 thoughts on “Everything Changes

  1. Somehow your words makes me think of vacation, somewhere remote with amazing views and great weather, uh i need that! 🙂

    • Such beautiful thoughts, I hope you take the chance to get a vacation darlin..Thank you for sharing those thoughts…I love it!

  2. Yes! Kerri, isn’t it amazing when we realize how much we control with our thoughts? I am a work in progress…every day I learn more. Thanks for this reminder. Hope you have a super wonderful weekend filled with light, love, and understanding <3

    • Awe thank you for this beautiful message, its so AMAZING and we’re all a work in progress, right, even when we leave my son tells me from where he is theres more…I hope you have a wonderful weekend too sweetie..

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