Inevitable Change


Change is inevitable, perception is choice, arrangement is a gift wrapped in action and a voice.


Where there is love there is no destruction

Where creation exists, strength is continually being designed

Flowers burst into bloom 

Sunshine heals wounds

Rain clears pessimism from the earth

Storms rearrange foundations

Beauty is continually rebirthed

Laughter merges into cracks with a steady pace

Where kindness changes a frown on a face

Change starts within an evolving grace

Improvement or destruction both thrive in change 

Change is inspired by how it’s arranged

How will you alter change to inspire

How will your communication be admired

Will you become the best you can be

Or will change get the best of how you see

Change is inevitable

Perspective is a choice




Change will happen whether you like it or not, you change, you’re older, or feel younger, you get stronger or weaker. One area may improve while another is let go. Change is occurring no matter how you choose to friend it or not friend it, change is YOU, good or bad, you are changing.

Our choices to change are not ours, our actions and our perspective on change is ours, our plans, our decisions , they are ours. We don’t get to decide if we change, its inevitable, it is how you will see change, if you will ignore it and let it makes its choices without your input. Either way change is happening.

How will you decide to be aware of the changes in you before the changes make the decisions for you?

You can’t stop the earth from turning, you can only turn with it.  Is your life creating you, or are you aware enough to create your life?



4 thoughts on “Inevitable Change

    • Oh yes I agree. Nothing easy about change when Trauma has occurred (we both know that well)let alone normal day to day changes. I have noticed that change happens with us aware or without us though, such as Trauma, that’s change, a significant one at that, its happening all the time, it’s been an interesting journey to be more aware of change that occurs when we’re not even looking. It was triggered by someone telling me, your trying to change me, when I didn’t see it, the change was occurring to this person based on their own choices and actions and the resistance was to blame…when we change so do others, Good or bad, but sometimes we don’t recognize it as our own change and the resistance is a sort of rebellion backslide, sometimes to all parties unknowingly.

      • I think I have rebelled against change at times and they were positive changes which now saddens me.. yes some refuse to take responsibility.. we all play a part in things and its best to look within when we can and try to be as honest as we can.. Hugs dear friend. <3

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