Set It Free

Fear is centered in the very doubt you allow near, set free guilt and shame and create space for light to remain in your perfectly created frame.


It is in the heart of the matter where love resides
It’s where walls are never built to blame
Quilt squares of life are not sewed together with guilt and shame
Pray forth a solution in place of space creating distance
Spaces must be carefully filtered regularly with light, love and persistance
Where trust is left without oxygen, doubt will seep into the cracks
Its without pumping oxygen of love and light we have allowed ourselves to become unpliable
Less penetrates the surface when we are not filtering our systems  carefully to remove debris
Stretch your communications today so that tomorrow does not repeat yesterday
Make tomorrow stronger than today and today be present in everyway


6 thoughts on “Set It Free

  1. ”Where trust is left without oxygen, doubt will seep into the cracks”

    Very true!! Trust is just like faith. It has to be exercised. Just like our physical bodies, they can be made strong and weak.

    • EXACTLY…im an esthetician too and it alqays surprises me how noone exercises their face..ughhh what you wnat strong YOU must work on.

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