With the Clouds

Within a cloud holds a story filled with dimension, flow, vibration and a desire to know more, silence has a voice.

~Kerri Elizabeth~

Under the clouds
Or in them

Above the clouds
Or below them

What if……. they are what grounds you
What if……. they are what holds you
What if …….you could grab one
Ask it to take you to the moon
What if…… it said yes
What if…… it was closer than we think

All we had to do is visualize
It would be true
Under the clouds
With you
Free to adventure
Riding the clouds
Its spectacularly profound
In the clouds


12 thoughts on “With the Clouds

            • Thank YOU so so much! I so appreciate your comments and kindness! My soul intension is always to inspire in someway….I never thought of my words as motivational unless im training someone…hmmmm ill have to soul search this one and see where it goes….thank YOU!

              • Sometimes people feel lonely and down, they are dying for encouraging words from someone. But everyone may not have that someone around them . You just don’t know … your words might by the force for someone drowning to bounce back to the surface . You train ? Sportsman?

                • I have been a personal fitness trainer amd nutritionist for more than 30 years..ive been writing to help change lives including my own for 4..I have over 400 writings on here now..Im a heart listener(i call it) , life coach needs more depth so I go to the heart of it all…im also a photographer and esthetician..my son got sick w Luekemia 5 years ago and got his wings a year ago…I have been completely transformed..ill never ve the same and the depth of my compassion and heartbeat has taken on new meaning. My soul purpose in life is to share my deepest wounds , experiences, and thoughts through this soul writing I do here..its been a very deep heart journey..it comes only from my own life stories and traumas turned into SUNSHINE w the intend to move minds and hearts and challenge them to grow. Im honored to be a non judgemental present heart listener and giving that present attention to give someone a place they feel they can BE is my gift,and I never take it for granted.

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